Nampa Dog Park

Water area for large dogs
2900 2nd St. S.
E. Amity Ave. near the Kings Rd. overpass
Nampa, ID 83686
Operating Hours:
Half an hour before sunrise - half an hour after sunset
Managed By:
City of Nampa
Days Closed:
None but dogs must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies and bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened July 20, 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, water for dogs to cool off in, benches, and shade trees. Hopefully soon they will have an area with a pond. The Idaho Veterinary Hospital on North Midland Boulevard is collecting donations for the dog park.

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8th Annual Pooch Party Stroll & Splash

Join us for the 8th annual Pooch Party at Lakeview Park and enjoy Nampa's largest dog festival! Bring your dog(s) and family members to participate in a scenic one mile walk around Lakeview Park. After the walk, Lakeview Water Park will open and the dogs will have the opportunity to splash around in the swimming pool. Enjoy contests, raffles, a canine cake walk and pet friendly vendor booths as you support a great cause because all proceeds from this event go toward the continued development of the Nampa Dog Park. For more information and to register visit our website at or call 468-5858.

Saturday, August 29, 2015
Walk starts promptly at 10am, Pool opens at 11am
Fee: $25* per dog (includes adult t-shirt, doggie gift, walk and swim admission for one dog)
$10 each additional dog (includes doggie gift, walk and swim admission for one dog)
*$30 after August 25th

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Food Truck Rally Goes To The Dogs!

Bring your family and your dogs to join the Leprechauns and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Lloyd Square with good food, live music, and green beer! All proceeds support the continued development of the Nampa Dog Park.
March 15, 3-7pm
Lloyd Square-Downtown Nampa
FREE (food & drinks available for purchase)

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doggy heaven

Our two cocker spaniels just love the dog park. They know the way fromour house to the park and the closer we get to the park the more excited they get. I amke the joke that the dog park is dogie Disney Land.

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Thank you everyone for your AMAZING reviews of our wonderful Dog park in Nampa Idaho!!! We are still raising funds for the Pond - if you would like to know how you can contribute please check out our facebook page by searching for Nampa Dog Park. Aug. 2012 we held our 5th Annual Pooch Pool Party, and March 16th we are doing a Food Truck Rally with funds going to the Dog Park. We would love your continual support!

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Park fence, the fence is very tall maybe 8ft,

You don't have to worry about your dog jumping the fence as he will be having sooo much fun he would never want to leave.

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Saving money by recycling old grocery bags! AWESOME idea!

Great idea, I have been bringing my bags and have not used one purchased bag in days since it was put in.

We love our Dog park almost as much as the dogs do, so we are willing to help in anyway we can. Keep up the good ideas.

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first timers

was so much fun me and my 4yr old took our 8 month old beagle and we found two more beagles for her to play with at the park everyone was so friendly and letting our lil beagle shyla play with them all was so much fun!!!!!!!!!

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Nampa Dog Park

Fantastic fenced in dog park with fenced areas for small dogs and another for water loving dogs. Six and a half acres of "Doggy Heaven"!

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My boyfriend loves to take me

My boyfriend loves to take me and my rescued dog Sela here. He always brings change for the donation box. Sometimes we play in the small dog area and sometimes I give him and my dog a walk around the big dog area. Love it!!

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Great large park!

We were visiting from Portland and had to stop here. Lots of room to run, all fenced in. Large dogs are on the outer trails while small dogs have an area in the middle. Has water at the top for dogs to play in and a few water fountains (for dogs and humans) and waste stations scattered throughout. There were a few muddy areas where the water was sitting for a bit which made me worry, but my dog loved the actual water area so much that we had to go back again.

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Are there fences that surround the park? If so, how tall are they? I have a very happy friendly husky that I adopted, but he loves to jump fences.

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wolves at the park??

I heard there were "domesticated" wolves at the Nampa Dog Park : {
Is that okay? I love my dog and don't want to risk her safety. The park is awesome.. Should I be concerned

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What a great park. Separate sections for big and small dogs, tons of water for the dogs to get involved in, and big open areas for fetch and chasing each other. There's also a nice grassy hill with a shaded bench area for owners to sit. Just an overall awesome experience. The only negative is that my girl usually needs a bath after we go there, since she generally finds her way in to every muddy area available.

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Dog Park in Nampa, Idaho

What a gem of a dog park! Traveling without our 2 Golden Retrievers is not an option for us and so we research in advance what parks will be available on our journey. Our trip this summer took us from Southern California to Boise and then on to Portland, so we plotted a route that would include one dog park each day. The park in Nampa Idaho was the one the dogs enjoyed the most. There was room to run, to snoop and best of all... a place to splash with other four-legged friends. The park is so well designed; many of the other parks we visited could take a lesson from studying the way this park is laid out. Our dogs had some memorable romps and more than a few snapshots were taken to place in Doogie and Dancer's Memorable Adventures scrapbook. Thank you Nampa for taking the time and effort to provide such a great place for dogs to go and socialize, let off some energy and help their "moms and dads" meet others who love their pooches in similar fashion.

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Great dog park!

Compared to the dog park in Boise, the Nampa Dog Park rocks! I love that they have separate areas for big and small dogs, running water, and grass. My two beagles love it and even though it's a bit of a drive, it's worth it!

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first visit

I took my dog Brisby for the first time to the park this weekend and we both had a blast. This park is fantastic. I live in Boise but it is so worth the drive. The dogs and people were very nice. We can't wait to visit again.

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Old and New

I have puppy who is about 8 months old and an older dog who is about 11 years. He gets so tired of her at home, but when we go to the park where they are able to run and play they get along. Even though we have a horse pasture and about 6 acres of property Sadie isnt able to play with other dogs, being there makes her soo happy. Sam can walk around and be left alone to sniff and wonder. I love this park, it is the best one I have ever been to.

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3rd Annual Pooch Party-Stroll & Splash

At Lakeview Park on Saturday, August 28, 2010, the Nampa Rec Center is promoting a summer event.

Nampa†s 3rd annual Pooch Party has expanded. Enjoy Nampa†s largest dog festival and bring your dog(s) and family members while enjoying a scenic one mile walk around Lakeview Park. After the walk, Lakeview Water Park will open and the dogs will have the opportunity to splash around in the swimming pool. Enjoy contests, raffles, and pet friendly vendor booths as you support the continued development of the Nampa Dog Park. Sign up Now!

You can reach us at [email protected], or at (208) 468-5858.

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Elvis loves it

Took my Beagle Hound for an outing and he really enjoyed meeting and greeting (sniffing)new friends...I know he is eager to pay another visit...

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Excellent facility. My dog

Excellent facility. My dog loves it! And so do my husband and I.

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Lincoln and Lucy at the dog park

Our two hound dogs love this park. It's big enough for them to wander and play but small enough they can always hear me. We all love it.

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This is great

I took my Dog there this past weekend and it is awesome, there is nothing in Boise even close to as nice as this for Dogs...

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Loved this park!! it was great to go to and enjoy. :) Happy it is there!

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Boise Parks Should Be Ashamed!

After making do with the dusty sand pit that Boise refers to as a dog park, my canine pal and I made it out to Nampa today and had a wonderful time at the dog park there. Wonderfully planned and inviting, I only wish it wasn't such a long drive from home-

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Absolutely wonderful

My Airedale/Australian Shepard mix "Frex" was diagnosed with joint arthritis a couple years ago...she isn't as young as she used to be. The vet recommended regular exercise, so her joints don't get "rusty". We heard about the new dog park, and packed her up in the car, along with our three month old Dachshund (named Dally) and let's just say, it hasn't been the same since. She is moving a lot easier, now that we have made a daily trip to the park for over a week now, and we aren't going to stop taking her any time soon. This park is amazingly awesome. There are clean up stations, dog water fountains, a river simulator, a (soon to be) pond, a small dogs section (although Dally is a fierce tiger :P), and lots of shade and benches for the owners. The dogs get to roam freely in a safe, fully fenced environment, and meet other dogs. We have already made some new friends, and my dogs are a lot happier!

Highly recommended for anyone who likes dogs.

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Fun in the Park

What a great time for dogs and owners - safe - fully fenced and numerous dog cleanup stations - a great design and very well used. We will be back - at our dogs request.

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Great Place

I take Izzi nearly every day. No matter what route I take to get to the park, she knows where we are going and gets very excited. The first few minutes at the park, she runs and talks a lot.

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So fun!!

This park is so cool, and my dogs had such a great time. I have a pomeranian and a springer spaniel/border collie mix and they were both fine in with all the big dogs. There is a place for the little ones if you want to keep your little dog separate. This is going to have to be a regular thing for us!

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The New Nampa "Puppy" Park

I posted on July 25th that I was going to visit this park and post a review, but, I'm sorry to say, I'm just now posting (8/8) after visiting the park on 7/25 and after five subsequent visits. I have to say that this park is AWESOME! The people I've met are all extremely friendly and the dogs are in heaven. When I mention to my dog that we're going to the Nampa Puppy Park, he runs to the door and starts barking as if to say, "Let's go, hurry up!' And now that we've been there several times, as soon as I tell him we're getting close, he starts whimpering and wagging his tail wildly. But when we actually ARRIVE, it takes all of my strength to restrain him from breaking through the windshield in an effort to get out and play. It is extremely well designed, with road signs (I cannot remember the actual names, but something like "Beagle Boulevard" and "Lab Lane". They are planning to include a pond soon and the speculation from some of the other "puppy" owners is that they're just lacking the funding. They have also posted that there will be the second annual "Pool Party" for the pups and that no humans will be allowed in the water. I believe it costs a measly $5 per dog and I hope to find someone connected with funding to make a contribution as the only thing "wrong" with this park is the lack of the pond (which is soon to come), and I wish it was in Boise since it is a bit of a drive but WELL WORTH IT!!! I would encourage anyone who loves their dog and wants to see him or her have the time of their lives to check this park out. Even the water fountains are designed for both humans and their best friends. I have taken close to 100 photos and will submit them soon so, hopefully, the site will display some of them so that anyone reading these reviews will get an idea of how wonderful this park is!

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My dogs love the park

My two dogs Candy (Border Collie) and Sadie (Beagle) are stuck at home most of the week and this gives them a place to run and play. They meet many new friends. Its so great to have a place like this the only downfall is I live in Caldwell so its a little long of a drive for us but so worth it.

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Pool Party

I was at the park tonight and on the board at the entrance there is information about the pool party for this year!

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Great Park

We took our two labs to the park on Sunday. They had a blast! The park is designed well and it will be even better when the pool opens. I missed the pool party they had last year to raise funds. I hope they do it again this year. It is a great place to take your dog. I just hope everyone continues to treat the park and others with respect.

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The New Nampa "Puppy" Park

I heard about this park on the radio, and having just moved to Boise from the South, and after reading these postings, I've decided to take my dog there today... and since there are no pictures yet, I am taking my digital camera. I have asked many, many people where a "puppy" or dog park is in Boise and NOBODY could tell me... even those people that were walking their dogs in Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park. I will post regarding our exp-erience.

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Dog Park

If everyone who plans to use the park contributed money towards its conception and management, it would help us all to feel a sense of ownership. I plan to contribute via the Idaho Veterinary Hospital. Even a small amt will help.

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Finally A Place Where My Dog Can Make NEW Friends!

I drive by the park almost every day and wait for the day that I can take my dog! My Flat-Coated Retriever loves to make friends and thinks everyone else wants to be his friend as well. This will be a great place for him to socialize with other dogs in a safe environment! He will especially LOVE the pond!

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Nampa Dog Park

My daughter and I are so excited to take our dog to the park we drive by it just to see how it is coming along. It is lookin good.

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Nampa Dog Park

We are so excited to have a dog park in Nampa. "Bella" will love it I'm sure!

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the dog park on Roosevelt

the dog park on Roosevelt and Emerald (in Boise) is fully fenced... I still frequent that one often until the one in Nampa opens.

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Yahoo! Finally a dog park that will cater to dogs

I am excited for this! I will come to Nampa to use it. I wish Boise would create something like this. Our measely 1 acre park is too crowded!

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It looks beautiful!

I can't wait for the park to open! We drive by all the time and it's looking so big and green, I just want to get down there and let the dogs play :)
When we lived in Boise I was always afraid our dogs (though they're obedient) would get distracted and take off because there's no fence at the Boise dog park but the new Nampa park looks *perfect*

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finally a dog park in nampa

I so looking forword to have a dog park for dogs. I looking for to takeing my dogs there were they can play and be not outside were they can run and play.

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My husband and I can't wait

My husband and I can't wait to take our little ones :) out!