Swift-Cantrell Dog Park

Swift-Cantrell Dog Park
Swift-Cantrell Dog Park
Old 41 Hwy NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Kennesaw
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened 2008. This dog park has a separate small dog area.  Restrooms are avaiable.

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Ed Selby's picture

Really big with lots of room to run. Water source is at the entrance to the park. Only a few widely spaced poop stations. A good walk from the parking lot

CHumble7's picture
Our dog had a blast!

We just adopted our dog and she hasn't had a chance to get off her leash and be around many other dogs. We took her today and she had a blast! We were in the larger dog area. Everyone was friendly and responsible for their dogs, watching them closely. We'll definitely be back!

Must Love Animals's picture

We have found a dog with a collar, but no info. Male dog 7 years old (according to vet) and not neutered. Website won't let us upload a pic, but it seems to be a Welch Terrier. He was found in English Oaks neighborhood on 6/10/2011 on Friday. There are flyers put up in Legacy Park, English Oaks, and Swift Cantrell. If you have any info or details that can help, please contact 404-246-2140. We don't want to send this cute dog to a shelter!

ZoZo45's picture
Love This Park!!!

I have been bringing my dog Zoe here since the summer time and we love it! She is a very friendly dog and has made lots of new friends there. The owners are very responsible for their dogs...they pick up after their dogs and if there are any issues with aggressions it is handled quickly! We live in Smyrna and travel 30 minutes each way every Saturday morning so that she can play there. I know she loves it there too because all I have to do is mention the dog park and she is by the front door ready to go! I would highly recommend this park to anyone above all other parks in the Atlanta metro area...and trust me we have been to them all!

Lynne's picture
Grreat Dog Park!

This was my dog's first dog park experience and it could not have been better. He had a great time with all the dogs and made new friends. Humans were responsible for their dogs and children. We will definitely be regulars here.

Visitor's picture
Pretty good, buuuuut...

On the day I went it was a beautiful, warmer day in winter. The park was crowded and overflowing with kids, which overflowed into the dog park area. I have a small dog and it was making me mad that there were gobs of young children in the small dog area, most unsupervised by adults. A recipe for disaster...but the actual park is nice and the dogs were supervised well by their owners on the day I visited.

Dee's picture
Our Pups First Experience

We took our precious pup to this park today. Unfortunately there was only one other small dog but they had a ball playing. This was the first time she's had to run off leash. We really enjoyed our experience today. Now if only there was air conditioning!!!

Visitor's picture
Great Experience

I took my dog this weekend and I think she would've had a great time if it weren't so hot. We'll definitely try again this weekend when its cooler.

Visitor's picture
Wonderful park!

Everyone is nice and our dog loves going, it is clean and has wonderful features!

Visitor's picture
It states in the rules that

It states in the rules that no one under 12 years old is suppose to be in there unless they have a parent supervising them. This is an awesome dog park and can only get better!

Visitor's picture
full of children-child attacked

I love the entire park and the dog park is icing on the cake. Unfortunately, it is often full of children. My 5 year old son was attacked by a dog in this park. He was walking with a boy from the dog's family. I am a dog trainer, and I am quite sure the attack was unprovoked and unpredictable. In most dog parks, children under 12 are not allowed. There is good reason for this!! You just never know.

Visitor's picture
Outstanding addition to Swift-Cantrell Park!

This Kennesaw park just keeps getting better! This is the first off-leash dog park in the Kennesaw/Acworth area. Thank you City of Kennesaw!

Visitor's picture
Fabulous dog park

The fenced off leash area designated for large and small dogs is wonderful!  The smaller dogs have their fenced in area, as well as the larger breeds.  There is an ample run and play area for every dog and what a great way to ensure socialization of your dog and more importantly, make new friends!

Visitor's picture

Myself and my dog visit this park several times a day.  The dog park fencing is almost complete so it wont be long until it's open for our furry friends.