Sweat Mountain Dog Park

Sweat Mountain Dog Park
4346 Steinhauer Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
Cobb County
Days Closed:
Wednesday morning for maintenance
Park Size:
4 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened October 2006. There is a separate small dog area, a few trails, tanbark ground cover, lots of shade trees, drinking water, and benches.

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Rats's picture
Nah, I'm good

Pretty large. Lots of trees, squirrels to be chased. Ground covered with wood chips. Poopy pickup bags, water hose and bowl supplied. Plenty of spare tennis balls left behind. Everything you need in a dog park, right? Wait for it..

Unfortunately the pet owners are less than savory. They're nothing but a bunch of desperate housewives and recent divorcees looking for sugar babies. They come here to socialize themselves more than their dogs, and you're the weirdo when you don't actively seek conversation with them.

Once I watched a group of women, many of whom were regulars, stand back and laugh as one of their dogs went around mounting others in the park. They couldn't have cared less. I was already fed up with the place at this point but that was the final straw. Just a teensy example of the type of nasty these people are. Haven't been back since. Save yourself.

Jenny C's picture
pretty nice

As always, a few dogs were rough playing, but it is a very nice place. Restrooms down the street, nice little trails and a few water fountains. Worth a try

Windsor6's picture
Another bite

This is a great park but beware. I have taken my lab here since he was a puppy, he is only one now. Never had a problem until this rescued one year old pit mix decided to clamp down on my dogs neck and ear. The owner grabbed his dog and I grabbed mine, my wife started beating the other dog and still she would not let go. The damage was thankfully minimal. These dogs seem tame but the bite can be devistating. As a dog owner for 35 years I have seen what these dogs are capable of. They should be banned from dog parks.

carlenebailey's picture
dog killed

On Thursday, October 13, a 5 lb. Yorkie, who was visiting the dog park for the first time, was jerked from his owner's arms while walking to the car. Two large dogs, one black and one brown/red, who had been in the large dog side, attacked and killed it.

It was rushed to the vet, but unfortunately died before reaching the vet.

The two large dogs were with two women, and supposedly pulled away from the women. The owner of the Yorkie was also bitten on the face in two places.

Sweat Mountain authorities were notified as well as the Cobb County Police. For any further information, call 678-469-0822

Jenny C's picture

I wouldn't want pitbulls to be banned but the aggresive ones shouldn't go to a dog park where the owner knows it's gonna start a fight with a dog or person if your dog is aggresive don't bring it

David0611's picture
Enjoy but watch your dog and don't bring toddlers

I vary between Sweat Mtn and Leita Thompson Roswell. Sweat Mtn has a fairly nice group of owners and my dogs tend to enjoy it there. The main problem is the muddy areas that never seem to get new chips. I have seen both good and bad pits here. Too many mosquitoes in the summer.

Every dog park has it's human and canine policemen - it bugs me when you can't move fast enough to clean up your dog's mess - there are several people at both parks who could just chill out and let you have time to walk to the bag dispenser.

Roswell is great after wet weather, drains very quickly and dries quickly. Chips updated fairly regularly. Seems to have fewer pits but I have seen some bad pit fights there and people with bites due to trying to break up fights. Hot in the summer with little to no shade.

In both parks I see parents with very young children. My daughter in law accompanied me last fall and said that kids are not allowed in dog parks in Denver - she was shocked to see them inside the park. I agree this is a danger and a health hazard. My dog is not aggressive at all but she loves to run with other dogs. The other day the running dogs knocked down a 2 year old toddler that was standing 5-10 feet from the parents. They seemed upset at the dogs?? Also, for a young child that does a lot of hand to mouth moves this seems like a health hazard to me. Poop is cleaned up but the chips cannot be completely cleaned.

Also, some dogs aren't socialized with younger kids and they may jump up on them and scare them. It's a dog park folks - there are plenty of kiddy parks. Parents, don't bring your wee ones and let them wander without supervision.

moacirusa's picture
Been there many times(about 8

Been there many times(about 8 times), most of the times there was a dog fight in the large area, all fights were pitbulls. One of the fight a woman got bitten by a pit on her arm. Going to the dog park in Kennesaw now.

Jenny C's picture
my dog and i LOVE this park

We go to this park often and have never witnessed a fight. All the owners seem very aware of their dogs and are very social! There is a group that comes everyday at 4:00 they are very very nice and accepting of any new owners that come to the park! Everyone loves to play with all the dogs and bring their kids to play with them! This is one of the best parks ever and don't pay any attention to those reviews claiming the dogs are... lets just say grumpy.

cherry dog's picture
I have been to this park 3

I have been to this park 3 times since it opened. All THREE TIMES, there was a dog fight in the large dog area (my dog was not involved). Will never go again.

literatehyaena's picture

I'm the owner of a German Shepherd, but I'm going to agree with the principle of this: it's not the breed, it's the owner. I've never had a problem with pits or any so-called "bully" breed before; in fact, the only time we've ever been attacked was outside this park by two miniature schnauzers, whose owners claimed they were "playing." I've known a number of lovely pits and rotties and a number of similarly unlovely labs and retrievers and other "safe" dogs.

Protip, people: socialise your dogs. Early and often. It benefits everyone.

hippiepippie28's picture
love this park :)

I absolutely adore this dog park. When I say, "you want to go to the dog park" my dog gets very excited. He has made many friends at the small and large dog areas. He is a small dog but loves everyone. I am so happy that he has a place where he can have such a great time!

Visitor's picture
Not bad, but not that good...

The area gets very muddy, and doesn't dry out very fast. Plus, this isn't a grassy park. Its bedded with wood chips instead, and my dog doesn't really care to be running around on wood chips. Plus, the park is typically crowded on the weekends, and that makes it difficult to keep track of your dogs. On top of all that, the few times we've been, there's always an owner or two that brings their large dog into the small dog area. The areas are divided for a reason, and regardless of who you know in the small dog area, your large dog should not be in there.

Visitor's picture
I just found out about this

I just found out about this dog park a month ago, and have a German Shepherd who loves it. I noticed the posts and have had no problems. Also, I bring my kids too! Owners seem aware of their dogs and are very nice. By the way, my German Shepherd wouldn't hurt a fly and although he may look mean - a total baby. Sorry to hear the bad rap.

Visitor's picture
Find another park

I had an Aussie that was attacked at this park for sniffing an owner of one of the other dogs . I have a puppy now ,Lab/mix , small dog area is fine . I will not take him to the large dog area once he gets bigger. I have talked with the police and animal control, unless the dog bites a person nothing they can do .

Visitor's picture
It is NOT the BREED

I usually go to a different dog park which happened to be closed today. I am an owner of a pitbull, and I can tell you right not its not the breed and I strongly disagree with restricting this breed. My pit doesn't bark, doesn't growl, doesn't jump and crawls around on the ground playing with the little dogs when he is at the dog park. At the dog park i normally go to, its the german shepherds and the labs starting fights. Be around an owner who cares about their dog and no matter the breed it is a good dog.

Panther's picture
Aggressive dog comments

Great park.
I would ask the owners of any aggressive dog to find somewhere else to visit. I am really getting tired of watching pit bulls attack other dogs at this park. I wish that Cobb County would restrict this breed in public venues as other municipalities have done.

Visitor's picture
Flood Resulted in Large Area to be Locked...

I have a puppy and we come to this park often. However, after the recent flooding, the large dog area has been shut down for some time now due to ongoing maintenance due to the flood. Therefore, owners with large dogs are left with no choice but to use the small dog side but a lot of them are aggressive. On another note, there are some people here who are really bossy and tell people that they can't bring toys into the park. But if I wants my dog to play with his own toys here then he will.

Visitor's picture
love smdp weekday morning group

go most every morning during week. early morning group great to be with. quite a mix of dogs. dobys, boxers, huskys, collies, goldens, labs, and mixed breeds. owners are very good with their dogs. all seem to respect other owners and dogs. whenever there is a confrontation, always handled properly. key is to respect other owners and their pets, don't be a doting parent!

Visitor's picture
Not bad, not good.

It was ok here, lots of big dogs were in the small dog area. The big dog area had a dozen or so dogs there and most of the people weren't really paying attention to them. I've been there twice, once in summer and once a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty muddy with no way to rinse off.

Visitor's picture
will rate later

It is the owners, not the dogs, that are the problem. Obviously people freak out whenever a dog is brindle in color. It is so unfortunate. My dogs are 1-boxer mix and 2-shepherd mix, both pound puppies, and both brindle in color.
I am not afraid of them with other dogs, I am terrified since I moved to this area from Arizona, of the people who freak out at dogs barking at one another or snapping. It is what dogs do. It is quite different if they actually get into a fight. But they must define who is dominant. That is why they mount one another. So, come on people. Most of the time they get carried away because they sense the tension of the people.
I actually had one guy brag about shooting a pit bull. scary...

Visitor's picture
Been Once...

I liked this park when I took my Cocker Spaniel. Since I was on the small/medium dog side we didn't have an issue. Then again, my dog played more with the other owners instead of the dogs. I have two more dogs now and I am looking forward to taking them so they can get used to playing with other animals.

Visitor's picture
Too Bad.....

I was looking forward to bringing my two boxer mix dogs to the dog park here in Marietta. We used to take our older dog to the dog parks in FL all the time and he had a great time. After reading all these posts there is NO WAY that I am risking my dogs' safety by going to this park or any other one in the area. I thought there was a ban on aggressive breeds in these parks. Too bad a good thing has to be ruined by so few.

Visitor's picture
Small Dog Park

I've been going to this dog park since before it officially opened 3 years ago. I visit several times per week including weekdays and weekends. The small dog park is free of agressive dogs but I have witnessed several fights on the large dog side and agree there are owners who simply don't care. However, it is up to the dog owners to speak up. I once saw a pregnant woman chasing the owner of a Rottweiler who visits often. The dog is too agressive to be at the dog park and this woman succeeded in getting him to leave after his dog had bitten her dog. If you have a small dog, you will be just fine. However, the large dog side can get aggressive. Weekdays and late in the day on weekends are the best times to avoid the large number of dogs which can often end in a fight.

Visitor's picture

This is why there is a problem at the park. First and foremost: YOU DO NOT MACE DOGS especially those that are not yours. To break a fight up in a dog park the most effective way to deal with it is to get the water bowls and throw the water over the dogs (which you can do from a safe distance). Also, generalizing and saying all of the problem dogs were "pitbulls" does not indicate the problem dogs (please specify the dog). On another note, I frequent this park regularly(about 2-3 times a week). Out of all the times I have been there, the only problem with an American STAFFORSHIRE terrier was when a German Shepherd got protective over his owner, and snapped at the terrier, who IMMEDIATELY rolled to his back until the owner was forced to remove his dog. But this did not stop the owner from kicking the terrier and yelling for the woman to leave the park. Thankfully, she and others around her stood up for her dog and he left instead to cool off. It's unfortunate this happened. We must remember that a bad dog is not born, they are MADE. By you and me and everyone else.

Visitor's picture
Great area

Huge shaded park with plenty of seating and space for your dog to run. Small and large dog areas. There are some people who bring aggressive dogs, but just avoid them. The park is large enough that it doesn't matter. Plenty of tennis balls sitting around for play. Great park overall!

Visitor's picture
been there many times and

Been there many times and have seen some "regulars" who have aggressive pitbulls, and call them american stafford terriers. I think it is a good idea to bring whistle to any dog park, it will stop a dog fight instantly and I have seen some pretty bad ones there, lets remember these are pack animals with instincts. Also, I don't understand how people can bring small children to a dog park?? Again common sense takes a back seat!!!

Visitor's picture
Great Park

My dog at first was very timid but soon warmed up and now loves the park. You do not need to bring and treats or toys because there are tennis balls everywhere. And for the treats, playing with the other dogs is quite a treat! It has lots of shade and water is provided in a doggie water fountain. I will definitley tell about this park to friends and go there a lot. Great park.

Visitor's picture
Very nice park... owners, PAY ATTENTION to your dogs!!

I've taken my boxers to this park twice, both times we ended up leaving after fights broke out between several other dogs (mine were not involved). Several of the owners were chatting away and not at all aware of their dogs' whereabouts... or that they needed to clean up after them. It was fairly crowded both times we were there.
Good points -- tons of space, entirely shaded, and mulch throughout the park (no mud!). The mulch does however make it harder to see the poo, so watch where you step!

It's a very nice place but aggressive dogs and inattentive owners make the experience not so pleasant. IF we go again it will be during off-peak hours.

Visitor's picture
Love the park---owners of agressive dogs go home!

I love this park, but also have encountered agressive dogs at this park & the owners don't do anything about it. Actually the owner of one of them tried to start a fight as well with one of the other owners who tried to get him to leave because of his aggressive dog.

Visitor's picture
Great Park

While there have been some aggressive dogs there, the owners are "encouraged" to remove them... by threat of police if necessary.

Great group of owners and pets normally. Better on the weekdays than on weekends.

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Great park, lots of doggies to play with, plenty of water, trash, and seating. My pup's new favorite place to play away from home! LOTS of SPACE!

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Use with Caution

This park is a great area to let your dog run and play... however I've had several run ins with aggressive dogs. My dogs have been attacked twice and everyone left to avoid these dogs however the owner didn't seem to care. I won't go back. Its a shame since its such a nice park.