The Savannah Dog Park

41st and Drayton St
Savannah, GA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Savannah
Days Closed:
$35 annually, see The Savannah Dog Park Association website
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has shade, benches, lights, electronic key entry, drinking water, and a security camera. This dog park is supported by The Savannah Dog Park Association, please see their website about membership for the dog park.

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Chuckles's picture
Great park

Friendly people - lots of good dogs for our guys to play with.

Ravenmaven's picture
Tried to like it.....

The morning group is wonderfully friendly, but the afternoon group is incredibly snobby and pretentious. Don't expect to strike up a conversation, it's just like high school. Expensive, not a lot of space for your dogs to run. You'll be harassed to renew your membership a month after you join, and be prepared to be harassed constantlly about by a random member who will harass you or any guests about membership if you want to check the park out before you join. The shade and the cedar are nice, but that's about it, these people aren't very nice.

genemikels's picture
dog park

would be alot better if one individual didnt harass members,and potential members about membership.Maybe he needs a hobby

onelittlelight's picture
I love this park!

This park is very much community oriented, sometimes even having fundraisers for the good of an organization. there is shade, chairs/benches, a doggy pool etc. I have not found another dog park quiet like it on the southern east coast. the first poster is out of their minds and one of those type you probably don't want at the dog park anyway.

jimmysmom's picture
We LOVE this dog park!

We go to this park probably twice a week and have never had a problem- we absolutely love it. The park is very well maintained, has running water, giant shade trees, adirondak chairs, picnic tables and is covered with mulch which they replenish every couple of months. Oh, there is a street light as well so you can go at night. While technically it is a member's only dog park, they encourage guests/visitors/vacationers to stop by. They also recommend that you try it with your dog before you join. Contrary to what the previous poster wrote, fights are not tolerated and no one demands that guests give their dog toys to the park. Ridiculous!

Jenny C's picture
great park for visitors

Fee is $35/Yr, but the locals were great to us... We were visiting from Charleston and they welcomed our dogs for free. 100% community supported - donate if you can. See the pix we posted!

Thanks Savannah Dog Parks!

Shineac's picture

This is a dog park for "members only" which is fine, but we were visiting from out of town and thought we'd check it out. People were rude and wouldn't control their dogs. One dog backed me into a corner and barked at me incessantly to throw a ball I had brought. When the owner finally approached to control his dog, instead of apologizing for the dog's aggressive bad behavior, he insisted that since I brought the ball to the dog park it belonged to the dog park and I had to give it to his dog. When I told him no, I don't need to give my dog's ball to your dog, he said, fine then I guess you'll get barked off and walked off. Other people sat in their chairs in the shade and looked on. No one was friendly, and quite a few dogs broke out in fights and no one would get up to control any of their dogs. Lazy & Pretentious