Ronald Reagan Dog Park

2777 Five Forks Trickum Rd
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, grass and some agility equipment.

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Dondonchedder's picture
Full of lies

This is toward georgeford54's comment. I came on this site because I wanted to see if the dog park was reopened. Then, I see this post. I know both of those dogs you speak of. With that said, I can say (without a shadow of a doubt) that you are wrong. First off, Linus (the Shepard) will not come up to a dog as he/she enters the park, unless it's another Shepard. Secondly, the only way he gets aggressive is if you mess with his toys. As far as Lucy (the Saint Bernard) goes, I have literally seen her pulling her brother, Linus, by the hind legs to get him away from the dog drama. The only way Lucy were to ever get involved is if her brother were in serious trouble. With that being said, your dog either became aggressive first, or you are totally wrong. My guess is that your one of those dog owners who expect that their dog should be left alone by all other dogs until your ready for them to have company. We see those kind of owners a lot. If that's flash..... You put your dog in a cage with 10 or 20 other curious dogs, so either let ur dog play or take it home and let it be scared of the world for the rest of its life

georgeford54's picture
Tense moment at Reagan Park

Do not take your dog to the dog park here. The moment we entered the gate, two dogs - a German Shepherd and a Saint Bernard - rushed us. One bit my dog around the neck and the other tried to bite her flank. I stomped the vicious dog's head three times before it released. Then I grabbed our dog and we backed out through the gate. We have heard from other dogowners that Reagan Park has mean dogs but we assumed they were isolated incidents. Our experience tonight was chilling. Our dog got away with minor injuries because I (foolishly) intervened. I could have been seriously bitten. Keep your dogs safe and avoid this park!

pattie's picture
Aggressive Dogs

Ronald Reagan park is very nice and the dog area is a nice place to allow your pets to roam. However; the last few times I have been there with my dog I witnessed concerns with aggressive dogs. The sign on the entry way clearly states No Aggressive Dogs Allowed. Now...the owners who have Pitt Bulls, Dobermans and some Shepards all feel they do not have aggressive pets. Each tme there has been a fight or issue with other dogs all have involved these breeds! Just today; I was there with my dog who was attacked by a Doberman which the owner was unable to handle. The owner also did not apoligize for her dog's actions and I felt quite annoyed. The Doberman had been harrassing another dog continuously until the dog snapped back. This made the Doberman angry resulting in an attack at the next closest dog who belonged to me. Needless to say, I will not allow my dog to go within the dog area any longer if the aggressive breeds continue to be permitted within the area. Such a shame we can not have these dogs monitored or adults who need to face the fact they may have an aggressive pet! Looks as if I need to find another place for my pet to run and play....disappointed...

fishbubbles199's picture
Didnt like

Drainage issues and it looks so worn out. Id rather go somewhere else.

Jenny C's picture
nice people

My first visit here over the weekend and I liked park. The people were nice and it was great to see people taking responsibility for their pets. I forgot to thank the nice man who gave my shepherd and boxer some water. I only wish the mudhole wasn't there.

SchutzHundMaster's picture
The dogs here are so mean to

The dogs here are so mean to my dog. So my dog is a little over-weight... The other dogs teased him about his weight They were running a jumping around him lightly on their feet because he can't do that so this makes him sad so he goes plays in the corner over by the little dogs' fence. They are nicer to him. I wish they had a rule about make fun of each other. oh yeah and the OWNERS really need to tell their dogs to stop, its completely their fault actually if think about yeah. Like don't they have voice command control over their dogs or something where they can say things and teach the dogs manners..
But the park is really kinda nice and what not.

4dogsandcounting's picture
Too many irresponsible dog owners

There needs to be a ruling to stop the aggressive dogs from attacking the great sweet socialized dogs. I used to go three times a week at least but at least two out of three times there are dog fights. My dogs are trained by voice command and I learned to get them out of harms way when I see danger coming. Most of the owners are so irresponsible they are just visiting others and not even paying attention to their dogs. Once they hear a dog fight they run and try to separate their dogs and apologize and then go back do the same thing time after time. Most of the problems are due to aggression from unaltered mature dogs. Most of the worst fights are due to the pitbulls here. The irresponsible owners when confronted either say it never happened before which it only takes once for those dogs to do some serious damage. Even some of the small dogs are so aggressive they do not want them in with the sweet ones so the ignorant owners bring them in with the big dogs to irritate and start in trouble in the large dog side.

Drainage needs to be fixed. More places in various areas should have seating for the owners. Water fountains don't work efficiently. Unless the unaltered aggressive pitbulls are banned I will keep going to my friends in home daycare to play with less than 10 supervised, socialized well behaved dogs. No Bull Terrier mixes are allowed at many daycares due to the insurance.

My dogs were learning terrible behaviors from the untrained dogs at Ronald Regan, plus have scars to prove they were attacked. One of my neighbors dog had 23 stitches, the owners run away while you are trying to make sure your dog is okay. Plus parents should not bring little children in the large area around these aggressive dogs not to mention the unhealthy dogs with runny poop that could give their babies Giardia. I am shocked at the toddlers crawling around on the ground in a dog park. Maybe the area has deteriorated so badly common sense is lacking in most residents.

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Fun Time

I recently took my dog to this park and he had a blast. All the other dogs/owners were well behaved and friendly. I will definitly be going there again. It was great to see my dog having fun.

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Breedist dogs

The dogs need to learn their manners. I am the owner of a mixed breed dog, but all the 'pure-bred' dogs were so stuck up, they wouldn't play with him.

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My girl got attacked here

My puppy got attacked by three other dogs on the little dog side. Their owner blew it off saying "they're used to rough housing" These girls must have missed the no aggressive dogs sign.

Other than that it has some agility course type pieces and a nice grassy dog run.

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People bring in large dogs to small dog side.

When the large dog side is flooded people bring over big dogs to the little dog side depriving the smaller dogs a place to play.Mentioning to people that this is the small side meets with aroggance and anger.I guess there is no ordinences to protect the small dogs. What a shame. One person will enter with three full grown pit bulls.