Oakhurst Dog Park - Decatur

450 East Lake Dr
Decatur, GA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Decatur
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Other Notes:

This dog park has benches and shade (be sure to bring water for your dog).

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Jenny C's picture
small neighborhood dog park

Small neighborhood dog park with open and shaded area. There are some benches for the owners to congregate, but bring your own chair for guaranteed seating. Also it's recommended you bring your own water for the puppy.

BUDDHA2490's picture
We love this place

I love going here, and I'm pretty sure my dog loves it to. My wife and I have to be careful about saying the words 'Dog Park' because our golden retriever goes nuts.

Everything is fenced in, I never have worried about him getting away. The entrance is double gated, so people going in and out can (and usually do) open and close one gate before the next one. There is a coffee shop nearby to bring some drinks. Almost everyone there has well-socialized dogs. Only rarely do I see actual fights between dogs. Sometimes idiots with mean dogs come, but they are the exception and not the rule.

The dog park is on a flood lot, it can't be zoned for anything because there is no drainage. This means that there is serious mud there after it rains. The dogs don't seem to mind though, and it isn't anything a hose can't fix afterwards.

Ricko's picture
Access to the park

I am a new resident to Oakhurst - where do I get keys to gain entry to the park?

Laila's picture
My first visit

I had a very awesome time today. it was my first visit there. Most of the dogs were friendly and welcomed me with open paws. One human was anti-social and so were his 2 dogs. Go figure. I did play with a very handsome Rotty and his lil brother a lot. I think I'm in love. My human like the park also.

divajen's picture
Love it here

My husband and I take our dog here about 1x/month. The people are great, and the facility is good. There is a picnic bench and 3-4 other benches throughout the park. It's a good size for throwing a ball and letting your dog run itself tired.

One drawback is that with all the rain we've had recently, there are sometimes some muddy spots and, of course, the dogs seems to be drawn to those areas.

I always enjoy meeting the nice people who bring their dogs, and I've never seen anyone behave rudely or allow their dogs to misbehave.

Casey and I give Oakhurst Park 2 paws up!