Leita Thompson Memorial Dog Park

1355 Woodstock Rd
(aka Mountain Dog Park)
Roswell, GA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Roswell
Days Closed:
Portable restroom
Park Size:
0.75 acres for the big dogs and 0.25 acres for the small dogs
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a small dog area, benches, walking trails, and water spigots.

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suzshebar's picture
Not too many small dogs come

The park is spacious and clean. The trails surrounding it are nice too. The small side is grave and grass. The larger side is mostly dirt/gravel and wood chips. The large side always has people on it, but the small side doesn't have as many patrons. There are water pumps/fountains and plenty of shade and benches.

Jenny C's picture

Amazing park. Playful friendly dogs always are there to play with my dog she loves it. And the 2+ mile trails wonderful. We come twice a day once for play and then gotta get some miles too. ENJOY

bobby's picture

Nice park,nice people,great trails,but no small dogs.If your lucky you will meet someone on the small dog side who has come for their first time,but you probably won't see them again.What ever you do,DO NOT take a dog smaller than 40lbs. to the big dog side,even though you are allowed.Their is a group owners (who clearly have not read the rules of the park) that feel like any dog smaller than theirs should be FAIR GAME,and should be immeadiatly attacked while they sit back snickering.My dog was attacked by a WHITE SIBERIAN while the owner looked on,with me pleading for help and then I was told I should leave.I will be back,but I will have ANIMAL CONTROL and a video camera with me!!

Bryan's picture

I want to thanks those that leash their dogs on the trails. I have only walked the trails once when I did not encounter a dog not on a leash. The arrogance of these dog owners nearly ruins the walk for me.

David0611's picture
Leita Thompson vs Sweat Mtn. - leave the toddlers at home

I vary between Sweat Mtn and Leita Thompson Roswell. Sweat Mtn has a fairly nice group of owners and my dogs tend to enjoy it there. The main problem is the muddy areas that never seem to get new chips. I have seen both good and bad pits here. Too many mosquitoes in the summer.

Every dog park has it's human and canine policemen - it bugs me when you can't move fast enough to clean up your dog's mess - there are several people at both parks who could just chill out and let you have time to walk to the bag dispenser.

Roswell is great after wet weather, drains very quickly and dries quickly. Chips updated fairly regularly. Seems to have fewer pits but I have seen some bad pit fights there and people with bites due to trying to break up fights. Hot in the summer with little to no shade.

In both parks I see parents with very young children. My daughter in law accompanied me last fall and said that kids are not allowed in dog parks in Denver - she was shocked to see them inside the park. I agree this is a danger and a health hazard. My dog is not aggressive at all but she loves to run with other dogs. The other day the running dogs knocked down a 2 year old toddler that was standing 5-10 feet from the parents. They seemed upset at the dogs?? Also, for a young child that does a lot of hand to mouth moves this seems like a health hazard to me. Poop is cleaned up but the chips cannot be completely cleaned.

Also, some dogs aren't socialized with younger kids and they may jump up on them and scare them. It's a dog park folks - there are plenty of kiddy parks. Parents, don't bring your wee ones and let them wander without supervision.

Doodle1's picture
Great park, my pack loves it

The 'big dog' section is big enough to allow our dogs to run full tilt, but small enough that we don't loose site of them. We take our dogs there a couple of times a week. The park employees put down new mulch on a regular basis. Both the big dog and small dog sections have benches and water fountains. The park also supplies poo bags and everyone is good about cleaning up after their dogs.

Donna M's picture
Awesome park, dogs and owners!

Went with my SO today- park was in full swing when we got there. We've got a "big" dog, so we went to the "big" side. All of the dogs AND owners were well-behaved. Droppings were promptly attended to. I was impressed that "little" dogs were also brought into the "big" area with no drama at all. Yes, there are rocks and dirt, but it's an outdoor venue...you'd be foolish to expect otherwise (or better off owning a dog that you carry around in a purse). We want to make this a weekly "play date".

Stymyx's picture

My girlfriend and I took my Greyhound here for the first time earlier today (a sunny March Sunday), and I thought it was great. Yes, the parking lot and the trails are gravel, and yes, the fenced-in area is mostly wood chips with very little grass around the far back fence. I could see where it could get messy if you took your dog there after a rain. Solution: Don't go immediately after a rain! Simple, right? Anyway, I thought it was great. It is NOT small; the "Big Dog" area is 3/4ths of an acre, plenty big enough to throw a frisbee and not have it go over the fence. One interesting thing is that it's not flat, but gently slopes down from the front to the back, and there are no trees within the fenced area at all. There were about 25 dogs and about 30 or so people there when I was there, but it wasn't crowded at all. The people were all very friendly and willing to talk about their dogs, everybody cleaned up after their dogs when they pooped, and if any dog started to become aggressive towards another dog, their owner was right there to take care of things. I've read reviews here of other dog parks in the Atlanta area and was a little put-off by stories of dogs attacking other dogs and their owners not caring in the least, but that was not the case here. It was a very pleasurable experience and I'm planning on making regular visits to this park in the future.

Visitor's picture
Great dog park with long trails

This Dog Park is great for wearing out your bigger dog. Plus with the miles of trails all around is great.
The dogs here are followed by a close group of owners that respect everyone and their dogs. I bring my huskies here all the time and they love it.

Visitor's picture

Yes, the dogs get dirty there with wood chips and gravel. But there is a fenced in area for dogs to play, and a trail over 2 miles long with a lake and creeks. The pets and the owners are very friendly and everyone has control and concern for their dogs.

Visitor's picture
Those negative reviewers

Those negative reviewers should KNOW that you shouldn't go after it rains, as there is gravel on the sides and grass. This is a terrific park, with all one needs for you and your pet. I was in the small dog area and the folks there and their pets were so friendly.

Visitor's picture
Stay Away

Mud and gravel. Had to give our dog a bath after visiting.

Visitor's picture

This is the worst. It is small, and all dirt and gravel. My dogs got sick after going to this park and had to go to the vet.