Sandy Springs Dog Park (at Morgan Falls Park)

I think I like this place
Morgan Falls Dam/Park
Dead end of Morgan Falls Rd
Sandy Springs, GA
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Opened Summer 2010. This dog park has a separate small dog area. Be sure to bring water for your dog (no shade).

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Our Dog Park

The Morgan Falls Dog park is located just down the street from our apartment complex, we live right off Morgan Falls Rd so we could not ask for a more convenient place to take our boys. There is actually some trails that lead from our complex down to and around the play ground/river bend "lake" area. As mentioned before if you have never been, you would never know it was there since it is at the very end of the road and there are no real signs.
With that being said, there are some cons to this park. There is no running water so bring your own. The large dog side has ongoing issues with a poorly planned drainage ditch; most owners find it hard to keep their dogs from playing in it. But no worries, the Chattahoochee River runs by the park so dogs can jump in to clean off.
There is little to no shade; only one covering/awning so plan ahead.
Other than that it is a great place. Some previous post say that there weren't other people/dogs but we try to go daily. It just depends on the time of day but this park does get a lot of use, many regulars! Get the word out!

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just ok.

This park is ok I wouldn't call it a park though. More like a patch of grass and stone. Not impressed. Brook Run dog park is still the best yet.

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New Sod

The new sod is finally taking, it was put down last fall. To my surprise there were 3 other dogs there for my dog to play with, a nice change.

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sweet park!

Not a lot of people and dogs, but a great place to relax and play ball with my pooch. Love this place!

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Found the dog park!

Finally found it. First off, ignore the address. Just turn on to Morgan Falls Rd from Roswell Rd and go straight...keep going straight past the golf course. Then the road gets really horrible...potholes everywhere! The road kind of dead ends and there is a really nice park on the right with a lake. You will turn left. When you start thinking "this can't be the right way", then you're going the right way. The road will turn into a gravel road after you go through a set of gates. Then voila! You're there. You will see the dam on your right (kinda hard to miss) and the dog park on your left. It could be a great place. I only gave it 3 stars because it was so darn hard to find AND the grass came almost up to my knees. Who would have ever known all that was back there???

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Dog Park

Hey Morgan Falls about some signs telling people where the dog park is? Would be helpful since 3 out of 6 people on here can't seem to find it. I just got back from trying to find it. I read these comments AGAIN, looked at a satellite map AGAIN and now I'm going to head back out and see if I can find it once more. If I do, I'll post specific directions.

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not worth the drive.

For me, the whole point in taking my dogs to the park is to run around and play with other dogs. This park is empty! There is no water for them and nowhere for the mummy's and daddy's to be shaded from the sun if hot. Just because an area has a patch of grass doesn't make it a "dog park". Really, don't waste your time.

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Quiet Dog Park

I like taking Rascal to this Dog Park because it is hard to find it is not over flowed with to many dogs. I find some of the dog parks are so popular that Rascal can't run around and play. This park has plenty of room for Rascal to run and the grounds are kept up well. Only negative is we bring our own water because of vandelism in the past the water pumps to not work. The dog park is located where Morgan Falls dead ends. There is a park on the right however you want to make a left where it dead ends and go through the gates by the damn and the park is on the left.

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where's the dog park?

Disappointing- *zero* signage for the park. Found the people park, but no dog park.

EDITOR COMMENT: The city website says "The City has opened its first off-leash dog park at the end of Morgan Falls Road on the river." I am pretty sure there is a dog park at this location but it may be difficult to find.

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Difficult to find

We tried taking our dogs to this park but we never found it. We found 450 Morgans Falls Place Park but down that street there are only sports grounds. We got out of that street and headed left. We did come across the GA Power plant on our left and to the right a family park in front of a lake. However all gates near the GA Power plant were locked. There was no indication of a dog park. We asked 3 people if they knew of a dog park in that area and no one knew. If this park is open it would be great if the city would post signs to find this place easily. It was a disappointing situation since we traveled for 30 minutes just to visit the place. Good thing we weren't so far away from our usual park Brook Run Park.

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It's Open

This dog park has everything your pooch will love and you too!! Located all the way in the back beyond the GA Power plant, this dog park is truly a gem. It has an area for large dogs and small dogs. It is double gated and completely fenced in. While your dog is playing you can enjoy the beautiful view. The only downside is that the water pump is slow. Other than that is a great place to bring your dog.