Lake Court Dog Park

Lake Ct
Smyrna, GA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Smyrna
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1+ acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes: Opened October 2007. This dog park has shade and drinking water (no separate small dog area.)
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Jenny C's picture
thumbs down

WAY too many unneutered male dogs at this park. And one idiot who brings two dogs and one is so aggressive that the bad owner has to stay out of the gates with the aggressive one while his other unneutered dog runs and poops unsupervised.

Jenny C's picture
Please pick it up

I am not a dog park expert, but I do visit several dog parks frequently. This dog park, by far, has more feces laying about than any others. I wish more people would pick up after their dogs in order to reduce the transmission of fungi and other parasites between dogs. Even if your dog does not seem sick it can still be carrying parasites. Please be more considerate. The feces also gets transferred into the car when the dog gets in.

jewel2010's picture

We went by yesterday after the storm cleared and they were closed. We tried again today and they were still closed. It looks nice but there's not much point in it if it can't be used. I won't be trying again.

ZoZo45's picture
We won't be back

I have been taking my dog here for over 4 months and she loves it! For the past couple of visits there has been this new mut that was there and she picks on my dog. My dog is very submissive and never stands up for herself so that leaves me to take care of it. This new dog locks onto my dogs neck and won't let go. The owner is oblivious to it....she just thinks her dog is "playing" and does nothing to correct it. I have put up with it in hopes that my dog will learn to stand up for herself. This last time we went, there was another dog there, evidently the owners were friends, that cornered my dog and began to growl like it was going to attack her. Needless to say, as long as these dog visit this park, I will not be going back. Maybe we can check it out at a later date to see if they still visit...but we won't be going back anytime soon. Too bad that a couple of bad dogs can ruin it for everyone.

Visitor's picture
great place

We really enjoy going there. Parking can be a pain sometimes, but there is another lot further down the road - you just have to walk up to the park on the well maintained walkway.

Visitor's picture
Good Park

Decent dog park. Offers shade and water. Area is open, with no separate big/little areas which can get a little iffy at times. 'Lower' area of park also gets very muddy after heavy rains. Otherwise, its a fun place!

Visitor's picture
We really liked this dog

We really liked this dog park, the other owners were friendly, the dogs were playful, and the park was nice and grassy. It's not as big as some of the others we've been to, but it is a really nice park!

rc83's picture
Lake Court Dog park - Smyrna, Georgia

Large, clean, good shade, water and friendly dogs and people.  This is a fun facility!