Tradition Dog Park

SW Village Parkway
Port St Lucie, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Tradition Master Association, 772-345-5101
Days Closed:
You MUST be a Tradition resident
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Tradition residents only... This park has a separate small dog area, shade trees, and benches. You need an access pass key card to get in and out of this dog park; contact [email protected] Please bring a bag and some to share. The marker is as close as I could get it without having been here, let me know if you have ever been to this park. Thanks.

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Marshare's picture
What a shame

We are visiting Port St. Lucie for our Christmas vacation and were so excited to find out there is a dog park, were all ready to get up and go tomorrow and then I found this site, thankfully, because I had no idea it was a private park. What a shame that any community that relies heavily on the business of those living outside to thrive would cut those same people off from using something that should be open and welcoming. I can't take my Yorkie to the dog beach as he is still learning recall and it's not fenced in, this dog park would have been a great way to get them out of the rental home and some much needed fun time. One person said keeping it private keeps out the "riff raffle", well let me say, I know plenty of people who pay HOA fees and live in "special" communities that are the definition of riff raff, so please get over that misconception. I heard there is a new dog park in Stuart, if so I will gladly take my pups there AS WELL AS my business this week. Thank you for nothing.

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fee to use private park

Tradition Master Association could charge a non resident monthly fee to use their dog park, I live about 2 miles away and would gladly pay a reasonable monthly fee.

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Dog Park in Port ST Lucie

We should all petition the City Government to add a dog Park in Port St Lucie. contact me
[email protected] - put dog park in subject line of email so I don't miss it

Jenny C's picture
unfriendly PSL

Lived in different cities and travel with our dogs. Port St Lucie is the most unfriendly dog town there is. Don't move here if you love your dog.

Jenny C's picture
it's for the dogs!

What kind of dog people are you? Isn't the park for the dogs. You would think the more dogs the better. If you were really dog people you wouldn't mind sharing it with the local dogs. What a shame everyone knows that dog parks are limited in port St Lucie? Why not share it, I know I would for the dogs.

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was a guest

I love to concept of the dog park in tradition!!! I think Psl parks and rec should open a dog park!! I think it should be the same concept as tradition with the pass. I thumb whether should charge a monthly membership fee for maintaince. If there is a fee it would keep riff raff out. But the one time I took my 11 month old lab to the tradition dog park was such a great experience for him!! He ran for 2 1/2 hours. He is very social with other dogs and loves the interaction. He was a totally different dog after getting all that energy out. I think the residents are very lucky to have access to that park. And like I said above, we would be more than willing to pay a membership fee it a dog park!!! Psl please open another dog park!!!! But membership only!!!!

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I live in PSL and tried to go to the Traditions Dog park and quickly found out that i was not able to get in!! No Card No Access!! Then I found Walton Rocks Beach......very's the beach! But, it is a distance for me. I would like to petition the city to put a public dog park at KIWANIS PARK - 1320 S.E. Floresta Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

what do u think! Nate

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On 09-12-2010 at about 4 pm,

On 09-12-2010 at about 4 pm, A young all white male puppy was found in Tradition Port St Lucie Fl. He looks like a pure bred and very well taken care of.

He is very sweet and misses his family. He was found in the 10700 block of Waterway lane. I held him overnight, fed him and he slept all night with my daschund. Unfortunately, I had no place to leave him so I turned him over to the city.

Please take care of him when you get him back. He is helpless out in the world and is counting on you to protect him.

Call 871-5042 - they will require proof of ownership

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Change the status to PRIVATE

Shouldn't the arrow for this be red for "Private"? And while it stinks that it's private, it's so small it's hardly enough room for my Chihuahua and another small dog to play in. If you have a dog bigger than mine, take them to Walton Rocks beach and let them run around there.

slave to my HOA's picture

Petsmart, nor any other business at the Landings, has anything to do with the dog park. They didn't spend a dime on it nor did the city of PSL. Tradition residents pay for it via HOA fees. Boycotting those businesses because you can't use the park is like complaining you can't use the pools in Tradition, the lawn service, or the irrigation sytem. You can enjoy many things in Tradition that the residents and/or CORE pays for, the dog park is just not one of them. You'd be better served writing your PSL council people and letting them know the residents of PSL would like a public dog park. OR, just move to Tradition and pay the HOA fees.

akk's picture

I don't care to quibble over a dog park only used by residents. I also think it is rediculous to say they will boycott the stores. Don't beg to use their park!
My question is .... where on line can I find information regarding dog friendly state/city parks within 15 miles of St. Lucie West? The parks and recreation site makes you call them in order to get access to the site which I think is rediculous.


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Bichon puppy

I have a Bichon puppy that looooooves to run and play. I do not have a backyard. Anyone have a backyard with a very active puppy too? Contact me. Thanks.

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Are you people kidding me?

The park is not paid for by the city. Therefore, you don't get to use the park. Why don't you donate your land to a dog park? You can also pay to insure it and maintain it. If any of you don't like not being able to use the dog park sell your house, buy one in Tradition and pay our crazy HOA fees each month. If not stop complaining.

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We should petition to port saint lucie for a public dog park or find out if that park is paid for by taxpayers money. If so they would have to let us use it.

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Wow thats messed up. I

Wow that's messed up. I didn't even know that that existed there. Now do any of our taxpayer dollars go to support anything in the Tradition community. I think so... they use psl police fire and rescue don't they. If they are offering it to residents of tradition and by the way it is not a gated community for the most part so shouldnt they should have to offer it to anyone thats willing to pay a fee to use it. Psl does pave there roads and maintain them dont they.

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I live east of US 1 and PSL Blvd with a fairly large backyard. I have a german shepherd puppy that would love a few friends to play with! Email me at [email protected] if you want to meet up!

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Public Access

Tradition Shoppes are NOT just 'open to those who live there'. Anyone can enter Tradition Shoppes without 'card access'. I have a 1 year old male pure bred chocolate lab. My husband surprised me with a dog after I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. We were trying to concieve when I found out, and he thought getting adog would make me a little less depressed.(I am only 22 and have been married for just over a year and wanted to start a family).... We live in an apartment (hoping to buy soon)...but I cant let my dog off the leash here (apartment rules) dog is very well trained, plays well with other dogs, and because he is still a puppy, he needs lots of physical activity... I searched everywhere in Saint Lucie County online to see where (or if) I could take my dog to play fetch and let him run around... this is the only place that came up... I will no longer go into Tradition for my pet supplies...maybe everyone in Tradition should have 'card access' to get out... you guys have everything over there, its like a mini town; you hardly have to is a shame that Tradition won't let us 'outsiders' bring our pets there... I would even agree to a small fee,(sort of like a gym membership type thing) AND think about the advertizing Tradition would get...for bring your dog out there, let him/her run around and play, the owners might want to stop in for lunch somewhere... I honestly think that if Tradition let us bring our dogs out there, they would generate so much more business....just a thought...They have definitely lost all of my business though.

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RE: Open to public

Your welcome to pay my $300 a month HOA fees. I will give you my card.

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Open to public

As the only dog park in PSL, it would be nice if the uppity people would allow our dogs to play, too. Bringing my dog to the beach is a hassle and gets messy. She loves to play with other dogs but can't because there is no where I can let her go. So she is sheltered and at only one year old she need to socialize.
Thanks for being so kind to your locals!!

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it's not great if you can't

it's not great if you can't get in!!!

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I think it's horrible to

I think it's horrible to advertise a dog park that isn't open to the public!

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I Don't Care

NO ONE CARES!!! One person is not going to effect their business with a boycott.

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yes we do

The dog park does not sit vacant most of the time if you drive by there every day at 3 o'clock there are people there. I do not think that it should be open to the public; if it were, there would a million people there. The Tradition dog park is one of the things that we get for paying for all the things that we are forced to pay. So before you go talking about how you don't get to use the dog park try living hear and having to pay all the fees.

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this is true, they dont have any problem taking money from people who do not reside in traditions, but yet our dogs cant play in the same park: this really gets to me!!!

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great place

A wonderful place, it should be free access, what a better place to learn about dogs.

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Uncalled for

Sorry to disagree, I go from time to time. People are pleasant and friendly, dogs will be dogs, sure their behavior is unpredictable. Staying hands on and always observing their activities is right; they should just be monitored.

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it is ashame that its ok for us to be good enough to spend our money in there stores in tradition but were not good enough to use there dog park i feel this is wrong and anyone that agrees should start a patition to allow public acces to this dog park i am looking into it and i will involve the news and local pet lovers don,t think tradition would like bad publicity

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Key Card

I agree it should be open to the public. I brought my dog from Stuart to shop at the Tradition Petsmart and then to use the dog park. Since they don't want us to use their dog park, I won't shop in their Petsmart anymore.

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I was open to the

I was open to the public then they closed it off locked it up and replacement with a card key system...I don't see that Target, Olive Garden, Mc Dees, and all the other places in Tradition are for the use of "community residents only" so why not allow the park to be used by the community not just tradition residents (which many have already departed). The closet dog park is Sebastian (which just opened this month - August '09) or Lake Ida in Boynton...and yet Tradition Dog Park sits vacant most of the time, because most residents of Tradition don't even use it...

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public access

I just think that there should be access to the public. It is the only dog park in port saint lucie. You should'nt have to live in tradition to be able to use it

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Core Communities Residents only...


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uncalled for

going to the dog park has been one of my puppy's highlights of our travels. Thankful (we thought) to have a park in the same community we are living it.
There were small dogs on the large dog side, and the owner of the small dogs kicked at, yanked on, and pulled my 10 month old puppy away from his dogs. He was mad that my LRG breed puppy wanted to play with his little ones. No harm done...just wanted to play.
Uncalled for. I just want to warn you if you go, beware there are rich snotty owners that think they are the best thing to ever happen and will mistreat your dog in the drop of a hat if you dog interferes with what they are doing.
My advice go anytime BUT between 5 - 6:30 pm!

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great place

what a great place to make friends, socialize your dog.