West Dog Park

Kids with Koko
A day at West Park
6402 Occident St
Tampa, FL
Operating Hours:
Open until 10pm
Days Closed:
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This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, tubs of water so the dogs can cool off, trees, patios for shade, and drinking water.

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knedros's picture
worst dog park ever!!

There is a woman there whose dog started growling and barking at mine, so naturally my dog started to bark. Then both dogs really started to growl and bark at each other. I tried to get my dog but this woman started repeatedly kicking my dog telling me to "get that *** out of here". She is not a true dog lover. While this was going on other people just sat and watched. No one even bothered to try and help.People just sat and watched this woman repeatedly kick my dog while I was desperately trying to get my dog.

SheldonBeagle's picture

I hope this is only temporary but we went today and for some bright reason they decided to put a gate right in the center of the small dog park going into the big dog park. I don't know why they did this when there is already a way to get in there.
But my little sister can fit under the fence and both sides of the gate and escaped to the big dog side twice so we had to leave and come home. I hope they fix this so we can still enjoy our favorite dog park

SheldonBeagle's picture
My Favorite Park

They have an obstacle course on both sides. The big dog side is great but if you want to take your little dog there you have to go early. Its great for training to walk off the leash beside you.
Momma wont take my little sister on this side but I get to go some times depending on how many dogs are there and how they act.
There is so much space. Its great. They have the park split in two sides and both sides have water stations and neat play equipment for us to play on.
There are mostly good owners that go here just like any other dog park. A few don't watch closely but that's ok because there is a couple that comes most every morning and they are the best in the world. They go in and make sure all the poo has been picked up from the owners that don't pick up.
Its really big and a nice park. Not to hard to find either.

mobile_user's picture
Big, grassy, shady

This park is pretty big with separate small dog area and washing pools. When it rains it can get a little soggy and the dogs like to play in the rain puddles. I suggest you bring a towel when you come to this park just in case. People and dogs are friendly. Park is clean. And an extra star goes to the trees for the shade. Gotta love that!

2travelingdogs's picture
great oasis in Tampa

Ample room to roam, shade, plenty of water, nice dogs and people.
Brickle and Digby loved it!
www. 2travelingdogs.com

WelovedoggyParks's picture
I Bring My Black lab

I Bring My Black lab mx/,Sharpay Mx/, And Jack Russel mx/ Here ALL The time scence Last Year Not once Had i Experinced Any Problems! Its a Verry LARGE Grassy Area With Baths For doggys To Take, 2 Dog Water Fountins.3 Sandy Areas.Trees!!!Many Trees!A Area In The Back with Trees And leaves All Over the ground And Back There Its SUPER Shady.Picic Tables Like seven 2 benches a Trick area a Waiting Area For Time outs Cut Grass Trashy cans and Poop Bags All Over The Park!!!!Its VERRY ENJOYABLE!!!This is The place to go.

just gin's picture
lost dog

A lost male pit bull puppy was dropped off at the West Dog Park today. He looks to be about 5 months old. He wasplaced in the "holding pen" until animal services could come and get him. found in the vicinity of Manhatten Ave. around leto High School. Friendly, but flea ridden. Hope somebody finds him!

Kelly Reilly's picture
best you will find

a big dog park usaly alot of big dogs i take my two dogs there never had a problem

Reddogbravo's picture
Best in Town

West Dog park has to be the best in Town as anywhere you will get pet owners who disagree but i find these to be people who dont know the diffrence between playing and aggresion and get upset when dogs get vocal (growl) while ther playing. its not like they can make any other sounds and does not always signal aggression but excitment or trying to get attention. Great people and most pick up after there dogs. but remeber if you dont see them go... and the park is big.

kporter14's picture

We bring our 1 year old lab to this park every weekend. He loves the tubs of water and for the most part the other dog owners are very responsible and the dogs are very friendly. This is a great park and I highly recommend it!

Visitor's picture
Could be much better

I started taking my dog to this park in Nov 2009, and have been there every weekend since. I have visited several other dog parks and like this one best. There are currently two issues though. The first one is the number of dig holes which could result in a dog breaking its leg if it stepped in one while running. The second is there are some people there who don't clean up after their dog(s). The rest is covered in the other reviews.

lulu's picture
Best Park In Tampa for Dogs

Ive taken my dogs to all the parks and beaches in tampa, and in my opinion this is the best one. There is tons of room for the dogs to run around. and lots of trees and shaded areas with benches. great for ownersof dogs to keep out of the sun. It is REALLY busy during the weekends, but on weekdays its really nice. people are always friendly for the most part. and most pick up after their dogs. my lab-retriever loves jumping in the tubs of water. ive been going to this park for about 5 years and it winter when we have a cold front its so nice.
and like the last person wrote also my dog LOVES playing in the giant puddle/pond that forms after a heavy rain storm.

max-the yelab's picture
great paw park

I went there couple days ago and my lab along with the other dogs just had fun on the puddle of water created after many rainfall. the grass is well maintained and the people are friendly and nice. it get packed on weekends and on peak hours. really great park.

Visitor's picture
Loved it!

Yesterday was our first visit and we will definately be back. The place was well maintained and everyone picked up after their dogs. Who ever designe dthe park did a great job. There are shaded areas as well as places for us humans to sit and chat. I highly recommend this dog park to those looking for someplace to take their buddies.

marjannethmax's picture
awesome dog park

the dog park is very well maintained by the county people and its volunteers. most of the regulars are welcoming. good thing about this park is that there is always somebody even on the weekdays so your dog can also have another dog to play with. nice place with nice people and great dogs

Visitor's picture
Nice park with nice people

This park is located besides the baseball fields and children's play ground. The park is divided in a small and large dog area. Both areas have a good size and good maintenance. Fresh water is available in buckets and water pans or even directly out of a fresh water line to cool of your dog or just give them some fun.
The people are friendly and clean up after the dogs.
The small and large dog areas are big enough to help stay away from dogs who might not get along with your dog what really does not happen often. Most of the visitors are regulars and welcome newcomers friendly.

We will definitely come back here and will recommend it to others.