Walter Fuller Dog Park

Walter Fuller
7901 30th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL
Operating Hours:
30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset
Managed By:
City of St. Petersburg
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has drinking fountains and fire hydrants for the dogs, as well as a separate area for small dogs, benches, picnic tables, and shade.

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cwexy's picture
Walter Fuller is fine!

Nice discovery! Located in a suburban area adjacent to baseball fields, the park features a deprecate small dog area, large area for all sizes, lots of shade trees. There are also plenty of benches, and even a few picnic tables. There are also multiple trash cans and biodegradable bags provided, and bonus! The regulars utilize them - this is a lovely clean park! Special for boy dogs, there are some randomly placed fire hydrants and posts!

boosowner's picture
Aggressive Bloodhound

I went there on 3/04/2013 and there was a big aggressive bloodhound starting fights with multiple dogs. Owner did not do anything about it nor did he come forward when asked who's dog it was. Rules need to be enforced more!

justme9786's picture
Great Park - Except at 530p during the week!

I absolutely love this park. It's really big, tons of friendly dogs and owners, right next to the lake, big dog side and small dog side. However, even though I really enjoy taking my dog there, I will NOT take her at about 5:00-6:00pm during the week days. There is an owner who brings a NASTY dog into the dog park. This dog has attacked my dog and other dogs NUMEROUS times. The owner allows the dog to sit on top of the picnic table and one time when her dog attacked my dog (my dog was only 6mos at the time) her response was "my dog just doesn't like your dog" and didn't do ANYTHING. I responded saying "well I don't like you, doesn't mean I'm going to come slap you in the face" and just walked away. Since my dog has gotten bigger I have tried coming back, but that dog is still very very very mean. It attacks almost all the dogs there and they have to sit in a "special" area. This owner SHOULD NOT bring this dog to the dog park. It ruins it for people like me.

The Stumbaughs's picture
Colton thinks it's FAB!

We bring our Catahoula here all the time. He plays frisbee with the other large breed dogs. Everyone is very friendly and respectful. The dogs there are well behaved. I recommend taking your dog there! Great place to exercise your dog and let them make new local friends!

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thank you so much i went to

thank you so much i went to baywalk dog park and a little dog got attacked next to my pup and it died.

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I have taken my Victorian Bulldog to this park quite a few times. I noticed there seems to be people who bring their aggessive dogs there. Well I guess my dog was a target today bc she was attacked by a Shepard mix who is a rescue dog. This woman had absolutely NO CONTROL over her animal! I will NEVER go back to this park again!