Walsingham Dog Park

Us Beagles are pretty active and I met lots of friends here who could keep up with me
I made some nice friends here
12615 102nd Ave
Largo, FL 33778
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Pinellas County
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This dog park has a separate small dog area and drinking water.

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SheldonBeagle's picture
Its fun here

Could use more shade in the dog play areas and agree with the comments about Clique but I don't go to socialize with the owners I go to socialize my dog and am more concerned about the owners pets actions towards mine than the owners sitting in the shade visiting.

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Mommas friend lives in Largo so we went to visit her and went to this dog park. We loved it. Very clean. Very friendly owners who made sure they kept the park clean.
It was so pretty here that we wish we lived in Largo. Great pets here and the sections are fenced off by size of dogs.

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Walsingham is a Good Park

Like any dog park, it's all about the owners being responsible and no matter where you go, some are and some aren't. One person mentions a poodle owner who ignored his dogs aggressive behaviors--you are RIGHT and he has been banned by the Seminole police. The majority of times I have been there with my dog have been great. I have gone for 3+ years. I have gone to another section of the park if one section seemed aggressive...it's great to have 3 sections...one small and too sections for all dogs. Yes, sometimes, you will meet rude people, like anywhere in life. I have made great friends there, my dog has had fun there...great park, supported by the Seminole police and Sheriffs. People come and regulate regularly and take calls seriously. It's good to have a team in my corner, making this a great place to bring our beloved pets!

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Irresponsible, clique-type owners

I second the review above, and add that this is also a very unfriendly group of owners, and the park is full of pit bulls that ARE aggressive. This is the second park that my dog has been bitten by a pit bull. Boca Ciega was the first. The people here are RUDE. The owners of 2 collies that bark incessantly are particularly the instigators it seems. More like a soap opera there than a dog park, and the dogs take on the negative vibes of all the owners. Do yourself a favor. The only park worth going to is Enterprise. Laid back owners and good dogs - and almost no pit bulls. Tells you something doesn't it?

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Better Park

Its a much better park and better maintained then boca ciega millenium park, at least the people there are capable of reading and understanding the signs, small dogs this side, large dogs that side.

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Large areas for both small & large dogs

When I travel to Florida to visit we frequently come here. Very big enclosures for large & small dogs. Fresh water hoses & cement "bowls" sunken into the ground. Never had a problem in the small dog area, which is quite simply huge for small dogs. I have seen a few issues in the large dog enclosure though. I definitely wouldn't take my 25 lb pup into the large dog area.

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Irresponsible owners. Loads

Irresponsible owners. Loads of unaltered males AND females. Witnessed 6 fights in about 20 min, one between two pitbulls. The pitbulls were not at fault for the behavior, it was the owner of one of them 100%. I would never take a child in this dog park as it's unsafe. Witnessed a standard poodle bite a small maltese repeatedly as teh poodle's owner sat on his cell phone and simply stated, he thinks she's a squirrel. The maltese owner had to hold her dog and the poodle still attempted to bite it repeatedly. These are the "regulars" who are there every evening. Other times of the day may be better but the evening time is horrendous and full of uneducated irresponsibel owners. My dog was also chased around and bitten, the other owner blamed my dog for "not being ready", and continued to allow his dog to chase and bite my dog, she has never had a problem at any other dog park. The regulars are not particulalry welcoming of newcomers. Very odd place to be.