Picnic Island Beach Dog Park

Picnic Island 3
7404 Picnic Island Blvd
Tampa, FL 33616
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
City of Tampa
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

Fenced, and has drinking water, rinse area, shade, benches, and allows for dog swimming.

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SheldonBeagle's picture
Not a favorite

Not taking the leash off here. The fence is not a way to keep a fast running dog from escaping.
Feces all in the sand and owners ignoring it.
Been three times until we found the other parks online and every time it is more of a party zone for the owners ignoring the dogs. Plenty of alcohol consumption going on.
So if your one who wants to go to a dirty beach to party and let your dog run rampant this is the place for you.
If you want a clean dog park don't go here. It is GAG zone.

hanrof's picture
great place for dog to socialize

This is a great park/beach. There's a drinking fountain for your dog, which is also next to a little rinse off station. There's plenty of trashcans with waste bags for added convenience. There's fencing around and goes a little into the water. The only thing I don't care for is the cigarette butts and I found a piece of glass today..which isn't really anyone's fault except the lazy people that can't walk 10 feet to a trashcan...

ToddA's picture
Hi there! The park is really

Hi there! The park is really amazing. I moved to City of Tampa 3 years ago and didn't know much about this place. Accidentally a friend of mine told me about the park and since I've been wondering around the park every weekend. I'm very grateful to those who organized it. Well done!

V and Sam's picture
We like it!

I have been bringing my dog here for the past 3 years and have never had a bad experience. I've never noticed it being trashed nor have I ever seen any dead fish. I have never had problems with overly aggressive dogs or nasty owners (we have actually made a lot of friends out there). The park is fenced off on all sides and has plenty of room for everyone to run and play, and when I say plenty of space, I mean my Sam is 245 lbs and has never had trouble maneuvering his big butt around. My only complaint about this park is that it is to far from where I live and I can't take Sam as often as I would like! I definitely recommend this dog beach, so If you happen to come out and see a giant gold moose trotting around make sure to stop and say hi :)

demarcost's picture
Great Dog Beach

UPDATE 5/20/2012 - Due to my most recent trip here I MUST advise all owners to use caution regarding the far side of the park, particularly at low tide. The tide was low enough that the fence only extended into the water a couple feet. One of my dogs escaped the fenced in area by simply swimming around the fence, and my smaller (17 lb) dog who hates water found a place to slip under the fence. Both dogs were caught without incident but again, caution is recommended, especially if your dog is a runner or does not always come when called.

I have been to Picnic Island Dog Beach 3 times so far this year. To clear up a few of the older reviews, the park does have a dog area fenced in on all sides, and it even goes a little ways into the water. It also has an area with shelters, picnic tables, and grills as well as a boat ramp. Dogs must be leashed while outside of the designated dog area. My dog absolutely loves this dog park, especially romping around in the water. I have never experienced any aggressive dogs, and for the most part the owners pick up after their pets and it is very clean. The water is very shallow and people often go in as well (bring water shoes, it is quite rocky) I usually bring a picnic lunch and after a couple hours on the dog beach I leash my dog and we move over to the shelter area for lunch. The only bad experience I had here was when I arrived and a large family had brought a portable bbq grill and was having a picnic and grilling on the dog beach. There are signs clearly posted at the entrance indicating that no food is allowed on the dog beach. Fortunately this has only happened once, and based on my other trips I see no indication that this is a normal thing. I would go here much more often if it was closer to my home!

Fisherman's picture
Nice dog park/Keep them there

I am an avid dog lover and think this park has done a great job with my tax payer money to build a safe and enjoyable area for dogs. However, I fish in the areas BEYOND the dog park and have noticed a large amount of people are just ignoring the No Dogs On Beach signs beyond the dog park and are walking there unleashed dogs(and no pooper scooper bags with them)throughout the whole beach. I fish here regularly and have watched large dogs with their owners poop right on the beach where I am fishing and stepping! Today I asked a woman if she read the signs after her dog was jumping and biting at my fish on my stringer and she swore at me and told me to mind my own business. I admit I lost my cool and it got ugly. Needless to say I have been reporting this situation to the Parks Department. PLEASE respect others and the law and stay within the dog park.

Jenny C's picture

I don't know where these great reviews came from but this park is trashed. My husband and I were so excited to bring our lab mix there and when we arrived I was so disappointed. The water was stagnant, people were fishing with lines and hooks where the dogs would swim! There was trash all over it... In theory it could be awesome because it is fenced in but the city really would have to step up and maintain it...

Jenny C's picture
Fun, laid back

Able to get in water with your dog-bring water shoes. Partially fenced-water one side, bushes opposite, fence on other two sides. Hose to rinse dogs.

boxerlover1's picture
Love This Bach

This is a great dog beach. Lots of dogs on the weekends. Plenty of room to run. The water is clean and the area is pretty much poop free.. I bring my boxer here all the time and my 2 yr old. Most people there bring the whole family and make a day out of it. Plenty of room for the kids and pet to play.

megharman's picture
Great Dog Park

They did some renovating earlier this year. The fence on the parking lot side is now fixed and no longer has holes as previously described and they did fence in the other end of the park. Great beach for the dogs to swim and run! The only issues I ever had with the beach: From the '09-'10 winter's extreme (for Florida haha) cold there was an excess of dead fish on the beach, but come summer there was little to none. And one weekend I took my Aussie to swim, there was a group of young adults drinking beer/BBQing and using the dog park area as a boat launch for their boat and jetskis. Obviously extremely dangerous for dogs that are trying to swim and enjoy themselves, especially annoying considering theres a boat launch literally 50 yards outside the fence. Authorities were contacted, but who knows what was really done.

bananas's picture
Pic Island not so bad

Yes Picnic Island is on the lower scale of the most Beautiful beaches in Tampa. But all the beaches in the bay are dirty. The fish you mentioned were from the cold spell. The city did put in a fence on the south end of the dog park which does help to confine the dogs inside the park. But there is alot of shade and does provide a large area to excercise your dog. Sorry theres not alot of rich folk here in SOG City {South of Gandy] that feel that our Dog beaches should be run by the Marriot. Be Thankful that the City still even helps fund the parks! Job Well done to the Park Crews that take care of our doggie parks. And remember to clean up after your pet!

Visitor's picture
good dog beach park

The dog needs to be able to follow voice command because the other side of the dog beach is not fenced. But the whole dog beach area is big enough (maybe 3 times the size of davis island dog beach) for the dogs to play and enjoy the water. There are times though the water can be nasty especially after a hard pour from days prior. Its one of those days. Even with that experience I keep me coming back because often times the water is good.

Visitor's picture
Disgusting and unsafe

There is a fence only on one side, and that fence has jagged holes big enough for an adult labrador to get through. The other side of the beach just has a sign that says "dogs must be leashed beyond this point."

There were dead fish washed up all over the beach. There were teenagers drinking beers and starting fires in the grass, so we never even let our dog off the beach.

max-the yelab's picture
one of the best dog beach in the tampa area

we went there and it is great to see the dogs having fun in the water, especially that we got there on a high tide. it is well maintained and lots of benches and shade. there is water spigot and a water bowl for thirsty dogs. though it is partially fenced, the back part of the dog beach has tall bushy grass that acts a barrier that keep dogs from going further inland. then there's the boundary post letting you know where the dog beach ends and the main beach begins. it is fairly large area with green grassy area for dogs to play. it could get crowded on weekends.

marjannethmax's picture
great dog beach

I've been there 3 times and I am impressed with the park. Though I like davis island dog beach, I like picnic island dog beach better. A lot better. picnic island dog beach is just partially fenced so make sure your dog follow voice command and well behaved. The main beach park is just a walking distance which is good. Like other beach parks though, dogs are not allowed in the beach in that part of the beach park but you can walk with your dog leashed. Its 2 thumbs up for me.