Paw Playground (at Fort De Soto Park)

3500 Pinellas Bayway
Tierra Verde, FL 33715
Operating Hours:
7am - Dark
Managed By:
Pinellas County
Days Closed:
Christmas and Thanksgiving
$5 day pass
Park Size:
3 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, beach and water access, water spigots, and hoses for washing the dogs down. (Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful pics).

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samL1107's picture
Pitbull Attack - 5/16/14 - Need help locating owner

My 11 year old lab mix was viciously attacked by a large Black Male pitbull just north of the dog beach on Fri evening (we had ventured past the no dogs allowed sign to the quiet area of the beach) a large black pit bull over powered its owner and charged at my dog and attacked until the owner managed to get it off my dog. My dog has injuries to her back leg, she is walking now and will pull through thank God. I need to track this owner down, due to panic & stress of situation, I did not het her contact details. All I know his her name is Ann, she lives in Hyde Park Tampa, her dog attacks other dogs because it was attacked as a puppy, she said she was or is trying to get it trained. If anybody has an idea who this women is, please contact me through this message board. Thank you

blaze's picture
Great Park!!!

This park is the ultimate beach dog park, its clean and has more room for dogs to run than even needed. It has huge fenced in areas, as well as trails and beach area. The owners are great people, the park is very clean. Dogs are allowed off leash in the beach area, there are signs that show you where. Other dogs approach in this area, but hey its a dog park and socialization is a good thing. Over all, you just can get better than this park. Awesome!!!

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please read the dog park rules

It says all dogs not in the fenced area should be on a leash. At all times. Please stop being irresponsible.

serenestarrysky's picture
Pls follow rule

The dog beach is not an off leash place. Read the signs. I should be able to bring my dog there who likes to dig but not have strange dogs running up to him. Please respect other people's space. Not every person wants your dog peeing on their stuff or keeping their dog aggressive dog from having fun.

durrock's picture
The best doggy beach anywere

This is the best doggy beach in the WORLD! there is a huge fenced area for large separate small dog area on the way to the off leash beach right on the Gulf. Everyone is always very friendly and all the dogs absolutly LOVE IT !!!

rocks2010's picture
This is the ONLY place in

This is the ONLY place in Fort De Soto Park where dogs have a dog beach where they are allowed on the beach. And as you can see with this matched set of Weimaraners, they love it!

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One of my most favorite parks

One of my most favorite parks ever. It is really beautiful, nice and clean one. My dog loves it and enjoys it totally!
scrabble cheat

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Great place to take your dog. Lots of room to run and available water source. Access to beach as well!

Jenny C's picture

This is the best dog park in the great state of Florida, hands down. It is obvious that the county took a lot of time in making this a great place for your dog. My dog had a blast and we will definitely visit Paw Playground again soon.

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fun fun fun

My husband and I spent the whole day with our schnauzer in this beach and it was so much fun. The 2 hour drive was worth it. It was very clean and everyone was really friendly. I'm definitely going back soon. Thank you park finder app :)

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For lucky dogs and their owners the perfect paw beach

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Totally Awesome

Paw Playground (at Fort De Soto Park) is a pet paradise. This beautiful beach of clear waters and white sands is the perfect place where your four legged friends can enjoy a magical day. There is nothing more rewarding than see how they play and have fun. And when the day ends and the sunset disappear in the horizon you can look back and say: 'This was an awesome day.'

mooandbeansmommy's picture

Great park, a bit of a drive from Tampa but definitely worth it. My kids are both pretty large and love the huge fenced in area they are free to run around and play in. The beach area is also very nice and well maintained. The humans we've encountered there all seemed very friendly. As with any park there was some poop but if you don't expect to see some you shouldn't have a dog. My entire family highly recommends this park!

Visitor's picture

This is the best dog park I have been to. There is a great small and large dog separation. The dog beach is great too. My dogs do not listen very well but they still had a great time walking the beach and taking a dip in the water. Some owners I found let their dogs run a bit too far out of their sight but that is very few.

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My 1st visit to Fort Desoto

This was our second winter in Auburndale, FL. and we discovered doggy beach in Terra Verde. I had the best time with Maggie our lab retriever.

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Chloe and Crosby's Review

"This park was fantastic because it has the fenced in park and the off leash dog beach.  Dogs just need to be under voice command and the beach is so fun even my obedience challenged dogs had a great time just staying by the water near us.  The views from there are fantastic and families brought their beach chairs, blankets and picnics to the dog beach.  Lots of dogs were lounging in the sun.  Much bigger than any of the dog beaches we've ever been to." -Jen