Paw Park North (at 17th Street Park)

4570 17th Street
Sarasota, FL
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Sarasota County
Days Closed:
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Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area and drinking water.

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Milly463's picture
Rude ppl

Walking in the park you get ppl telling you your dog isn't welcomed. Ppl judge you on how long your there with your dog, how you raised your dog, what food they eat. If your dog gets mounted there and your dog defends itself they will call the cops on you for your dog fighting. I've seen five ppl within two years get the cops called on them cause their dogs defends themselves. The ppl there have clicks and if your not part of one your not welcome. This 17th street paw park is a joke. Never have I had this problem with my dog. It's not the dog it's the rude ppl there.

onelittlelight's picture
mixed feelings

I have mixed feelings about this park. it is BIG, but if your on one end of the park and your dog is on the other you might not see your dog poop or get to your dog fast enough if a fight breaks out. there is a separate small dog section. it bothers me when owners with small dogs don't take advantage of this section. if you have a 3lb dog and I have one over 100lbs even if he didn't mean to hurt the little dog and just ran into him he could really cause damage. I've seen animal control out there a few times about pits/pitmix (seems to be the same couple over and over). really wish people would pick up after their dogs at this park. this park also use to be a landfill.

Jenny C's picture
large grassy areas with shade and tables benches

First visit today, very nice dogs and owners with water hoses and one large plastic pool brought by owner for cooling off, separate small dog areas
Very nice experience

Jenny C's picture
nice size park to run & play

This is one of the largest parks we've seen on our travels. I like that we could really exercise our standard poodle. Too bad more people don't pick up after their dogs, we had to constantly watch where we walked.

Jenny C's picture
tons of play space

This park is huge and various fenced in areas for different sized dogs. Also various watering stations and bags.