Mobbly Bayou Dog Park

Mobbly Bayou
423 Lafayette Blvd.
Oldsmar, FL
Operating Hours:
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City of Oldsmar
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Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, grass, shade, and watering station. The park floods from time to time and the dogs go "swimming" so be sure to bring a towel. The marker on the map is inexact, please let us know if you have been here.

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mssmiley's picture
a great first visit

we went to mobley bayou for the first time today. it had just finished raining, so the park was a little flooded in areas. I had already read that this happens so we had a towel with us. The park is very large , and there was a watering station available. We really enjoyed it, and will be returning again sometime soon. My only complaint would be that the gates to enter the park have not had any gravel or soil replaced and there was a large enough gap for my puppy to crawl right under. Fortunately, I got her before she made it under the 2nd gate.

Jenny C's picture
it's ok for what it is

It's a small park- hardly ever any dogs there. But it's nice for a relaxing afternoon.

lreeves's picture
Nice park

We went there and there weren't too many people there but it was very large area for our dog Max to play. Very clean and friendly people. Definitely going back!

P.S. If you have kids, there is a playground for them to play at!

Visitor's picture

I usually bring my dogs there once or twice a week. It does tend to get really muddy, but what do you expect when it rains? My brothers dog loves the water. Just bring a towel to whipe them clean! But overall its an amazing park for the dogs to just roam free!

crexsmommy's picture
pretty good park

This park is great, my lab and beagle love it. When it rains, the park does flood, and most dogs end up going swimming, so definitely bring a towel (or 2!)

Negative note--sometimes there are dogs that aren't quite the best fit for the park. Also, one of my dogs got worms, which I'm pretty sure came from being at that park. The park itself is great, but sometimes people don't remember their manners and don't pick up after their pups!

Visitor's picture
Shaded area, very few people

Shaded area, very few people go there. Greatest secret in Oldsmar.

Visitor's picture
great park

lots of shaded area. separate fenced area for small and large dogs.

max-the yelab's picture
nice paw park

Went there and it got a lot of shade. it is a good park and well maintained. May not be good to be there after a rain pour as it probably will create a puddle and can get muddy. Some dogs may enjoy it so, do not forget a towel to wipe your dog dry.