Meadowood Dog Park - Zephyrhills

Meet and Greet!
Meadowood Loop and Alston Avenue
Zephyrhills, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Zephyrhills
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, and shade trees.
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Dog Park

This is really a great idea; apart from human being finally we thought about animals and their interest. It is really appreciable that parks for dogs are also available in this city; otherwise it is really tough for dog owners to moving their dogs in streets and gardens.

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There are benches throughout

There are benches throughout and lots of doggy clean up stations (trash cans, bags, etc.) There is even a playground right outside of the dog fences for the kids.

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I agree with you, this park

I agree with you, this park is very nice. I really anjoy it!

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This park is okay.

Went to this park today since it's closer to home than my usual. It is pretty good, it just doesn't quite compare to the dog beach I usually go to. On the plus side it does have a good amount of shade and benches (most of which, conveniently, are placed to have at least partial shade). Unfortunately the majority of the dogs we met here today were very low energy dogs content to just sit on the ground next to their elderly owners. My dog still seemed to enjoy the socialization, but it wasn't until the end of our visit when a young lab came in that he was able to work of some excess energy.

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very good information

very good information

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this park is amazing.i love

this park is amazing.i love it very much

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I live in Wesley Chapel

I am having trouble finding a closer dog this park really worth the drive? i am in Meadow Point

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This park is large with

This park is large with separate areas for larger and smaller dogs. Plenty of room for running and socializing. Water and pick-up bags are supplied. Several benches, and many shade trees. You can bring a folding chair to use on busy days. A very nice, clean, park and you can watch the skydivers from nearby Sky Dive City, Zephyrhills municipal airport.

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Good park

We really enjoy the small dog side. Our little Maltese loves to run and even chases the squirrels. It is relatively well maintained and there is plenty of shade. Better access to water would be nice and more seating would help, but overall a very nice place.

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we moved here from Michigan,we were so happy to find out zephryhills had a dog park! hats off to the city of zephr!! allot people dont have kids and their dogs are the kids haha THANKS

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Best park in the whole county!

I am amazed at the neatness, grooming, and special perks here that give this location the 2 thumbs up award from the Durango Kid; with agreement from Snoopy and Charlie Brown his faithful tag-alongs!

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This is a great park, with

This is a great park, with the exception of the lack of grass. Lot's of room to run and plenty of shade.

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Peaceful Dog Park

My four dogs love this park. It gives them A chance to play without limiting them to space and allows me to relax without worrying that they will run away or get eaten by big dogs. I love how the park is sectioned for small dogs and large dogs. Thank You Zephyrhills! - Crystal, Lakeland Fl -

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Beautiful Dog Park

My Siberian Husky loved this park! This is one of the larger ones I have been to. There are benches throughout and lots of doggy clean up stations (trash cans, bags, etc.) There is even a playground right outside of the dog fences for the kids. Lots of trees = shade :)

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Paw Park

My two Labs (Sky & Storm) L.O.V.E. your park. It is a chance for them to run off some energy and then have a good sleep afterwards. Each time we go to your park, we try to go a different route.....but they always seem to know where they are going. THANKS for building this run & play zone for the dogs.

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I love this dog park

I love this dog park. It is so close to my house. The dogs have lots of room to play. Thank you!