Mango Dog Park

11717 Clay Pit Road
Seffner, FL
Operating Hours:
Closes at 9pm
Days Closed:
Wednesday until noon
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a drinking fountains, shade structures, tables, and a doggy rinse station (no separate small dog area). Friends of Mango Dog Park are a local community based group that support this dog park.

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Jimmi's picture
Really Nice

This is a small Dog Park, actually classified as a Dog Run, with no separation between large and small dogs. This park is very big. Get safety flooring company UK from

One4debate's picture
Mango Dog PArk

Took our two yr old lab here this afternoon, since he goes to camp 3 or 4 times a month he is very well socialized, loves people and all other dogs, even cats, Once you get through the gate, it;s like walking in a mine field of dog poop, literally you cannot look 20 ft in any direction without seeing a pile left behind by lazy owners, actually witnessed 3 dogs doing their business while were there ( only stayed 15 minutes) and watched the dog owners just walk away like it was something they were accustomed to doing everywhere, for the following, I do not believe there is anything such as a bad dog, just bad owners, There were two guys there who each had a pit bull, obviously one male and one female, they were trying to breed them, My problem is this, my lab was smelling everywhere, like labs do, being friendly with everyone and every dog in the place, when he approached the pits, immediately they both became very aggressive towards him, the owners had to quickly grab them by the collars to get them of of him, luckily they had not bit him, My wife and I immediately decided to leave this horrendous place before we either were witness to a dog fight or would have had to confront these idiots who think it perfectly ok to take your dog to a dog park to breed them, I will NEVER take my or any other dog to this park, it is unkempt, smelly from dog feces and obviously some people there who have no business at such a place. I personally think it needs to be a manned by a county employee to stay on top of people since some dog owners do not know what responsibility is. Even while leaving, there was a woman taking her boxer in the gate as we exited, I told her, watch out for those two pits, the guys are trying to breed them and they are a bit aggressive, her response, Oh, he will tell them ( her dog). I suppose he is superdog and can single handily take on two pit bulls , again, another fine example of people who do not need to own a dog. In the end, had my dog been hurt, I would not have hesitated to protect him by whatever means necessary, from man or beast..

mich2411's picture
Can be great...

This dog park is walking distance from our house. The first time we went it was later in the day and about 7 dogs were there, with a puppy and small dog in the big dog area. The dogs and owners where nice. When we went earlier one day it was very crowded and our dog had 3 dogs get aggressive with him (snarling, nipping, and relentlessly chasing with hair raised and biting. None of the owners stopped the behavior and a few were on the phone the whole time.) We ended up leaving after being harassed by an elderly man about our dog being a pitbull with a wound on his leg (which was from from a yard escape before we adopted him.) So it depends when you go, we had great days and not so great days...

yanmunoz's picture
Mango Dog Park is Greeeeeat!

This park is great for our little dog, Chomper. All the dogs we've encountered have been friendly and nice. We went a little early in the afternoon and were a bit sad the small dog side had no dogs, but as the sun lowered a bit, more small dogs came and they were all able to play. So if you're looking for dogs to play with, go later in the afternoon. Owners were active with their dogs and were super friendly. The park has little dog pools for them to cool off, water fountains for the dogs, and restrooms for us humans. The park is very spacious and benches are scattered beneath trees. Overall very good park.

Roo's picture
Didn't like this park

I found the park to be very dirty even though bags for waste were available.... droppings were EVERYWHERE. Many of the dogs there were without collars. The owners seemed very nice, but had no interest in picking up after their dog. Perhaps it was the day I was there.... but I am not inclined to return.

Jenny C's picture
large park

The park is very big with some shade. Not very clean. Lots of droppings on the ground.

xoxoetcetera's picture
Great Dog Park!

The owners there are very responsible and friendly. I take my dog to the large dog side and so far she loves everyone! There is an abundance of space for her to run and play and usually a variety of dogs for her to find the right one to play with. I've always been happy to take her and see her enjoy herself. Occasionally fights will break out, it's completely unavoidable, but everyone is quick to control their dogs and even another person's dog if necessary. I talk mostly about the owners because they are almost always able to prevent some of the scenarios that have been described before. At this park almost every owner routinely picks up after their dogs and does everything they can to prevent extreme behavior.
The only note I have to other owners is not to bring food into the park-- for dogs or humans. If there is food, keep it out of the park for your own safety.

Jenny C's picture
Great fun for dogs and dog lovers!

Just took Thandie to the park and the whole family had a blast. This is a HUGE enclosure with lots of room to run. The other pet owners were friendly and helpful in monitoring all the dogs behaviors. Great place to socialize your dog with other dogs and dog lovers!

lunarcanine's picture
Too much sun...

It's a very nice park, well maintained... but there is hardly any shade, so it makes for short visits (we like to stay for 2-3 hours). The times I went there Fritz seemed uninterested in the other dogs... maybe it was when we went. He lives in an apartment and relishes running around and playing on the ground, and I could tell he wanted to go elsewhere. I'm sure it's great if you live in the neighborhood, I just didn't feel it was the best place around for Fritz. 5 stars for upkeep, 1 star for fun.

Bluebully83's picture
Coda's favorite place!

We've been taking our dog Coda to this dog park exclusively, not only because it's closer than most to where we live, but also because of the quality of the park. There seems to be a core group of people who come out on the weekend that are very friendly and their dogs are all well-tempered. The kiddie pools are great for hot days, and the multiple wash stations are convenient. There are three shaded areas with picnic tables and doggie bag stations with trashcans. It basically has all the necessities to make it a good dog park. There was one occasion where an owner strolled up with her two muzzled dogs and took their muzzles off before letting them in to the park, which made absolutely no sense to me. If you have to muzzle your dog at all, you shouldn't bring your dog to a dog park, period. So, as with any public park, there are going to be those owners who have no common sense, but it's been rare at this park. I've never been truly concerned for my dog's safety at this park, and the other owners who frequent the park share the same mindset with keeping this park a clean and responsible atmosphere.

Visitor's picture
refreshing change

I drove from Temple Terrace to try out this dog park. It was the nicest dog park we have been in Tampa. Nice people, Friendly dogs, clean park.

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Nice clean dog park, nice

Nice clean dog park, nice people and friendly dogs!