James Urbanski Dog Park (at Al Lopez Park)

4810 N. Himes Avenue
Tampa, FL
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
City of Tampa
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: Opened in 2001; it is located on the west side of the park. This dog park has a separate small dog area, water spigots, drinking fountains, benches, tables, and trees for shade. (Thank you Jennifer for the pic)
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SheldonBeagle's picture
Very sad

We were happy when we found a dog park close to our house in Carrollwood until we got there. That's not a dog park.
People should not be allowed to drop their dogs off and leave them while they go explore the park.
A park this big should give more space for Dogs and have it fenced off by sizes. With good fences.
We stayed five minutes if that much because a big dog kept jumping on my momma and trying to take her sunglasses off. We wont go back.
We really need a park in this area. Does anyone in the county hear us?

AmberStef's picture
Al Lopez Dog Park

I went there for the first time today because I could not find Logan Gate part. First and last visit. There were at least 4 intact males weighing between 60-90 pounds (Boxers, pits and mastiff mixes). While I was there one of the males peed on 2 people and 4 or 5 dogs.
I warned another person there to be careful he didn't pee on them or their dog and she replied "Yeah, he peed on me the last 2 weekends in a row." (Excuse me????? This is a standard issue?????) The owner of that particular dog had dropped him off and went on a walk around the park. He showed up about 15 minutes after his dog pinned a smaller dog to the ground for several minutes before owner of the pinned dog got him off.
Another out of control mixed breed intact males had one of the collars on with the spike inside the collar running around bullying the other dogs and seemed to have no owner. If your dog needs that kind of collar what the heck is he doing off leash????

3 dogfights broke out in the 20 minutes I was there. During on of the fights the owners were too busy yelling at each other to bother breaking up the fight.
Even the small dog area was full of snarling antisocial dogs. It would not surprise me if half the dogs were just dropped off the park was some sort of daycare so the owners could get a break from these dogs.
Oh, and I was the ONLY person that had ever heard of, or used a poop bag.

Jenny C's picture
not the safest for little dogs but acceptable for med-large bree

The fence located around the little dog area is not anchored very well allowing a small pit bull to slide right under it cause a little bit of commotion. The ground us a mix of sand/grass with lots of shady areas as well as several picnic tables to sit and rest. It us in the back of the park very close to a playground that posed a slight distraction for both the dogs and the tots playing nearby. There were several water spigots but only one bucket, so bring your own.

lunarcanine's picture
Saturday afternoons not the best...

This is the Tampa dog park for the wild bunch... meaning your dog WILL get dirty, and he WILL get a workout. A lot of owners misconstrue playfulness for agressiveness, there's always one person who freaks out when their dog gets knocked to the ground. Just know this is the nature of the dogs who frequent the place. Saturday afternoons are the day the aggressive dogs come out. It's an OK place, but I do agree it can get dirty. It's like bringing a suburban kid to a ghetto Boys Club... you know he's gonna get "picked on" at first, but if he sticks through it he'll lose all timidness. That's a big plus in Fritz's book.

Visitor's picture
Tell it like it is ... it's really awful!

Worst dog park in Tampa - avoid - avoid - avoid!

lulu's picture
not that great

For all the land available at AL LOPEZ PARK they really didn't give much for the dog park, its quite small with few trees. And i agree with what others have said the dog their are Agressive and owner dont even try to control them. it smells really BAD and people don't pick up after their dogs. now when i go, i just walk the trail with my dog, but thats difficult because of all the people jogging/cycling.... its not the best park for dogs.

max-the yelab's picture
below average .... could be better

They should maintain this dog park well. It could get better if people can clean up after their dogs. scoop the poop.

Visitor's picture
Agreed--Aggressive dogs

My dog has also had several dogs try to go after him--we will not be going back there anymore!

marjannethmax's picture
need some improvement

I've been there once and I am not impressed at all. During my visit I told one lady that is my first time in the park she said, "watch your step". As I ventured towards other end of the dog park thats when I knew what she meant. Unlike West dog park and Logan Gate dog park, the poop bags are placed accessibly. Here at Al Lopez dog park the poop bags are placed by the entrance only. Anyway, never been back since. I often go to west park or logan gate.

Visitor's picture
Not that great.

This Park is divided in 2 sections: small and large dogs. The Small dogs area is small and not that well maintained. People don't clean up after their pets and you might find your dog stepping into other poo.
It is located besides the large "Party" place with several shelters to have a party at. The nice thing about this park is that you have the opportunity to walk your dog through an actual Nature trail leading away from the "Party" place.

We will not return but some of you out there might have a different experience.

VeggieJen's picture
Bark in the Park

Every March the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has an event called 'Bark in the Park' here at Al Lopez park in Tampa. This year it will be held on Saturday, March 14th from 8:30am till noon.

A great day to come out and have fun and meet other dog lovers let alone the different booths with treats, clothes, you name it.
Please visit www.firstgiving.com/hstb for more info and to help out the Humane Society of Tampa Bay!

Visitor's picture
Aggressive dogs there

This park is known for having aggressive dogs. My dog was attacked there several times. I do not go there any more. I go to West Park Dog Park every day. There are very few problems with dogs and when there are the dog owners are right there to control their dogs or the leave on their own.