Happy Tails Dog Park - Dunedin

The pond
Top of the knoll
3051 Garrison Road
Dunedin, FL
Operating Hours:
7am- Sunset
Managed By:
City of Dunedin
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Nov 2003. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, drinking fountains, trees, mulch ground cover, and picnic tables.

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Mom to 4 huskies's picture
Why are there small dogs in big dog side

I really like this park. But I have a problem with the small dogs in the big dog park, Myself and two others had to leave the other day cause some inconsiderate small dog owner brought his 2 small dogs in the park. And then had the nerve to tell us to control our dogs. Well listen buddy if your little shits weren't snapping at my dogs face I wouldn't have to control him. My dogs were having a great time running around enjoying the freedom to roam the big area. BUT WE HAD TO LEAVE CAUSE OF LITTLE DOGS!! I'm not a happy camper its not fair and they should be told to not be in there.

mobile_user's picture

This dog park is nothing but a drab, fenced in pen. There has been no thought put into making it a dog friendly design. A worn out dog ramp and dog tube sit in this park, which seems messy and unmaintained. There were waste bags, but no trash can anywhere near the large dog area. I had to walk the feces across the parking lot to throw out. There were dirty resin lawn chairs strewn throughout, as if abandoned. Very disappointed.

Oh either's picture
Large and In Charge

The dog park in Dunedin is fine. Sometimes a bit soggy from rain but overall pretty nice. Only problem is this one guy that is there all the time. He smokes a cigar, he is a tall rough looking guy and over bearing and real loud. He shouts at everyone telling them to pick up their dogs pooh or where they should walk their dog . He is constantly monitoring everyone and their dogs. He has self appointed himself the dog park sheriff. Kind of like the Barney Phife of Happy Trails. I think he actually lives there since he is always present. It is somewhat pathetic and I am sure he has retired from some low management job and uses his time at the dog park to excercise his will over others. It is very annoying and off putting. He makes it a very unpleasant place to be and I try to avoid him at every turn. Unfortunately, he is so aggressive at times he just does not take the hint you are avoiding him. If you go to this park, avoid this guy like the plague. You will know him as soon as you see him. I think his name is Bob...but just keep your ears open for a big loudmouth with a cigar and run,run,run.

shoucate's picture
My dogs favorite park

I have been to many of the dog parks in the area. I always come back to this one. If your dog loves to chase balls like mine he will enjoy the open field. Small and large dogs have their own separate areas. Bags are provided and most people are good about picking up after their dog. There are tables and benches available in the shade. Also you will find friendly people there. During the summer months it does get rained out, but the park people do fence off the flooded areas. If your dog will do anything to get to the water you can't stop them, however. I suggest going to another park during that time of year.

jasonshawn2005's picture
Never Again!

We were spefically looking for a dog park with an agility course, as stated, perhaps this park was in some state of overhaul, but we didn't see anything. No matter, the area for the small dogs was so overgrown, it looked dangerous! Despite some Florida rain, the stagnant run-off water making the whole place soggy was disgusting. This is not a nice place nor a "great dog park"...back to our good ol' stand-by John Chestnut Park.

Visitor's picture
great dawg perk

nice place