Enterprise Dog Park

Joe and Jade
Kiya and Midnight
Enterprise Road
(near Hwy 19)
Clearwater, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Clearwater
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1+ acres (agility section) and 3 acres (looped path)
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Nov 2009. This dog park is said to have a rustic feel with natural plants and trees. It also has a looping path, benches, drinking water, a rinse area, and an agility course in a second section (no separate small dog area). This dog park was approved in 2007 and cost $400,000 and was made possible by state grants and city impact fees.

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mobile_user's picture
Fantastic Dog Park!!!

My dog loved this park! It's a great dog park with off leash nature trails and has water stations throughout.

Mary Ellen's picture
wish there was separate spot for small dogs

I love everything about this park except the fact that there is no place for small dogs. I take my min pins in the smaller area but people still can bring their bigger dogs in there. That spot should be for smaller dogs only. Even though your dog may be friendly they can still hurt a small dog by just playing. Other that that, it is a great park,very clean and pleasant for humans too. I noticed that others complained about this too, hopefully somebody will be able to correct this problem.

leoandtitan's picture

My wife and I went to this dog park today. We were a little unconfortable with all the dogs in one big pen not having 2 seperate ones (big and little) I have to say not one problem and what a great park lots of walking to do and every other dog was so well manered and the people as well.

TobyDog's picture
A bit disappointing.

This dog park is so close to my home but I am a bit disappointed in it. There is no fence run separating small dogs and big dogs. The wooded areas leave too much for my dog to get into a not come out for hours as he is just learning how to be off leash. Will return but not as often as I would if there were dedicated small and big dog fenced areas with out all the shrubbery!

Jenny C's picture
love this park!

I took my dachshund Rylee to play here and we had such a great time. The property is beautifully landscaped and the agility course was lots of fun. I can't wait to go back!

kameyer's picture
enterprise dog park near Clearwater

This is the first review I have ever written. We came to Florida with our 2 small terriers and visited about 6 dog parks in St Pete / Clearwater area. Enterprise was the BEST dog park I have ever visited. The ONLY drawback it that it is the only dog park where all sizes run together. PLEASE don't let this discourage you from trying it out. This place is a large nature trail. My dogs have never been happier. It is so big and wooded that you have to keep a close eye on your dog or you can lose sight of them. Trees, plants, bridges, benches, watering station, trails (covered in gravel or ground shells?) that are not muddy. Off trails can be a little muddy after a rain. It is a NICE walk in the park, off leash. There is a wide open area where dogs can run full tilt. There is a fun little agility course in a separate fenced off area. you can go in there and shut the gate so the big dogs can't wander over without their owners. We went on a Sunday afternoon in January on a nice day and the parking lot was overflowing. Weekdays is fine. I liked it so much that we won't go to any other park while we are in Clearwater. It is located about 2-3 miles north of Gulf-To-Bay road just off Rt 19. Our GPS took us to the wrong place (behind KMart). My Iphone took me to the same wrong place. I must have had the address wrong. We had a HARD time finding it. The map at this web site is correct. Pass Dimmit Auto Sales, Pass Chile's Restaurant, then Enterprise Rd is the next right. The park is about a block down on the right.

CoriLeigh's picture
This park is awesome.

This park is great. There are very few people and dogs who cause problems and it is always clean.

deborah l's picture
wish there were more

This park is with in walking distance from my home, and it's a good thing that I can walk because the parking is always packed. It gets pretty crowded on evenings and weekends but the dogs seem to love it. It shows how much Clearwater citizens think of their dogs, and that many more parks such as this are needed. When there are places for the dogs to explore and challenges for them, they spend less time challenging each other and fewer altercations....this is good. This park has it all.

eddie e's picture
what a great park

what a great park even better since fence was put around muddy pond >> my dogs love this park >> hats off to the people who are resposable for the park >> love the new fence

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This park is nice and clean.

This park is nice and clean. The people are friendly and as are their dogs. there's lots of space.

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My dog loves this park

My dog loves this park