Doggie Days Dog Park (at Crest Lake Park)

Scout and owner soaking up the sun.
210 South Glenwood Ave
at Lake Dr. and Gulf-to-Bay
Clearwater, FL
Operating Hours:
6am - 11pm
Managed By:
City of Clearwater
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.75 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has four separate areas (I assume one is for small dogs), benches, lots of shade trees, and water spigots. This park also features a topiary of a St. Bernard, art work, and retired fire hydrants.

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person who had pit bull dog attack

To the person who posted about a pit bull attack. We had a similar incident. Did you ever get any information on the pit bull that attacked your dog?

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our home away from home dog park

Our 2 schnauzers live this park. We play in the all dogs area, and it is big, has benches and shade, a lovely view if the lake and water is provided. The other dogs and owners gave always been welcoming and friendly.

One thing I really like is they have bins in each of the four fenced parks and on the approaches where guests can deposit their plastic bags - reduce, reuse, recycle! That being said , I'd estimate 10% of the owners don't pick up after their dogs. It's still a pretty clean park, and big - just watch you step in the corners!

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When is the pug wkend ?

When is the pug wkend ?

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Nice park

This is within walking distance to our house and has longer hours than some other parks. Our dog always has a good time here.

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Crest Lake Dog Park,

Crest Lake Dog Park, Clearwater, FL
This park is very nice and for the past 2 years we have loved taking our three dogs. Everyone is so friendly. It seems everyone helps to look-out for each other. They have 4 separate parks; each designated for certain sized dogs. We use the 40 lbs. and under and rarely have a problem, except when pit-bull owners allow their dog(s) to come into this section. Several owners have larger than 40 lb. dogs in this area, but they are extremely gentle, non-aggressive dogs and their owners constantly monitor their dog(s)to make sure everyone is safe and not at risk of injury.

This past Sunday, Easter, April 4th, 2010, our Basenji (weighs 27 lbs), was attacked by a very large pit-bull. We had been playing in this area for about 40 minutes. All dogs were happy and playing so nicely. Two owners came in with their female pit-bull and the one owner immediately had to restrain it by holding onto her collar and then laying her on her side to try to calm her down. The next second he let her go and she immediately attacked our dog. There was nothing I could do to prevent this. My husband and the owner tried to break them apart; she had her jaw locked on my dog's head. They finally were able to separate them. At first, it appeared our dog only had a cut on his cheek and neck...not much blood at all. We were very shaken up and were quickly trying to get a hold of our other two dogs and didn't have the clear state of mind to ask for their identification, dog/shot records, etc. So many of the pet owners came to our aid; complained to these owners that they never should have been in this dog park or any dog park with such an aggressive dog. The owners stated they had this dog for over a year and she never showed aggression such as this; which I find very hard to believe. Anyway, these owners left and we have no recourse.

Our dog did suffer severe injuries which we noticed within minutes of getting him home. Both injuries swelled and soon began to bleed very badly. The vet said he was in shock (as were we). He needed surgery and several stitches and drainage tubes. He will be scarred for life, both physically and emotionally. I am sorry to say we will never go to this dog park or any other dog park again, for constant fear of irresponsible pet owners and their large, aggressive dogs. We tried to file a police report but could not because we have no idea who these owners were. If anyone has any information about this incident and can help to identify these owners, I would greatly appreciate you submitting the information to this website. Thank you very much!

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Love this park!

I frequent this park often and my puppy loves it! Better than most parks I've been to throughout the state. I always have someone to talk to (maybe because I initiate the conversation) but that's not really the reason my puppy and I go to this park. We're there to have plenty of room to play and run around with my dog. He has learned lots of doggie etiquette at this park in the past 2 months. Parking is great and there are dog-related events posted on the gates. The "all dogs" area doesn't have that much grass-cover. If you have a small dog, you are in luck. That area is large and has plenty of shade. All areas have watering fountains, retired fire hydrants, and benches for owners.

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Dog Park

Try Happy Trails dog park off Keene Rd,take Keene to Solon, then it's right behind the Dunedin High School.. Nice park, nice people.2 area's, fenced in one for small dog's one for larger. Water spigots available, a small pool, and doggie bags provided.

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i just wanted to say that i just moved here to Clearwater Florida and i am very disappointed in the people at this dog park, not only are they stuck up they bring their dogs to the park and don't even let them act like dogs, i mean the dogs are there to run around interact with other dogs and yeah they are gonna get crazy! And yes keep an eye on your pet at all times especially when your in the non-aggressive large breed dogs!!!! I brought my dog in there after I went to the over 35 pound part because to be honest not only was my dog bored but I was bored! Anyway back to the large breed non-aggressive part, uhhhh my dog was attacked not only 1 time but 2 times by the greyhounds!!!!

Anyway, I would like to find a dog park that has a little more relaxed crowd! not the peeps that form a circle in the middle of the under 35 pound part!

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Wonderful park!

It now has FOUR areas... a large area for rougher, big dogs... a small dog area, a medium dog area mostly frequented by senior dogs, and a 4th area where Greyhounds often gather. Most of the regulars are delightful. There is, however, no hose available, so if your dog gets dirty (and the grass cover in the large park is very poor) you can't rinse him before you leave. That said there is ample drinking water for the dogs. The greatest risk is how close Gulf to Bay is, so be very aware of the gates. It is double gated, but a careless person could let a dog out by accident to almost certain death on this six lane highway.  The homeless who frequent Crest Lake park are not a bother at all, and the entire park is gorgeous. Enjoy a walk with your dog around the lake, then a romp at the dog park!