Davis Islands Dog Beach

Bingley loved the sand.
1002 Severn Street
Tampa, FL 33606
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
City of Tampa
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has two separate areas: one dry area and one beach area with 200 ft of waterfront. These parks have water spigot to get drinking water and for rinsing and full fencing, as well as some shade and benches. Dog Park Community Site.

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Sand Fleas

So let me preface this review by saying that I love the new dog beach. It is a big improvement. So why is my review so low? Sand fleas! I got bit up on my ankles and lower legs. My dog had bites all over his belly! Something has to be done!

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Park closed temporarily

Closed until December 1,2013 for remodeling.

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Davis Islands Pet Care

Friends of Davis Islands Dog Parks is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving and maintaining the Davis Islands Dog Parks, keeping them clean and safe for all users.

Love this new organization. we are noticing great improvements at the parks!

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Beautiful day

It was a beautiful day so Momz called up my furriend Sparky and her momz Terisa and we all went over to explore the Davis Islands Dog Park in Tampa, FL. This was the day after Gasparilla when the entire City of Tampa dresses up like pirates. There’s parades and floats and lots of pirate swag everywhere.

There’s actually two separate dog parks here…there’s a 1 acre dry area and a 1 1/2 acre beachfront…Both parks are fenced to keep us safe, and have doggie drinking fountains, poo bags and even some benches for the hoomins. What the momz liked best is that there’s a dog bath area so they could wash off all the sand and salt and funky smells we’d picked up.

There were lots dogs there…big and small and all different breeds. Some were playing ball, some were swimming and some just exploring all the wonderful smells, and everyone had good manners so we all got along fine. Sparky and I covered every inch of the beach, making sure we didn’t miss a sniff. We even found some pirate treasure…shiny beads that our Momz let us wear to show we were pirates too!

We played on the beach till we were dog-tired, then *shudder* we had our baths. Sparks & I thought we would head home then, but the momz had something else in mind…geocaching! Less than a mile away is Seaplane Basin Park and guess what…there’s an off-leash dog park there too, and it has a geocache called “Enjoy the View” hidden there (for my geodog pals it’s GC3DQ9G). Oh dog, we forget how tired we were. Sparks & I were ready for the hunt. We walked along the waterfront path to the cache & all started hunting…well, till Sparky got sidetracked by some lizards…she’s a born lizards hunter. The momz found the cache and signed the log (Momz put my pawprint on it for me of course) and now, really tired, we all headed back to the car for the ride home.

This was a great day for everyone. Momz says to tell you that everything is well-maintained by the City of Tampa, and that we will be going back there often.

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Four PAWS UPand a Full Body Wag!

GizmoGeodog and I had a PAWsome day at Davis Island Dog beach with our moms! If only people could get along like all the pups did - there were all shapes, sizes,varieties, and social standings of pups, and we all were having a GREAT time TOGETHER! Mom really liked the fact that our beach was fenced on 3 sides, with water on the other, so that she felt safe letting me run off leash. There was shade and picnic tables and even fresh water for both us and our moms to drink! Mom liked the bathing area - me? Not so much (although, it did feel good to get the salt water off before we had an hour drive back home!). For those who don't like water and sand, the dog park is just across the parking lot - complete with port-o-let for mom!

One thing to watch out for, as this is a water area, is the things that wash ashore - namely glass (Mom picked up what she could as we walked along and said if everyone would help a bit, it would be a safer place for us all!). We were here the day after Gasparilla Pirate Fest, so, we found beads and other goodies! Another is the occasional "oops!" that some parents forgot to pick up - mainly in the grass area. That was kinda sad because there are plenty of bags dispensers and trash cans.

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Great dog park

Herald loves this dog park. He has a lot of friends here. We have met a lot of nice people. The only draw back is, not everyone picks up their dogs poo, some owners don't see them poo. Everyone is considerate of their pets. Their are very few bad pet owners. I do wish there were more shade tress and benches. But other then that this is our favorite park.

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love this place :)

I want my dog so bad to spend all day swimming but he's slowly getting used to the water

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I was very disappointed in this dog park. After so many decent reviews here, we decided to check it out while vacationing in Tampa. Our 6 pound puppy loves dog parks and loves playing with any size dog that will play with her. The dogs were very aggressive towards her while she was just out exploring on her own. I was very unhappy about this. The owner did control her dog, which was helpful, but than we had to leave because our puppy was crying and so scared. In addition to this, there was poop EVERYWHERE. There are plenty of signs and bags in order to pick up after your dog but no one does. As a previous reviewer noted, you have no idea which dog has their shots and I did not appreciate the fact that there was a chance my dog could have been exposed to something because lazy owners refused to clean up after their dog. I expected more and was really let down. I will never be back here again.

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Davis Island Dog Park

This park is a very nice location to bring your dog(s). I have been going for many years, and it is rare that I witness any aggression with the dogs. There is a photographer that goes there regularly and takes awesome photos for you. The website is www.davisislanddogpark.com and proceeds go to help the Humane Society. I highly recommend the park.

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intact females/males

Just an overall tip for any doogie park/beach enthusiasts,if your dog is intact your dog may not display any aggressive behavior but intact male/female dogs display dominant behavior that can and will trigger a fight! Dogs know if your pup is intact or not!! I strongly suggest that intact male and females should not be socialized with any strange dogs. Please take the proper precautions and introduce your pups properly to avoid any fights and keep the environment safe.

Also careful with doggie poop landmines, since it is not know whether that particular dogs had their shots any parasite can be transmissible via poop. Your pup just by sniffing it, stepping on it (later licking their paws), or even getting morsel of it can catch whatever the other dog may have. That is why this is important to pick up your dogs poop.

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not impressed

I expected much more from this park. What I found : holes dug out by other dogs large enough to loose my chihuahua. Not so friendly dogs that day, we wont be back.

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Bad pitbull owners

I took my boxer puppy (17 months ) to the park for the first time today. I read the review about irresponsible owners and still wanted to give it a go. I walked on to the beach with my dog on the leash as we became acclimated to the other pooches. With in 30 seconds of being there a car pulls up with two pit bulls, the unleash the dogs at the gate, and my dog still on the leash is immediately attacked. I yelled for the owner to come get his dog as I tried my best to keep me and my puppy from getting injured. The owner of the pit never said a word, and never put his dog in control. I decide to leave immediately after this and his dog attacks again as I was trying to exit. Multiple of the dog owners came to see if we were okay, but not the pit owner who continued with his aggressive dogs down the beach and out of control. I do not blame the breed, but I do blame this very bad owner! Something needs to be done!

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good Job

What your husband did was in his rights if a dog owner allows his dog to carry on with aggresive behavior and lets it attack my dog unfortunatly the dogs gonna know it real fast. i luckily have a beautiful big Ridgeback mix that is gentle as can be but will put an agrresive dog in has place rather quickly. Shepard attacked pitbull puppy that was just trying to play Coddie came out of nowhere and tackled him away. Good Boy. I dont worry about my Cockapoo or boxer pup with him around.

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Aggressive Breed

Sorry but there is no Agressive breeds just poor owners who do not proparly socialize there dogs. there are aggressive dogs but its not by birth.

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Go at your own (dog's) risk

There are good people at this dog park and beach. There are also incredibly bad pet owners with a sense of entitlement at this park. My dog was attacked by two dogs (single owner) who refused to give me any sort of contact information. My dog had a couple of bite wounds and was bleeding not that the other dog owner cared or even looked. I asked repeatedly for a phone number and he just flat out refused. He probably regretted telling me his name was Bruce Olsen. To top it off, his 300 pound friend who showed up after the fact got in the mix got in my face and told me I could leave.
Apparently if your dog gets bit it's your fault for going there.

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I love taking my dogs here, I

I love taking my dogs here, I have a Shepard-Rott Mix and a 2lb Chihuahua. I see alot of people complain about the aggressive breeds such as the pits but the dogs are not mean they are unsocialized! I too have had a run in with a pit and had to get him away from my dog bc the owner was scared to take control of thier own dog. Like any dog park thier will be conflicting personalties. This dog park is my favorite, but you as an owner should not blame others but be a parent to your dog and be more aware of your surroundings. If I see there is an aggressive breed I get my dogs and leave. Sooner or later the owner will realize ppl leave because of that dog. its a great dog park and some days are funner than others but I will not let one dog keep me from taking my dogs to play! PPl will be ppl and you are not going to change them....the only loss is your doggies not getting to play!

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Great Beach for DOGS

I love this beach for my two dogs. Great area, ample space and fenced, even into the water. Drawbacks though are the gate system is NOT latched. Not sure why they don't do this simple fix. We haven't had any problems, except last saturday, someone was shooting off a ball with a very loud contraption which scared my dogs horribly. Also, have to watch the dogs from not hurting themselves on the rocks. Overall though, we would visit over and over again.

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another great day at the beach

Had another great day here. There were a few HIGH energy dogs there but no big problems. As I read through some of the post on this page. Its a DOG park, what are you expecting a 5 star resort. I have a 3 yr old boxer and a 2 yr old son, that I bring to the park with me. Yes there is some debris (glass and oyster shells) but its nothing too horrid. Yes some days there are some unruly dogs but they are never there for long. Its nothing to call in the national guard about. I haven't had any problems. I sit on a log and play with my dog as do all the other people there.

Not everyone picks up there poop.

Its a park with some benches, sitting logs, water and sand. What does a dog need to have fun. I think its more than enough for a dog. If your dog is a princess then its probably not the place for he/she to run.

There is a lot of un-neutered / non-spayed dogs. My boxer is not spayed and I have no aggression issues. Just don't bring them there when they are in heat. As for other dogs mounting, its a dogs nature to do so. Its a form of showing dominance or being submissive. You can't control it. And if I must add, People talk about the aggressive dogs at the park, well most people are the reason for it. When your tense then your dog is tense. NOT a good combo.

I know you are probable reading this and thinking she has no idea what shes talking about. I have been working and training dogs for years now. I havnt had any problems. So please stop being so judgmental. This park is great and so are most of the people who frequent there. If you have a problem with the davis island dog beach then maybe you should look into indoor play ground at a facility where you have to pay to play, davis island is free so you get what you pay for. Dont expect it to be top-notch when its free.

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Davis island dog beach / park

This dog beach is great. Its in a neat location. Not only does your pet get to romp around on the beach but while sitting there you can watch the ships come and go as well as the planes land and take off. This beach is very clean for a dog park. I had no problems with other dogs. Everyone was friendly. This is a must go to kind of place.

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Great Park!

I am so glad I did not listen to the negative comments I read this morning and tried the dog park. I have two 9 mo. old yellow labs and they had a blast. The park was NOT full of poop or trash, there were only nice, friendly dogs and people there and we all (kids and dogs) had a blast. Either there was a major clean up since those posts were made or there are some very picky people out there!

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Ok Dog Beach... Poor Owners Frequent

Honestly the place is pretty run down, less than "fit" dog owners frequent here, and when it comes to aggressive dog encounters I've always heard Davis mentioned. As previously mentioned it is unfortunately common to see owners sitting on the picnic tables at the end of the beach, completely oblivious to what their dog is doing. We had an aggressive dog encounter here. A man came in with an aggressive pitbull (not the pit's fault just his bad owner) that was running around nipping at other dogs and dog owners and the owner found this to be absolutely hilarious. It finally got to the point where the pit full on bit another dog, my dog (Australian Shepherd) tried to intervene and he turned and bit her. My husband literally had to pick up the dog and put it in a headlock to get him off of the other dogs. Of course the dog owner was furious that my husband was handling his dog like that, but all of the other owners in the park threatened to call the cops if he and the pit did not leave the park.

Honestly, If you are looking for a decent dog beach in Tampa you are better off going to Picnic Island: Same type of dog beach, much cleaner and better people.

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Unneutered Dogs

I am very sorry that your dog was attacked. There should be a rule against bringing unneutered dogs to the park. It is usually not the unneutered dog that is aggressive, but there are some breeds that will respond negatively to any unneutered animal. Also, it is never a good idea to bring an unneutered puppy to the park. Rules state that all dogs should be at least 6 mths old.

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if anyone can help me find

if anyone can help me find more out the information about the owners...please email me. thanks.

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Incident today...

We never have a problem at the beach or any other dog park. I have two golden retrievers, one is still a puppy and the other is six years old. Unfortunately today, my dog was aggressively attacked today by another dog. The owners of the other dogs for warned me that their dog did not like other dogs that were not neutered, as we were getting out of the dog. So as a precaution, I keep my dog on a leash, but the older couple did not restrict their dog by any means. the other dog came after my dog and biting and puncturing the skin around my dogs neck and ear. I was completely in shock, my older dog tried to break off the fight, but the attacking dogs owner had to forcefully pull him off. If it does any good, I am going to fill a police report. I am tired of owners negligence, if you have a aggressive dog then keep it on a leash and away from other dogs. Other people and dogs should not have to suffer at the expense of a bad owner.

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First time today!!

Ooo-wee this dog park is GHETTO!
I have been reading the reviews of Davis Islands†Dog Park for a while now, and as with any public facility, the reviews contained both good and bad opinions. I should have paid attention to the fact that the bad out number the good. Not being one to conform to the masses, I decided to make my own decision. You have to drive through a posh neighborhood to get there, so one would think that the end result would be just as visually acceptable. It is a beach and I tried not to be too judgmental about the way it looked. It had more dirt/sand and rocks than grass and it doesn†t look like it is professionally maintained†¦ buy hey, it†s a dog park and they are there to have fun. Other reviews are dead on when they claim that there is poop everywhere. I carried my dog in (13lbs) so that I can see how other dogs, and owners, behaved before I let him loose. Within the 1st 8 minutes I witnessed several dogs pooping and not one owner picking it up. We were ignored at first and then a larger dog came over to say hi. He greeted us with a growl and then followed us as I walked away. I could not tell where his owners were because no one reacted to us being followed. I waited until this dog and his owners left before I let my dog down to investigate. My instincts were telling me to leave, but I went against them. I would say that out of about 12 dogs, only 3 owners kept a close eye on their pooch (including myself). My dog was having a great time exploring and saying hi to some friendly faces. One family came in and their dog pooped almost immediately. The owner cleaned up after her dog; the only one that I saw do this. Then one man came in with 2 dogs and let them have their way. They were running and playing on one side of the park while he was on the other. Everywhere my dog went, I followed him. He then got comfortable and started running top speed by himself. One of the two unsupervised dogs attacked my dog as he was running. From a distance, the owner said no, but did not move from his spot. I noticed my dog was hurt and limping and decided then to leave. I was the only one that showed concern about what just happened. Perhaps I overreacted and should have considered that my dog has 3 other good legs that he can use. Or maybe 13lb dogs don†t have the same rights as larger dogs and should be left in the house to chew on furniture in methods that match their boredom. The bottom line is that this was the WORSE dog park I have ever been to and will not be back. Thank goodness the parking and entry were free; otherwise I would have felt especially bad that I paid to watch my dog get jacked!! Our visit lasted 15 minutes.

Feel free to check the park out for yourselves. Listen to your instincts and be sure to watch your pet and others. People who lack class and control will have children who lack class and control, and today I saw that it also applies to dogs. I do not see how this park received 4 out of 5 stars!!

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My Dog Loves Davis Island!

I live really close to davis island & Ive been taking my dog here since i go him 5 years ago, hes a lab so he loves to swim..i try to go once a week, Every time i go the water is a different color, sometimes its clean and sometimes its murky, I dont think itsanything harmful that gets in the water from the work they do acroos the channel,(just different sands for making bricks/concrete i think).I always shampoo him before leaving.The park itself is quite clean. ive never had any problems with other dogs being aggressive.

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DOG ATTACK, please read! LOOK OUT!

Saturday March 13, 2010 at around 1pm my husky was attacked TWICE by an abused male pit bull mix that was white and dark brown in color. The owner was there with a girl and another guy who had 2 German shepherds who were smaller in build (one mostly black and one partly black and partly brown). Further descriptions below.

The owner claimed that his dog was attacked by a husky when it was a puppy and this excused his dog's actions as he smacked his dog repeatedly in the face.
His dog came up to mine growled and lunged. The owner casually walked over and pulled him off. Then after a few seconds of smacking it, he let it go again and it went right up to my husky a second time and lunged. Everyone around us immediately requested that he leave, though he stood there just saying that his dog was "OK, he's OK." Other owners immediately left the area and pulled their dogs away from this pit bull mix. Needless to say this goof didn't even apologize or offer his information should my dog get to the vet and have complications as a result of the incident.

The owner was around 6 foot tall, big arms, beer belly, shaggy-curly brown hair, around 30 years old. Grey t-shirt.

He had a girl with him that was short (5 foot 4 inches), with brown hair a little past her shoulders in a pony tail. Bright yellow shirt and blue jeans.

His buddy had the 2 German shepherds (he was actually nice enough to help us check out our dog for blood) had neatly cut brown hair, short, with product in it, medium-slim but fit build with a black t-shirt. Apparently he is a dog trainer, yet he was smacking the dog too! One Sheppard was mostly black and the other was mix black and brown.

If you have ANY information on this incident (whether you saw it happen, know of or know personally this irresponsible owner) PLEASE contact me. [email protected]

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Great park, but lock your car!

My son and I took our dog to this park for the first time today and had a great time. All of the dogs seemed to be very well behaved, and we honestly didn't see any trash or glass to speak of.

We learned 2 valuable lessons in the time we were there:

1. If you're going to bring toys for your dog(s), try to stick with tennis balls. Any other type of throw toy seems to send some of the other dogs into a tizzy, and they end up fighting for the "new" toy.

2. Lock your car! We were parked right up front. Lots of people and dogs around. Broad daylight. Someone stole my purse out of my car. An honest Davis Islands resident called in the early evening to let me know his son had found some of my credit cards, driver license, membership cards, etc. on the side of the road about a mile from the park. Much more still missing and likely gone forever. Thugs casing the dog park... hard to believe! Watch your valuables!

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It is very rare to find a dog park in most areas let alone a beach dog park (specially one that is fenced in). My greyhounds had a fun time running on the sand. They enjoyed it and I would recommend it to greyhound owners who want to let their dogs run on sand for FUN this time.:0)

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great park

there is poop . . . it is a dog park and some people don't clean up after their dogs. Don't let the negative comments keep you from going.
No the view isn't pretty . . . do dogs really care about the view? No there isn't much shade . . . wear sunscreen and a hat.
Yes there is some trash lying around . . . pick it up.
My dog loves the beach and the non-beach fenced park. Give it a try.

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Very nice

We went today and there were very few dogs there-probably because it was so cold. I can see where people can get a little warm and sunbaked in the summer-there didn't appear to be any shade. We had a good time-my dog is approx 24 pounds and she played with the 85 lb lab that was there. There appeared to also be a shortage of seating areas as well but all in all we thought it was great!

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room for improvement

I love what Davis Islands Dog Park could be ... but there needs to be a ton more accountability on some dog owners parts. Half of the time we come, we wind up confronting another owner who just lets their dog(s) bully other dogs and people to no end ... yes, they are all there for fun, but it's important to remember that not every dog is as well behaved as the owner thinks. It's all about the play time and interaction you are getting with your dog, as well as great socialization with other WELL BEHAVED dogs.

Seriously Important Note: wear tennis shoes, or something fully enclosed ... because there are irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their pet, you will get poop on your feet. If there are dogs with worms - they thrive in the sand after they shed them in the poop. Protect yourself and your dogs as best as you can, and make sure you are current on shots, wormers, and don't bring a sickly dog in ...

That said, DIDP could add a little more shade, and maybe expand the sandy beach a little further down. On hot days it gets very congested and the rocky areas could cause injury to a dog ripping through going for his ball or just running like a banshee.

The dry side of the park (separate gated area) is nice if your dog isn't a swimmer, or if you come to the park with children who cannot swim to safety if they accidentally wander into the channel. Less people come to this area - so it may be good for smaller or timid dogs who are just getting a feel for a dog park.

The park could use some additional benches too.

I like that there is a hose off area too. The channel water is horribly smelly at times, and lord knows what's in it. So it's best to rinse the "kids" off before hopping in the car for the ride home. Even if they don't get wet, the probably stepped in something that won't smell to nice ... so even just a rinse of paws is a good thing to have. Remember too ... the channel is salt water ... so don't let them drink it or there will be plenty of vomit on the ride home.

If everyone does their part, and obeys ALL of the park rules and common dog park etiquette, it's a great place to go to have a few hours of fun with your family. But if your dog is *constantly* barking at everything - it is not social and needs more one on one training before coming to a social place - if your dog is not healthy (no shots or actually sick - worms, icky poop, etc) don't bring him - if your dog does not respond to verbal commands don't bring him - it is not a free for all, it's exercise and socialization, you shouldn't be sitting at a bench not minding your dog ... would you not mind your child at a playground?? It's the same thing!!

So for those of you who berated the "whiners" I have a feeling you are the owners who need to take a bit more accountability for YOUR actions and be a more responsible dog owner.

For the rest of you ... it's one of only two parks in the city where are dogs can get the chance to swim. I have retrievers who NEED the water - be the best and most responsible owner you can be and if you need to gang up on the bad owners with other good responsible owners, go ahead and evict them from the park! I've seen it done before, and I would NOT be ashamed to make it happen again.

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First time visiting the beach

My dog LOVED it! It was NOT trashed...don't get me wrong there were a few pieces of trash here and there, but nothing that you wouldn't find at a normal beach. All the dogs were friendly and all the people were friendly as well. It was obvious that everyone there cared very much for their dogs and I can't tell you how much fun it was for my dog.

There were water hoses so that you could wash your dog afterwards (good idea!) and there was a big water bowl for all the dogs. Also, it was low tide and there were a few rocks, but not too many.

The "dry" dog park was tons of fun too! Lots of places for humans to sit and watch their dogs have tons of fun and easy access to water for the furries :D.

Overall I give my experience a 10 out of 10! Seriously, you HAVE to try it! You will have so much fun!

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Davis Island

Davis island is GREAT, my dog Loves it. Yes there is some dog poop on the grassy area of the beach, but that's going to happen, and its like that at all dog parks in TAMPA...Its not really about us its about the dogs we love and being free to run around, mingle with other dogs and swim makes them HAPPY..i take my dog here at least once a week, people are always friendly.

I've also taken my dog to HONEYMOON ISLAND beach a few times and its a beautiful beach. Unfortunately you are required to keep your dog leashed there at all times, even in the ocean, which is difficult. its not fenced at all, and its a long walk from the parking lot to the actual beach itself and in the heat it tires out my dog before he even gets to swim so its not a beach i like for my dog.

Ive never seen any glass on the beach but the further you walk down the beach away from the entrance it does get very rocky and in the water there are sharp rocks and broken shells. i AGREE with what some of you have said, it could be better and cleaner, and the view isn't great, there's a lot of industrial stuff across the water, hopefully the water isn't being polluted by it, but who's to know..I always make sure to rinse off my dog well after.

Visitor's picture

Yes, the area is COMPLETELY fenced in. You will from time to time have some rowdy dogs, but most of then just don't know their size. As for the glass, I have seen some from time to time and I pick it up BEFORE my dog has a chance to cut himself on it. It is a nice play for dogs of all sizes to play and have fun. Bring soap to wash the salt water off ur pup before you leave (helps with the car smell).

Visitor's picture

Please see above a few posts.
Anyone have any information for me on the fencing?

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clean it up

Yes, clearly this place is a great idea so why are people wasting their time complaining... clearly if people enjoy what the beach is supposed to be for.. THE LOVE OF OUR ANIMALS then lets set up a once a month event where everyone thats concerned comes out and cleans. The area is not that big and yes it is annoying to clean up other peoples messes... but this place has fabulous potential and we all love our animals and place for them to be free... so why not make it better. Sometimes complaining your way through life is unfortunate, take a better approach and make it better for yourself and everyone around you. Plus your pup will be happier and safer right?!

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Clean UP

How about instead of everyone complaining how much trash there is, do your part and pick up some trash, don't just leave it there!!! You clean up after your dog, now clean up after yourself...If you see trash, take the extra 15 seconds, pick it up, and throw it away. This way little by little, things will get cleaner!

Visitor's picture

I've got a dog who would probably take off if given the chance. He does great at a fenced in dog park, and it sounds like this is fenced enough that there is no "escape" route for them. Is that correct? Normally, at the beach I have to leave him on the leash so he can't really play in the water. I'd love to be able to let him off leash at the water. Is this a place I can do that?

Visitor's picture

There is glass, some of it is buried or dull. Back in November of 2008 my dog sliced open is back left pad during low tide, we aren't sure if it was from the glass or some oyster bed (as there are also tons of oyster shells that wash up on the beach). We started going back only at high tide and have yet to have another incident. If i could find another beach/water park that was closer then ft. desoto and isn't next to a causeway then I would definitely go there instead of Davis Island. Be careful, watch your dogs, and go during high tide is my only advice.

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Never been, still on the fence.

I read the reviews and while I'm not concerned with the trash or poop, the broken glass part bothers me. Is this really a major issue? Also, I have a pug. She's not prissy, but she's very high energy and I don't want problems with other big dogs. Do there tend to be more big dogs than small dogs there? Is there a separate area for big and small or all in one?

Visitor's picture

I wish I wouldn't have let the negative comments I've seen about this park keep me from checking it out for so long. Now we go regularly. There's some trash, but then if you've ever been to a beach you know there's a lot of junk floating around in the oceans. And like many other beaches, there are garbage cans provided where you can actually get rid of any trash you encounter after you pick it up.

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good enough

the last time we went there it was fine. though the area seem small but works for me. the dogs have fun and enjoyed being there, what will i complain about. haven't seen any glass but not sure this recently. we were there last winter.

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We go there often, and I

We go there often, and I agree, it is dirty (lots of poop) but is used by people from all over the county, not just Davis Islands residents! It's sure not fancy, but is a fenced dog beach (the few other dog-friendly beaches in this area are not fenced) used mostly by big, rowdy water-dogs. We are thankful for it, and go when it is not crowded

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Nice Park

I was surprised by all the negative comments. It is a DOG park, doesnt need to be anything fancy. My two dogs loved the place just fine and there are picnic tables for the owners to sit at. There is a rinsing area as well as baggies to pick up accidents. Works for me!

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WHAT A DUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This place has potential but was very disapointing to me!! SO MUCH DOG CRAP!!! No excuse for this..There are 3 stations with bags! I was appalled that the people of Davis Island allow this!! This was the most disgusting dog park I have ever been too. It has nothing to do with the construction. If people were better dog owners and took reponsibility for picking up their poop, this place could actually be good. I refuse to ever go back!!SHAME ON YOURSELVES DAVIS ISLANDS!!!!

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Stop shedding tears you bunch of bad dog owners. There is construction going on & will for some time to come, big deal. Dont bring little muffins to the park if you cant handle some sun & fun...and maybe a little debris. BOO HOO

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Just Visited

We visited the park today with our chocolate lab and I was sorely disappointed. The beach was dirty (lots of trash), I did spot some glass on the beach but our pup didn't encounter any. The view is dreadful..and the beach is small. Plus, I didn't care much for the construction vehicles going back and forth behind us.

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I've heard that there is glass or other sharp objects and the dogs feet often get hurt because of this. Is this true?

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Awesome dog park. Lots of other dogs and lots of fun. My dog enjoyed himself very much!