Crescent Lake Dog Park

Crescent Lake Dog Park 1/26/13
1320 5th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL
Operating Hours:
30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset
Managed By:
City of St. Petersburg
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This park has drinking fountains and fire hydrants for the dogs.
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Too Crowded for our liking.

The park itself is nice enough but the evening we were there was too crowded. One of the dogs was overly aggressive and the dog's owner kept having to restrain him. We've been to many dog parks but this was the first time we felt overwelmed. Our dogs were somewhat intimated as well and it wasn't just the aggressive dog. There was just too much going on. We left and enjoyed a quiet walk around the lake. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and the weather was perfect which probably made the park more crowded than it usually is.

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2/5 when occupied, 4/5 if empty

The park itself is beautiful, the dog area is alright. Nothing special. There are enough benches to sit on while you're there, there's a watering station, some grass-some mulch/dirt areas, and a spigot to hose your dog off before leaving in the fenced in area. All of this was alright.

There were problems while I was there today, 1/26/13. There was a man who showed up with 4 medium sized dogs (1 was very calm and lazy, and laid near the bench the entire time, 1 was a white/yellow Husky, the other 2 I couldn't identify) to the park. 2 of his dogs were unruly and both kept trying to hump my dog, to which the older man would very slowly walk toward, and in a very calm voice just say "no", until his dog was deterred. All of this is no problem until my dog (honestly among the sweetest dogs you'll meet, and very passive and non-aggressive) gets fed up and starts to growl at this mans dog. That was one issue. Keep an eye out for this guy. Again, shows up with 4 medium sized, all different breed dogs. He was ~50, white, washed out jeans, "TB" hat on. He cannot/will not control his animals.

The other issue was a youngish woman with her two mixed breed-but mostly Pointer dogs. She said multiple times to another couple at the park that her dogs were very nice, and playful, and non aggressive. The smaller, more distinctly Pointer dog was chasing my dog down and biting near his neck, and his back feet, while her other white, Pointer mix "bobo", was humping mine.

Maybe these people have nice dogs, who get along with other dogs well, or maybe people who frequent this park cannot handle their pets. I'd only recommend going to this park if you're prepared to confront strangers about their pets.

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Cresent Lake Dog Park is our favorite!!!

My 4 dogs, yes FOUR, and I are regulars at several local dog parks. As time goes on we have regarded Cresent Lake as our favorite in the area. It is a spotless clean park conveniently located on a lake inhabited by ducks, geese and other foul make it an always interesting adventure for my four legged friends. The off leash area has fresh water, plenty of trees for shade and is not SO big to intimidate my little ones, all under 12lbs. Other dog owners we've met have been respectful and nice also coming to the park for the wellbeing and socialization of their own dogs. We have seen from time to time problems with dogs fighting in the large dog area. We have never seen this in the small dog area so it has never been a problem for us. Overall for location, cleanliness and interesting foul on and near the lake. We have to rate Cresent Lake Dog Park as our #1!!

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Crest Lake Dog Park, Clearwater, FL

Crest Lake Dog Park in Clearwater, not at this dog park.

This past Sunday, Easter, April 3rd, 2010, our Basenji, was attacked by a very large pit-bull. Two owners came in with their female pit-bull and the one owner immediately had to restrain it by holding onto her collar and then laying her on her side to try to calm her down. The next second he let her go and she immediately attacked our dog. There was nothing I could do to prevent this. My husband and the owner tried to break them apart; she had her jaw locked on my dog. They finally were able to separate them. We were very shaken up and were quicky trying to get ahold of our other two dogs and didn't have the clear state of mind to ask for their identification, dog/shot records, etc. So many of the pet owners came to our aid; complained to these owners that they never should have been in this dog park or any dog park with such an aggressive dog. The owners stated they had this dog for over a year and she never showed agression such as this; which I find very hard to believe. Our dog did suffer severe injuries which we noticed within minutes of getting him home. Both injuries swelled and soon began to bleed very badly. The vet said he was in shock (as were we). He needed surgery and several stitches and drainage tubes. He will be scarred for life, both physically and emotionally. We tried to file a police report but could not because we have no idea who these owners were. If anyone has any information about this incident and can help to identify these owners, I would greatly appreciate you submitting the information to this website. Thank you very much!