Boca Ciega Millennium Dog Park

12410 74th Ave.
Old Oakhurst Rd
Seminole, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Pinellas County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park is mostly grass. It has a separate small dog area, benches, rinse station, drinking water, some agility equipment, and shade trees.

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Zaruis's picture
No More

Dog park is unattended, last 3 times I've been there people let there big and med-big dogs in the small dog side, today was the last time I let my small dog get bowled over and drug around, going back to Walsingham Doggy Park at least there know the difference between small dogs and big dogs and are capable of reading the signs plus the park is maintained better.

JaketheGerman's picture
Dog Park

This dog park is the unfriendliest one I have been to. The people here are neurotic and cliquish. Very unfriendly. On one side (little dogs) they sit in lawn chairs in a circle and don't allow anyone else to play with their dogs. They view anyone as an intruder. The big dog side is a little better. Used to go there often but had so many issues with the people there. Gossiping and being trouble makers. It's like a mini soap opera there. I wouldn't recommended to anyone. The facility is ok. But the people make it unbearable. Thumbs WAY down.

Jeryl Orsino's picture
Visiting from NJ

The park itself is very well taken care of. But there is a clique of older people all sitting in a circle on their chairs who are unfriendly and rude. Very disappointing. I said hello and most of them ignored me. If you are friendly and looking to meet other dog owners while your dog has a great time. Find another park.

jasonshawn2005's picture

A little far for us to travel, but worth the trip. Very well manicured park, shady places for the humans, and the water bowls have drain holes so the water never sits! Definetly recommend taking bug spray, the mosquitoes and no-seeums are hungry! Large running areas, clean, friendly...just a really great day!

chickadee1379's picture
Love it

This park has great shade trees and a doggy cooling/cleaning station with a hose. It also has a mini agility area with jumps and a tunnel. It has shaded benches and there always seems to be constant stream of people coming and going. My dogs love it.