Rotary Centennial Dog Park

Watching the squirrels
10375 Sandlor Street off Landover Blvd
Spring Hill, FL
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
Hernando County
Days Closed:
Yes, a parking fee of $3 cash
Park Size:
8 acres (1.5 acres large dog, 1.5 small dog, 0.5 service dog, 0.5 open)
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in 2008-9. This dog park has a separate small dog area, shade, benches, and drinking water.  This dog park is supported by Spring Hill Central Rotary Club.

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Peter Raymond Gomez's picture
stereo typing dogs

I love the park. Reminds me of back home on Long Island. Large fenced in off leash area as well as a large , more exploratory, on leash area. The big dog side was slow. There was this one big mean looking dog. I stress LOOKING, he was far from mean. Looked like a pit-bull mastiff mix. Anyhow an older gentleman made a comment about this particular dog named snickers, while he was in-between gates to come in. He then turn around, never entering and obviously not observing the dog at all. Judging the animal souly on looks and stereotype. He never stayed long enough to see him playing with a little girl that was 1/2 his size, nor did he stay long enough to notice snickers fence playing with the tiny dogs along the fence. You would think people
Who come to a dog park would be more excepting and not stereotype. Other than that, i love this park. It was my 8yr old pit-mix dog rocky first time since we left ny and my new dog pen-pen's first time ever.

CEB0827's picture
Great Park

Love this park, every time we're in the Spring Hill area we stop here to let the dog play. Fresh water is readily available. People are generally nice. There are separate small & large dog areas AND a third area for either very small dogs or dogs who aren't well socialized but need their exercise too. All in all a great park.

WoofWoof's picture
Doggone depressing

I really hate that this is the only dog park in Spring Hill close to me. The running areas are fenced in, however they are covered mostly in sand. The people are extremely rude, and I have witnessed two HUMAN fights during the multiple visits I've made.

No one watches their own dog, and worries more about MY dog pooping and whether or not I clean it up. Very disappointed. Not worth the trip.

Dolly Bell's picture
great park!

This park is NOT closed. Very well maintained. Lots of shade. Water available. $1 to park but worth every penny.

amazingpotato's picture
run, Beau, run...

run, Beau, run...