Scott Complex Dog Park

Summit Blvd
Pensacola, FL
Operating Hours:
6am - 9pm (if lit)
Managed By:
City of Pensacola
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, as well as trees, benches, tables, and water fountains.

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therobbo91's picture
I was really on the fence...

about this park after reading the reviews, and almost didn't take my dog at all. I'm so glad I did. We spent 2 hours playing there today. She is still a puppy and the big dogs were a little rough, though she did find another puppy her size to play with. I didn't see any aggression while I was there. Took her into the small dog area and everyone in there was very well behaved, there were a few dogs that wanted to be left alone and most others respected that. Most of the owners were very attentive to what their dogs were doing - one bulldog kept trying to hump everything and his owner followed him around to prevent it and apologized. Some owner picked up my dog without asking permission, but aside from that stupidity everything went great. Keep a good eye on your dog and things will probably go well. Don't let one bad dog or owner ruin it.

EDIT 05/07/13: Since my last post I have gone to this park many times, but I will not be going back. One, because a better park has opened closer to my house. Two, because it is a crapshoot what kind of owners will show up. Sometimes there are very responsible people who are great. Other times there are owners who bring dogs that are too young, don't have their shots, are aggressive, and so on. Just ignorant people. My 4-month-old puppy was attacked by a pit bull who rolled her over and bit her stomach, drawing blood and making us take a trip to the vet. The other owner pulled his dog off but never apologized or offered to pay the vet bills. Now my dog is still getting over her fear of dogs larger than her. Too many people come in and read or talk on the phone and ignore what their dogs are doing. Most of this park is sand and the dogs get wet and nasty. Changed my rating.

vanceabb's picture
nice park but the owners need to be more responsible

hate to agree with all the complaints but when my dog was tired and clearly not playing these two other dogs would not leave her alone, i was putting my self in between them and having to push the other dogs away. i've got bad shoulders and back plus this shouldn't be my job. this kept up for about half an hour eventually i just left. if my dog was clearly bothering another i would stop her. otherwise ok park with a lot of trees. plus this one guys puppy was teething or something and was bleeding out of its mouth the while time.

Jenny C's picture

Good park clean

newton79's picture
Take the time to educate and communicate! :)

I have been going to this park for several years and in doing so, I have gotten to know Bear and his owner, Don. Bear is not at all aggressive. I'm sure at the time this was posted Bear was just a young pup full of energy. He is still fully of energy but has matured more with respecting other dogs space. Not once have I seen Bear get into a confrontation with another dog.

I think people forget that when they take their dogs to a dog park...A dog interacting with unfamiliar dog/s may react differently than when with a dog they are familiar with. That there can be lots of personalities, hormones and breeds mixed together and in doing so creating a different environment than what a owner is familiar with. Yes sometimes this can end up in a bad situation. However most of those times its due to a human over reacting, not understanding dog communication or not taking the correct actions.

Sometimes lost in communication comes from those whom are new to the park. I know there have been times where people expectations are set before coming into the park. Everyone has their point of view of what “proper” behavior consists of. If you think another dog is acting improperly, then take the time to go over to the owner. Most of the dog owners (especially the regulars that come to the park) are more than understanding and will communicate.

So please take the time to research breads and take the time to interact with owners while in the park. You will be surprise with positive results!

mzconner26's picture

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not children are allowed to come to this park...i know another dog park in the area wont allow children under 16.I would love to come and make it a family day for my children "who are very respectful of animals" and our two dogs (basset hound & bluetick hound)

TeriyakiGurl's picture

This is a great park where everyone knows each other and are very friendly. You will eventually be able to know the names of all the dogs that go there because the same group of people are usually there.I prefer this park over all the others. The dog owners at this park are more attentive and responsible of their dog's actions.

I was there that day and of course dogs are going to be 'very,very active' because that's why we are there! drain their energy! It's been in the 20-30's and today was actually decent weather to take them out there. And since when are dogs gentle when they play? That's just how dogs play! They are not hurting each other unless one whimpers! There was no water that day because it has been 20-30's and the water pipes froze. Bear is a very very playful dog. He is not vicious and does not try to harm other dogs. I believe you are over exaggerating. Playful attacks and 6 people leaving because of that? That sounds quite ridiculous. This park is a great place. I have seen numerous people bring their puppies and small dogs in the big dog park area with no problems.

bluemouse's picture
Not a gentle place

Prior to going to this park I read the two other reviews about aggressive anaimals and thought, "It can't be that bad.". Wrong! It is a park with dogs who are predominantly "very, very active" to outright aggressive to dangerous. During my visit there were two pit bulls who kept tackling every dog that came into the park. There also was a Siberian Husky named Bear who, whilst being a beautiful dog was totally out of control. The owner thought he had control over the dog by simply yelling his name, Bear, almost non stop for an hour. Needless to say this was quite annoying. Clearly the dog park cannot be blamed for this but likewise it was abundantly obvious to me that local people know this is where to bring your aggressive dogs. In the one hour I was there owners took 6 different dogs away because they could not tolerate the constant attacks (some playful, some not) of these dogs. The day I was there the water was not working either. So frankly I can see no reason to go to this park unless you are trying to make your dog more agressive and less pleasant.

Visitor's picture
I don't feel this is

I don't feel this is necessarily a reflection on the park. Every dog park is going to have problems with vicious animals occasionally.

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Vicious pit bull mix with ignorant owner--2/17/09

We took our medium sized italian greyhound to the park today, 2/17/09, where we have been many times before. We had no more than walked in the gate, our dog was not even off his leash when a pit bull mix ran over and began growling and trying to bite our dog. I had to hit the dog to get him off my dog and my husband had to put the dog in a choke hold while I picked up our dog. The ignorant owner strolled over casually EVENTUALLY and did nothing more than pick up his vicious dog and walk away--saying NOTHING. No apology, NOTHING. We picked up our scared dog and left--we just wanted to get away from this horrible situation. People like this do not deserve to own an animal.