Navarre Central Bark Dog Park

Dog Park Navarre
8840 High School Blvd
Navarre, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Santa Rosa County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
0.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened March 2010. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, shade structure, and drinking water.

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Lee406's picture
People at the park

So my husband and I have been taken our pit bull terrier to this park, we were there the first day it opened and we even made the news paper picture is now posted. We love this park and has been a wonderful place for us to bring our dog, we haveNEVER EVER had a problem until this morning July 22,2012. This morning a crazy lady started scream at us before we got into the park ( a lady that has played with our dog multiple times before) saying things like " I'll make sure you guys can ever bring that dog here again" all because another person is saying nasty things about dogs that go there. Now that will not stop us from going our dog loves it there and she loves meeting new dog and people and she loves even more seen old friends. She is a ever happy dog and like I said before has never had any problem there.

Karen Gossett's picture
Small dogs

Am looking for other small dogs who go to the park. I have a small male pom who thinks he is a cat who barks. Would like to arrange play dates. Been to the park twice different times and unfortunately we were the only ones there. Does anyone know the best day and time to go? thank you

Emma's picture
Navarre Big Dog Park

I decided to check out this dog park today. I noticed that the reviews were from a while ago, so I wanted to see if there were any changes. I also wanted to see the park for myself. I actually found it very cute, which is different than the reviews I read.

It looks like a nice project in progress. The pavilion is new, with benches and shade, plenty of room to run for my dog, freshly laid and mowed sod with a sprinkler system, a puppy pick up supply of bags, a few trash areas, water for drinking (but I brought our own), and a high fence with double gates to enter and exit the area.

I don't have other parks to compare it to and we have a huge yard at home. But this was a very clean and different place to take our dog to run. I also appreciate that someone is taking such care of this free park. I did post pictures from my cell phone, to give others an idea of what the park looks like.

Thank you Navarre!

dmlaughmillerl's picture
Navarre Dog Park

I agree the parks are very small. I have a bigger fenced in yard. I have been to the dog parks in other places which a dog can chase a ball not at Navarre's picture
Navarre Dog Park...

I was so excited when i heard there was a new dog park in Navarre!... until I went to go and see it... :( this is really typical of everything in the Navarre community... half hearted and not thought out.

the 2 enclosures are smaller than the typical back yard... the trail is pathetic... and the people are not there because it is boring. no tables, pavilions, or open spaces to let a dog just run.

i wish the people who decided to do this (cuz its a GREAT idea) would have taken some notes and done some research... Pensacola Beach Dog Beach is a perfect example of the kind of park we should have in Navarre for the people of this community with dogs. There are ALOT of dog owners in Navarre who need to have a place to take their dogs.

i know they had good intentions but i almost wish they would have waited untill someone who was gonna do it right would have come along... thanks.