Central Bark - Uptown Station

99 Eglin Parkway NE
J G Plaza at Uptown Station
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Uptown Station
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, benches, shade, and some agility equipment. Directions: far right back corner of the shopping center it is a little hidden.

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Savannah's picture
Great pet owners

We took our very shy dog to this place and it was great in the end. All the doggies were very well behaved, and if one was misbehaving, the owner would immediately correct it. It seems that most of this doggies know each other from a long time, because all of them played together pretty well. My dog was the knew shy one and they were very gentle with her, and it seemed as if they were inviting her to play, and little by little she joined the games. The pet owners were very nice and took their time to clean after their dogs. It is a small place, but enough for the doggies to play and run around. The one downside is that the park gets flooded after rainy days.

Jenny C's picture
Good use of unusable space...

But not a great dog park. Visiting family in the area and wanted to get the dog out in a new environment. Essentially this is a glorified retention pond with drainages and culverts that seem a bit dangerous. The flat part of the basin is devoid of grass and can be quite muddy. I approve of the thought and applaud the effort to put in a dog park in an area that is severely lacking in dog parks but a little more thought is needed here.

Jenny C's picture
floods a lot!

They have an awful drainage issue here. Single gate entry, and not very grassy. If it has rained in the last day, don't go! I haven't seen anyone else use this park, I go near lunch time.

ericbrubakken's picture
Someone's idea of a joke

There is not any dog park here. This is nothing but a mall parking lot with a children's playground in the middle. The playground is call 'Uptown Station'.

EDITORS COMMENT: There is a dog park here, it is just hard to find. Directions: far right back corner of the shopping center it is a little hidden.

Ashley.Souto's picture
Central Bark

Central Bark is a great place if you want your dog to get some exercise in the city. They have recently put in 2 new trees.

Its seems to be busiest on week day around 5ish.

All the dogs and pet owners seem very responsible and kind.

A few thing I thnk that would improve this park would be to have a few more trash/doggie bags and more places for people to sit.

Also that some of the other dog parks I have been to there are two gates, that you have to enter through so when you coming or going from the park and you have a dog who likes to escape there is back up protect/saftey for the dog.

If you go looking for this place make sure you look in the far right back corner of the shopping center it cn be a little hidden for the new folks.