Bayview Dog Beach (on Bayou Texar)

Rockwell in Pensacola.
We love this park!!!
20th Ave and Osceola Dr
Pensacola, FL
Operating Hours:
6am - 9pm (if lit)
Managed By:
City of Pensacola (850) 436-5511.
Days Closed:
None, dogs must wear proof of rabies tag
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This allows the dogs water access to Bayou Texar and a sandy beach. This park also has shade, benches, tables, water fountains, and a washing area. This park is supported by Pensacola Dog Owner's Association. This dog park is fenced on land but open at the water.

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teasea's picture
Dog park protocol

I had brought my 2 dogs to this beach for the first time. My dogs love dog beaches and just want to play and have fun with all the other dogs. We had not been there 5 minutes and this little old English bull dog started a fight with my male dog just out of the blue. I always thought you were suppose to leave if your dog starts a fight at least in other states we have lived this is the proper thing to do. Well the owner stayed, I watched him and he put his dog on a leash briefly while I held my dog by his collar, I was waiting for him to leave. Never did. After a couple minutes I saw his dog running around again and thought well my dogs came here to have fun so I let my male run again. It had not been another 3 minutes and his dog attacked mine again and this time it took 2 men to break them up..
I was so angry, I left with my dogs. Why is it that the aggressive one stayed??? Does this usually happen here?

1933alta's picture
The dog park

I have never been there but I would like to. Is it opened now?

Mickymouse's picture
Awesome place

This park is awesome everyone watches their own dogs have had nothing but amazing experiences at this park. My dogs love it here would and have recommended it to many.

MrsKoyote's picture

When will this waterfront park be re-opened? Who is in charge ? Is there any way the community can help to speed up the process?? Possibly volunteer clean up?

chichimama's picture

The massive flooding we had on April 30 caused a lot of damage to Dog Beach area. The other 2 dog park sections (large dog and small dog) are open.

mobile_user's picture

Drove all the way from Navarre to find it closed and padlocked. Adjoining park held hostage by a lady and her 2 aggressive put mixes who attacked my dog in the first 5 seconds. She said they "play rough". Uh no thanks.

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Dog park in Bayview

This park was supper. Our dog had no place to exert his energy or do one of his favorite things, swim. It was a joy to watch him enjoying this park and it's dog beach. Thanks and much appreciation .

yukidd0127's picture
Not too bad

I've been taking my Husky and Black lab mix to this beach since I got stationed here a year ago. It's a decent size and letting the dogs run around in the water is great. I also love the washing station( cause lets face it, wet, salty dog stinks!). Although, last time we were there a big pit bull who wasn't neutered came in and his owner could barely contain him on the leash! About five minutes later he started viciously attacking a small dog and my husky jumped in to defend. I tried to pull them apart and luckily others were there to help (EXCEPT FOR THE PITBULL'S OWNER). A park shouldn't be graded on irresponsible dog owners however,so besides that instance, everything is usually fine there. Please do not bring an unaltered dog into a dog park. It just doesn't work...

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a lot of fun

We brought our pitbull terrier to the park this weekend for the first time. It was a lot of fun and she enjoyed meeting all the other owners. We saw many breeds people would consider "aggressive" getting along just fine. There was only one dog that kept causing issues with other dogs, trying to pick fights. It was a smaller mixed breed dog and it's owner just sat around watching it happen. I watched another big dog poo right in front of me without out anyone around to clean it up. The area is great and the washing station is a great bonus. The only issue I had was some of the owners just sitting while their dog ran around crazy. We stayed with our dog the entire time and made sure she behaved well.

vanceabb's picture
nice washing off station

had a good time with responsible owners when i went, theres also a fenced in 'land' dog park right next to the beach (across the parking lot). beach area was kind of small but was enough for the about of dogs there. lots of benches and some shade. thought the washing off area was cool, had a table that you could put your pooch on and a hose with spray attachment which helped a lot.

Savannah's picture
Dirty and Irresponsable owners

The park area is nice, has a good parking lot and more areas to walk, but the fenced area is a mess. There is doggy poo everywhere and the owners don't care and are just sitting there without paying an eye on their dog. It was Sunday afternoon and a bunch of young adults were just sitting on the bench next to the door having a good chat... Who knows where their dogs were! I bet one of the ones doing poo across the yard, and of course they were to distracted to clean it, or maybe it was the white and black fat annoying dog that was trying to hump on every other dog that he could find. Who knows where the owner was to correct it. We also saw a lady that just let her dog in and she left and sat down outside the fenced area. Another man decided his phone call was more important than being careful when opening the gate. Because of that, he left the inner gate wide open and suddenly all the dogs where confined to that little space. He wouldn't even help to get them out of there, thankfully the other door was well closed, but there is a reason why that buffer zone is there, and meant to be empty. People have to understand that even though they are in an all-dog area, they need to keep an eye on their pets always. That is the responsible thing to do.

mandi's picture
irresponsible owners

This is a great park for dogs as Florida is so anti dogs on beaches. It's a shame that its so small , that's all Florida could spare on the water? Regardless, its great for the dogs, has a washing station and shaded areas. My only big issue is why people would bring their children. There is wayyyyy too many dogs and minimumly supervised activity ( its pretty much impossible to control a pack of crazy pets letting loose) to have young children playing and trying to get involved with the dog play. It's also impossible to monitor your dog when you're caring for a baby, not to mention the probably profound amount of bacteria around! Someone will get bit I'm sure of it. Overall a great place to let your dogs play, just feels like a bit of a liability.

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Be careful at this beach. it

Be careful at this beach. it was a lot of fun until our dog got mauled by another dog....that also got in to two other fights while we were there, and the owner did not apologize until i walked up to her to make sure it was utd on shots. All i have to say is if your dog is aggressive at all, please have the courtesy to not bring them to a dog park.

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Bayview Park

We have gone to this park several times. We have never had any trouble from dogs or owners. The dogs love both areas by the water and the one that is strictly land. We will continue to visit and hopefully never have any of the issues we read in other reviews.

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water dog park

a beautiful place, took my 4 month golden retriever and went inside the gate to the water, there were 3 poodles 2 black and 1 white, the two black dogs came over and started to attack my puppy, so sad left right away, the owners seemed to be not to concerned, will not go back , then i took my puppy to the other park and he had a great time, do not want my puppy to get into a brawl and learn bad habits. again a wonderful place but owners seemed to take charge but not of their dogs again will not go back

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My Chihuahua has been

My Chihuahua has been attacked several times. I called the police and they wouldn't do anything about it.

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Bayview Dog Beach

Great place to let your dog(s) enjoy the beach and play in the water. However, dog park rules are not enforced by the Pensacola Police Dept. Enter at your own risk. Aggressive dogs and dog owners are a threat.

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nice park/ aggressive dog

Dog park is nice, please be careful about the other dogs in the park. There is a lady with an aggressive dog. The dog is a pit mix and she attacked my dog without warning. The owner of the dog did not come forward and check on my dog until approached. When I showed her the cut on my dog that would require emergency vet care, she gave me a fake number. Other that the park is a nice place to give your dog exercise.

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Good place to take your dog. It's very popular w/ a wide mix of small and big dogs. Check the sign at the parking lot b/f you enter to check the bacteria level in the bayou. It is sometimes yucky and you might not want (you or) your dog in the water. It gets very busy on weekends.

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Bayview Dog Park and Beach, best ever!

What a great place for the dogs and owners. Friendly people and dogs. From the largest breeds to the smallest Rat Terrier everyone played nice the five evenings we were there. People do swim with their dogs. Our dog does not like to get into the water. It was no problem, he had a great time running on the beach and the grassy area provided. A shower for both dogs and people is provided to get off the sand and water. Bags for cleaning up after the dogs are also available. I saw one person the entire time that did not clean up after her dog.
There is another dog park across the parking lot for people that would not like their dogs to get into the water. The park is also well maintained, however the people were not as friendly and it appeared they did not pick up behind their dogs like in the beach area. We only visited that park one time. I wish we had a wonderful dog park like Bayview available where we live.

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Love the dogs and park, not the owners.

Wonderful place. First time my boyfirend and I took our two dogs last weekend, they had so much fun we decided to try and make the trip every week. We mostly go to the beach area so they can become more associated with the water. I love it because there's such a variety of dogs there, ranging from full blooded to crazy mixes.

The dogs are mostly all friendly. They'll come right up to you and want to be petted. If you take toys for your dog be prepared to share!

I'd say my biggest issue going would be, not the park, but some of the dog owners. Especially the ladies with the smaller dogs. They can be too protective of them at times. I've seen one lady slap someone else's dog across the nose because it sniffed at her smaller dog, and another lady kick a few dogs because it wanted to play with her Chihuahua or something.

Other than that though, it's a wonderful little place. There's fresh water, a bathing station on the beach part, trash cans, baggies for the inevitable. Smoker friendly. There's cans for you to stick your cigarette butts in. Overall nice people, lovable dogs, clean areas, and a lot of fun.

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Use to be fun for my shepherds, went everyday before the time change. Now it just has a bunch of little spoiled/aggressive lap dogs in the area for larger dogs. I probably won't go back, these people need to socialize their spoiled little dogs....

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Bayview Dog Park

While vacationing in Navarre we needed a place to let our three dogs let off some steam. We found this park on the internet and we were greatly pleased with the facilities. What a great park!! Having water for them to get into to cool off was wonderful as it was hot. The wash off area was a huge bonus! I wish we had a park like this one in Louisiana! Tippy, Cujo and Lexi say thanks for making their vacation fun too!!

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wonderful place!

Our dog, Conan, loved this dog beach! It was his first ever trip to the beach. The dog beach and grounds are very big, nicely fenced in, and there is both shoreline and some grass for the dogs to run around in. We will be back again and again!

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Bayview Dog Park

Bayview Dog Park is a wonderful park for both dogs and people. Our dog, Bella, had a great time running and playing with all the other dogs. The beach area is really nice. Bella ran and played for 2 hours. We were thrilled since she is kind of a scared dog, probably something to do with being abandoned. Since we took her in, we've been working hard to expose her to new things and other dogs. Going to this park really helped her and gave her some new confidence in herself. Only warning, watch where you step, there were a few missed piles.

Renee Lake

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Great Review

Click here for a great review of this dog park with some excellent photos. 

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BayView Dog Park, Pensacola, Florida

BayView Dog park was alot of fun for our 15 month old German Shepard named Jackie.  This is the first time she EVER was so tired she went to bed early.

The park has 3 main parts.  The largest is the fenced in area for dogs over 25 pounds.  It is fenced in and has a few people picnic tables.  There is a bowl and spigot provided for free water.  Next to that area is another fenced in area for dogs under 25 pounds.  There is ample shaded areas and water for dogs.  The other portion of the park is down by the water.  It too is fenced in and there is access to the water. It is a river area.  There are areas to wash the dogs and again ample water.

Bags are provided to clean up all dog messes.

The area was neat, clean and well maintained.  The atmosphere was busy as it was a Sunday.  A good time was had by all who went!

 The date visited was August 3rd, 2008