Ashton Brosnaham Dog Park

10370 Ashton Brosnaham Rd.
Pensacola, FL
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
Escambia County (850) 475-5220
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

County website. This dog park is fully fenced with benches and trees (no shade).  Directions: the dog park is at the end of the paved road in the park on the right side just past the school and the soccer stadium.  It is next to the maintenance storage facility

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rebelfag68's picture
just a fence & benches

This is a lazy dog park. They area is on the north side of the school building. It's just a couple of fenced in areas. NO shade (dont go there in the middle of a sunny day!). Everytime we have tried to go, people that did come, would just let there dogs off leash outside the fenced areas, making our dogs go nuts. We found Beulah not far from here, much better!

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its awesome


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The park is there!

I just drove down there and there is a park. Nobody was there, but it is at the end of the pavement to the right. Two parks, one for 20 pound or less and the other side or real dogs.

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"Take Ashton Brosnaham Road until the pavement ends, look to the right just past the schools.. The dog park is located on the right hand side, just past our stadium soccer field. The fully fenced dog park is right next to our maintenance storage facility." -according to the recreation department

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OK, like the last guy, I found a bunch of soccer fields with signs that stated NO PETS. At the very end was an unfenced field of about 2 to 3 acres w/ ankle + height grass. Well, it was fenced on one side. I guess you could play in this area, but you will not likely find any other dog owners. I might use this space for tracking training.

Jason's picture
Where is it??

Drove there today and only found a ton of soccer fields. 2 main roads there have signs that say animals are prohibited. Very frustrated and maybe blind I guess since there was no area to even walk a dog. Anyone else have any information about this park??