Dr. Phillips Dog Park

Several Picnic tables around perimeter
Dr. Phillips
Dr. Phillips 3
8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd
Orlando, FL
Operating Hours:
open until dusk
Managed By:
Orange County Florida
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, shade, and a rinse station.

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jakedane's picture
rude staff

on my visits to this dog park I have had fare and bad experiences. most recently I witnessed a staff member provoke a young couple to the point where things got ugly. It is one thing to ask someone to leave because their dog isn't getting along with another dog ( its a dog park!! dogs snip!! it wasn't anything any dog owner hasn't been involved in before.) its another thing to yell across a crowded park at the couple. They grabbed their dog and started walking out as the park employee kept on until the the young man lost his cool and returned fire. I have seen this employee before and have never heard a good remark about him. as for the couple I nor any one at the park blames you for what happened.

christie's picture
It's a nice little park!

Not a lot of shade, and the small dog section is a little...small. But it was a really nice park! Lots of room to run, pretty clean, they provide water areas to drink or hose down the dog. I took my dog there today and wrote up something on my blog: http://lifewbeagle.blogspot.com/

Jenny C's picture

My Corgi Napoleon and I love this dog park! Free parking, separate enclosures for big and small dogs, water fountains for people and dogs, hoses, small swimming pools, benches and shade for us parents. I can't say enough great things about this park!

LPage4's picture
Great park

Everyone's very friendly. Dogs are all well behaved no aggression seen in our visit. Park employees are also very friendly overall a great park and expirence. View is excellent across the lake.

Jenny C's picture

We live close by and we take our dog here almost every night. The people are very friendly and so are most of the dogs that are regular visitors. I would definitely recommend this park to anyone in the area!

Jenny C's picture
Nice park

I just moved to Orlando and after a 15 hour car trip my boxer needed some park time. It's a ways back there from where the map shows it but a great park area for dogs and family. I wish it had a doggie swim area but someone was nice enough to at least put kiddy pools out so the dogs can get in some cool water. Not very busy with dogs at 3 on a Tuesday hopefully some more people go later in the evenings.

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great experience

Today I took Leo for the first time to a dog park and decided to take him to Dr Phillip. He really enjoyed the time there. A lot of friendly dogs and their owners were great people. It was just an amazing experience for Leo and us. Definitely coming back.

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Park finder app for iPhone

Hey, if you haven't got it or used it yet don't forget about the dog park finder app for iPhone. I use it pretty much every weekend as I do quite a bit of traveling. Below is the link.

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No leashed dog allowed

Dog park is great, but leashed or unleashed dogs are not allowed within the rest of the community park. See http://apps.ocfl.net/dept/cesrvcs/parks/Amenities.asp?AmenityID=6


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Cant find it

I drove over there today to check it out to bring my dog there and I couldnt find. I turned off of apopka-vineland onto buenavista woods and it just went down to the school. I saw a recreation facility with a pool on the way toward the school but I didnt see any place for dogs. Can anyone help me get my dog some doggy playtime? Thanks!

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Nice park

This is a nice park and I won't let irresponsible owners ruin it for me. Speak up if a dog is being aggressive. I did and the jerk left the park after the other owners agreed with me! Bit of a treck from the parking lot but once in it's very nice. Plenty of shade, good grass and available water.

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Were do you go now?

I'm so sorry to hear of the troubles you had at Dr. Phillips Park! I myself have not had the issues that you have had, but I really think you should give it a try again! The dogs are always on the paths and unless it is a person who works in the park I wouldn't pay any attention to them. If they do work at the park tell them they need to post signs and tell all the dog owners what they told you. As far as that dog owner who didn't remove their dog from yours don't let that spoil your whole impression of the park. Not all dog owners are like that when they go there. You said yourself you thought the park was pretty and clean and I think that is one of the reasons you should try again. Just a heads up too, they have re-sodded the park and did flea and tick control and the park will be open again on 3/29/10...Hope you have luck and find a fun dog park to visit!

ARGblue's picture
Home Park

Minus the fact there is not to much shade in the summer this park is great! I'm not aware that you can't walk your dog on the paths as everyone does so. The park is great like Jan and Bentley found out. There is a really nice wash station in the center for owners to clean their dogs. Toys that are there for all to play with. The biggest issue I have is the kids coming into the dog area without an adult or dog. This is not a petting zoo. Parents think it is ok to let their kids play in both the small and large dog areas, but it is not. You never know how a dog will react to a child and I don't want to be held responsible if a kid gets hurt when they shouldn't have been there in the first place. So other then that it is a great dog community and everyone looks out for each others dogs.

Visitor's picture
First and Last time

This is the worst dog park I have ever come across. Sure, it's clean and very pretty and located right next to a lake. But the visitors are very rude. One owner was too busy talking to another he did not pay any attention to his dog continuously nipping and growling at my dog. Other owners noticed but why didn†t he?? My dog could only tuck her tail in and shiver while worrying if she was going to be someone†s snack. Most decent dog parks do not permit aggressive dogs to ‘play†. Then I decided we would walk around the park, outside of the dog area. A man approached me and told me I could not walk my dog on the path. Mind you, there were no signs posted indicating no dogs allowed. FYI in case you don†t know, this park is located on the west side of Orange County. Dr. Phillips is an area where the rich and snobby reside.

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Great pArk now offering Cheap Shots

Awesome dog park and now offers a great friendly low cost vaccination service too! Cheap Shots comes there twice a month and they save you money and treat you right. Highly recommend - very dog friendly place!

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Great park!

Visiting from Wisconsin. Found this park on the web and took our dog Bentley (golden retriever). The other dogs were all great and the humans were friendly, too! Well supplied with water for the dogs to drink and tennis balls for them to play with. Wish there had been some water for the dogs to play in too.