Central Bark Dog Park - Naples

Central Ave and Riverside Circle
Naples, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Naples
Days Closed:
None, but you must obtain a free dog park permit
Park Size:
1.37 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Jan 2011. 

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Patricia caron's picture

I am the only dog park ambassador. I could use some idntification other then the name tag I have. Maybe laMINated and copies of registrarion forms which i am coping on my own premises. I just recetly returned with the nice weather until my dog caught a cold in his eye. Their are dog owners that just doint care about the rules which makes my job hard can you help me?

tsflw's picture
i am for the first time here.

i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to present something back and help others such as you helped me.
reparatie iphne

Jennifer84's picture
Great dog park, but watch out for the occasional aggressive dogs

I bring my puppy (10 month old shepherd) to the park almost every day if I can! She makes many friends and can meet new people - great for socialization! Most owners are very careful about watching their own dogs and picking up after them as well as still being friendly towards you and your dog.

HOWEVER....BE CAREFUL about the very few dogs and dog owners who should not be there. For example yesterday there were 2 ladies with 2 pit bull mixes (I have nothing against put bulls but I know how they are if they are on the aggressive size). One dog was black and had a limp (you could tell it got into a few fights as it had lots of scars on it) the other was a golden color. These dogs decided to chase my puppy (who was scared to death of them) and while she was trying to run away from them they both ganged up on her and started trying to take her down by biting at her neck. The owners did nothing, but attempt to call the dogs over to them and then tried to say "oh, they aren't aggressive, they are just playing" - well when a dog is growling, chasing, and trying to take down another dog...to me that's aggressive! I had to take my dog and leave because they would not leave.

I think they need to have someone whether its a volunteer or a worker to walk around every hour or so during the "busy" times to make sure there are no aggressive dogs in the park.

Jenny C's picture
Naples Resident

As a dog owner in Naples I was happy to hear a dog park was being opened. When I got there I was disappointed. There is minimal grass(all woodchips) and nothing for the animals to do. There was no one around to get a pass from, no one to check if you had a pass anyway. Bummer!

Marge's picture
Coming To Naples

We are moving to Naples soon and are very happy that there is a local dog park for our dog!!!

Hope it is great and hope that people pick up after their dogs so that it is a fab place for one and all.

Thank You Naples

Randy's picture
Best Dog Park in Naples - Keep up up the good work

I have been to dog parks all over the country and yes there are some things that this one could do to improve. I have been waiting for Naples to become a tiny bit dog freindly for the last 30 years. This is a great step in the right direction so try to over look some of the little things.

Jenny C's picture

This place is awful and not maintained. A service dog was there and got cut on a broken beer bottle to the point that the vet had to amputate its foot causing it to have to be retired. This place needs to be sued

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Naples central dog park

The park is finished but not officially open yet. I took my dog there this am though. You can use it. The only suggestion I have for the city is to get benches and picnic benches for the shaded areas under the concrete part as the park itself has NO SHADE and the summer sun is unbearable to dogs & humans..Have fun