Lori Wilson Dog Park

I Dream of Jeanne Lane
1500 N Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, FL
Operating Hours:
7am - Dusk
Managed By:
Brevard County
Days Closed:
None, but dogs must be wearing a license tag and shot rec
Park Size:
32,000 square feet
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area. Outside the Dog Park, dogs are allowed in parking lot only and must be on short leash.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach part of the park.

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Twopupsmama's picture
great first experience at a dog park!

Two pups had an awesome time!!

BeagleLover's picture
Beautiful Dog Park, Great Community

Lori Wilson is the best maintained and 'greenest' public offleash dog park I've ever seen. They have a terrific community of people that have done alot to improve the park (raised funds & gotten approval for benches, new trees to be planted, resodding, etc) and have a monthly e-newsletter and halloween costume constest/party and christmas party events at the park.
Note: The dog park is on the south side of the park. Dog are strictly prohibited on the north side and on the beach. They are only allowed in the dog park itself and onleash between your car & the dog park. Because of the beach access parking can be hard to find on nice beach weather days.

sandy_bottom's picture
Fantastic Dog Park

Great facility, great people, great dogs. I felt right at home. One of the best I have been to.