Confederate Playground Dog Park

949 Hubbard St
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2.87 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened June 2009. This dog park has three sections (small, medium, and large dogs), benches, shade, drinking water, rinse station, lights, and pavilions.

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simmonsr09's picture
Nice (Free) Dog Park

Nice dog park with separate sections for small and large dogs. There are many benches and shady areas to sit and watch your dog as well as a big playground and basketball courts so that the entire family could enjoy the park. There is a watering station where you can give your dog a drink, or maybe a cooling shower. The grassy areas are nice and big and there are doggy bags spaced around the park for doggy "messes." The only issue I had was that it is not in the best neighborhood although I will say that I had no issues with anyone while I was there. It was quiet and the other dogs were well-behaved and played well. Overall a nice dog park that is a good choice for an afternoon romp!

June Bug's picture
Great park and location

I live about 5 blocks away from this park in the Springfield historic district. It's a VERY popular diog park, despite it's relatively compact design. It's plenty big, but not so big that you'll lose your dog. I see that some people think the neighborhood there is a "ghetto", but they couldn't be further from the truth! It was named the #1 up & coming neighborhood in the South by Southern Living Magazine among others. Yes it has a ways to go, but people don't have to worry about their safety. Check out the neighborhood website It's a VERY dog friendly neighborhood and an annual dog festival and rescue club too!

2dals's picture
not great, but not terrible

Very small (for 2 full grown dalmatians), in the ghetto....but it was all fenced in & had a security guard walking around. New to the area & hope to find better parks!

Jenny C's picture
confederate playground

This park has a wonderful layout. Tons of running space. Downside is area is a little dicey. Go at peak times...there will be a security guard at the entire park facility.

Chad Bailey's picture
Good park, nothing special

This park isn't bad or anything, it's got benches, fields for the dogs, a watering bowl, and... well that's about it. Nothing wrong with this park, and I enjoyed my visit. There really isn't anything to compel me to travel to visit this park though when there are other (better) parks closer.

bluesky's picture

I found this dog park 2 months ago and I love it. I live in downtown and I was driving far away to the Southside of Jacksonville but a friend said a park had opened clse by.

It has people and doggy water fountains, benches, shade, lots of room to play, a sidewalk waking path, lights, and a large and small area for dogs.

There's a sports court there too but I've never used it.

I take my Lab Izzy a few times week on Wed Thur and Sun.

The ONLY problem is that if it ran alot the park stays muddy for days at a time.

colorisgray's picture
Clean, Secure

This park is certainly a bright spot of Jacksonville Downtown. It is well maintained with plenty of room and shaded benches.

Dhoffkins's picture

Is this Dog Park in a safe part of town? I'm not that familiar with downtown and I might be worried since i would be by myself...

Visitor's picture
Fantastic park without equal

We live a few blocks away from this park and go there almost daily. It is by far and away the best park we've ever found; free or otherwise -- plentiful "clean-up" stations (hand-sized plastic bag dispenser plus trashcan), doggy drinking fountains with built-in spigots and dishes, a wash-up area for dogs that got themselves too dirty for the drive home, very high fences, regular maintenance of the grounds, muddy areas get sanded, and three different areas to choose from: an area eac for large, medium, and small dogs -- though everybody seems to think their dogs don't belong anywhere but in the large-breed area! I can't blame them; it's much larger. There's a sidewalk that runs throughout in a loop, so you can get in a little walk, too, while your dogs go batty running circles around your little pack of humans.

All in all, it's a must-visit, whether you live here or are just passing through.

Visitor's picture
Wonderful place!!

I visit this dog park regularly with my dogs, it's a great park!

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Hours of operation

The hours are 8am-10pm other than that, it's a really nice park. Like the fact that it has lush green grass.