Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville, Inc

Lake Bow Wow
7407 Salisbury Rd. S
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
$11 one day pass, $289 annually, $35 per month
Park Size:
42 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has 25 acres of fenced off running and swimming fun for dogs. On the premise there is a doggie bathing area, pet shop, lights, shade, separate small dog area, and agility course.

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This is the best dog park I have ever been to! They keep it well-maintained and the amount of room to run around cannot be beat. Also, very reasonable pricing and military discounts!

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no un-neutered male dogs?

no un-neutered male dogs?

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This place is totally awesome me and my roommate Theresa love going at this place. People are very friendly and there are most wonderful amazing and very friendly associates, two great females and a male, who love putting you into right direction and showing you details and explain how the dog park works. One of them is Patricia and other is Lauren and the new guy who is new is Shawn who was very helpful especially my new dog needed a place just for himself. He helped me get into the special events today he sure was a helpful guy who also deserves a raise like Patricia and Lauren does. Overall it is a great and fun park to go to not only for the dogs it is also a people park for us as well. Enjoy

Mehmet Hasve

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Reply by Dog Wood Park to "Medium to Small Dogs"

I am the owner of Dog Wood Park and am sorry to hear about your experience at the park, and will speak to the staff about it. I would have thought it fine for your dog, at 35 pounds, to use the small dog area, considering your dog's sensitivity level. Of course then we might have gotten a complaint about there being a dog over 25 pounds in the small dog area! Also, we have several areas in the park where there are usually very few dogs (the night dog area and Barkham Woods) and we often suggest that sensitive dogs try these areas first to get more used to the place. Also, if there are truly aggressive dogs in the park, the staff will go out and talk to the owners of those dogs, and kick them out of the park if necessary--we will not tolerate aggressive dogs in the park! Unfortunately, some dogs are just rough players or over zealous adolescents, not aggressive, but sensitive dogs may not appreciate their advances or their puppy silliness. As for the staff, we pride ourselves on customer service--our number one goal is to make visitors and their dogs happy. As the owner of the park, I love to get comments about the place, and especially if the comments are negative, as I don't know what to do better unless I get feedback. Feel free to call me at 850-539-1213.

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Your Teacup and Dog Parks

You ask if your teacup chihuahua would like it at Dog Wood Park. We do have a fairly large (as large as many entire dog parks!) small dog only area with both sunny and shady areas (and a small swimming pond). But of course your pup is so small that even many of the small dogs may seem big to your dog. But if your dog likes other dogs, he or she will probably have a good time. The small dog people in the small dog park tend to be very good about keeping an eye on their dogs, especially since the running area isn't so huge as in the rest of the park. If your dog has never been socialized, any dog park could be pretty scary in the beginning. But many dogs come around and end up loving dog parks. Of course there are some who don't, but as dogs are social animals the majority enjoy it once they figure it out.

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Sorry about your experience!

We do our best to make sure that everyone has a good time, and our staff try to be responsive to suggestions. We do our best to keep up with the fire ant problem, and while most of our park users pick up the poop, there is no way to insure that all will. Luckily we have some wonderful members who pick up any poop they see, even if it didn't come from their dog!

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medium to small dogs

I had a smaller dog who was a few pounds over and not considered the weight to be in the smaller dog area. After my 35 pound female being pulmitted by dogs 3 times bigger and attempted mounting I had to leave the park. there is no one to supervise or soeak with the owners who allow their dogs to run aggressively to other dogs. when I tried to tell the owner my complaint she had a scowl on her face and would not speak with me, i then asked the younger woman in the office for a refund and I think she gave it to me in order to not make bad impression to others coming into the park. certainly this should have been addressed or i should have been allowed into the small dog dog was rescued from a shelter and very sensitive and i think she had been bred once and likes puppies and small dogs since she was once a mother..the women in charge was very nasty acting when i wanted to discuss the problem i was having..i will never go there dog had a very pleasant time at the dog park in orange park area which i will take her from now on.the owner is so nice and understanding there

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We have a teacup Aussie and she loves long as ur pup isn't afraid of larger dogs he/she would have a blast. Even if he/she is they have a small breed area where I'm sure he/she would enjoy it immensely!

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Love it!!!

My wife and I have a 9lb teacup min Australian shepherd. She LOVES Dogwood park. We have been taking her there once to twice a month for the past soon as we hit the driveway there you can see the excitement in her. They have lots for her to do and lots of room for her to burn off energy. As to the people complaining about the pond, IT'S A DOG PARK POND, of course it won't be fresh Clean water! As to the ants, they arent any worse than anywhere else. We have been to about 10 other parks in 10 years and dogwood is the greatest BY FAR!!! HIGHLY recommended!!!!

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I never write reviews but when I saw the review from Nummy I felt compelled. I feel terrible about this dogs experience at the park but I feel it is a rare incident and there are many factors that could have caused the illness. I live in WGV of St Aug and drive the distance to this park. We are heading there tomorrow, which is why I was on the site. I have a Pit Bull/Am Bulldog mix and an English springer spaniel. If you had seen the shear joy these dogs had at this park you would not think twice about letting your dog experience the same. They had a complete blast and so did we. My Springer would not stay out of the water fetching his ball along with many others and my Pit just loved all the other dogs he could run around with. We went on the nature trails and they just loved the exploration of it all. We stayed for hours and if it weren't so far we would go every weekend. Fire Ants are everywhere.... this is FL people!!! We had no problem with them but I can understand as they have bitten me elsewhere. From the eyes of my canines this place is heaven on earth and from the eyes of the person writing this review it is pretty darn close :)

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Response to "Nummy"

Wow - sorry to hear about your negative experience at the park. What illness did your puppy have? Hope he's feeling better. Was this his first time at a dog park? Unfortunately, it can sometimes be like "kids at daycare" for new canine visitors. We have thousands of dogs that visit our park each year and I'm happy to say that most report that they are happy and healthy! Of course, there's the occasional pet that gets an upset tummy from drinking too much pond water. As far as fire ants, there's not many places in Florida that are free from their attacks. We have an excellent Groundskeeper who works throughout the week to keep our park looking great, as well as keeping it as safe as possible for both our human and canine guests. We hope that you'll give us another try sometime. We're continually rated one of the best parks in the US :) Dog Wood Park Management

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If you are thinking going to get a membership at this park (Dog Wood Park ) DO NOT DO IT . . . First of all my little puppy got sick at this park , owners will not pick up their dog poop etc.... My husband was bitten by fire ants and he still has infection. So if you want a membership full of fleas, fire ants then go get a membership . Have a good one!!!!

I so want to go there!

Can you tell me if my teacup chihuahua would like it there?

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The best I've seen

Large and well-managed, this park is a delight. Your dog can run, run and run some more. Could use more obstacle equipment in the small dog area.

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I love this park! It's a

I love this park! It's a doggie heaven for my dog. He runs and swims all day with other friendly dogs and passes out on the car ride home. I recommend this park to anyone who loves their dog.