DiOGi Park (at Loyce E. Harpe Park)

500 West Carter Road
Lakeland, FL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Polk County (863)499-2613
Days Closed:
Occasionally for maintenance
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened summer 2007. This dog park has a separate small dog area and drinking water. The park is right behind the Walmart. Many pictures for this park were donated by Jacqueline Lusby Photography.  The maintenance occurs on some early mornings for mowing and infrequently for special maintenance, in these cases a notice will be posted at the gate and in the newspaper by the Parks department.

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mobile_user's picture
Great dog park

this is a good dog park, clean and not to small. As far S above comments
- kids should not be allowed
- dogs on leash are apt to act agressive cuz of " leash agression"

If u are not sure about your dog have him evaluated at a doggy day care center first.

lizrjane's picture
One happy dog and owner

We have been going to Diogi for about 3 months now. Very well kept, running water for the dogs to drink, and doggie waste bags provided. I didn't know what to expect the first time and was in total awe of the place. Fifteen to twenty dogs playing and just having fun. It relaxes me to just watch the pureness of the play. There have been a few people who don't make their dogs play nice, but usually a hint to the owner takes care of it. Remember people, these are dogs and they love to play. But our jobs as dog owners to make them mind.

Momofthree's picture
Great Park, but visitors are frustrating.

So I love this dog park. I have three mutts that all have traumatic pasts. My two youngest have difficulty around people. Other dogs are fine but humans have really hurt them. They aren't aggressive just extremely fearful. This has never really been a problem until today. Most people don't chase the dogs down in order to pet them; so it allows my dogs a chance to become comfortable enough to approach. However some people bring small children and allow them to run around and harass everyone's dogs. I tried distancing my dogs from them after it was clear the children didn't take a "please don't chase my dogs, the are afraid and might bite" seriously. Their parents seemed uninteresting that their children where being warned that my pit mix and lasa might bite their kids in defense. (Again this had never been an issue until today. Parents please understand not all dogs are kid friendly.) After I moved my dogs to the opposite, unpopulated area of the park the kids followed grabbing at my dogs who at this point are growling and shaking trying to get away. I had to leave after that. The kids had no boundaries or supervision. Several other people also left because of the kids. If you bring small children to the park please keep them close to you. If you want your kids to play they make parks for them as well. Careless parenting can end in a tragic event.

Jenny C's picture
Finally, a great dog park !!

I have been to alot of dog parks and this is the best. Definitely recommend this nice large fenced in dog park. Great grass and fountain for the dogs !!!

4boys2dogs's picture

I was happy to see this park being taken care of so well. The grass looks great, the trees are filling out everything was as it should be. My dog had fun and the people were friendly, very nice!

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Lakeland DiGi park

A nice park. Plenty of area to run and chase. Poop bags provided for those responsible enough to use the.
Overall...a nice place to exercise our pooches.r

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Coming Back

Okay so let's see where I can start. I have never been to a dog park before so this was the first time for me and my pet Barbwire, a doberman pincher of nine months. At first I kept her harnessed and leashed for safety precautions since she had never been here before. She was a TAD bit nippy but after a few minutes warmed up to the other dogs and I let her go freely. She had a blast, chasing after this gorgeous King Shep named Gunner and completely ignoring the rest of the dogs. I was really surprised how well she did and we are trying to make the visits to this park weekly at least for Barbii to get further used to it. There was a little spazz with one of the other dogs amongst themselves but we have to understand, dogs will be dogs sometimes, it's the owner's responsibility to be watchful over their own pet. No one was hurt and tails were wagging by the end of the day. I hope to take more pictures when we go later in the week and post them up here.

Minnie3175's picture

You know, you people that give Diogi park a bad name obviously have no control over your own dogs!!! I have been taking my German Shepherd out there for at least 2 years. She is well behaved and stays by my side. I have had no other problems with any "other" owners. If I do, I say something... it's just that simple. Also, if you do not like the situation, then grab your lease and your dog and leave!!! There is no such thing as a "click" at Diogi. It's all about meeting other people and the other dogs. It's about socializing your dog with other humans and dogs. If you have a bad time there, it's your fault. If you can not keep control of your dog and the situation, again leave. And that also goes for the people with aggressive dogs!!! If you know your dog is going to cause problems... stay at home!!!!

Conley's picture
It's not the dog...

I understand some people have run into an issue at this park. I am sorry to hear that. It is a beautiful park that was named for a wonderful sheriff's K9. The problem with the situations presented seem to be the owners of the aggressive dogs, not the animal itself. I have 2 medium sized dogs (schnauzers) and I keep one of them on a leash until he calms down every time I get there. It is MY job to control my animals. This means I am responsible for making certain that he and the other dogs are comfortable with one another and not aggressive. If people are not doing that and/or are in fact themselves aggressive, you should call the Polk County Sheriffs Dept. As far as someone's "baby" getting picked on... you need to address the issue with your dog or a counselor for yourself. They are dogs. You may associate human emotion or interpretation to the behavior you see, but if you are not trained in K9 behavior you WILL miss the mark most times when doing this. Either your dog needs some training and a change in it's behavior to help make it more calm and assertive or you need to realize it is not a human toddler being mauled by crazed dogs. Not sure which but I have been in the "small" dog area many times and seen a lot of playing amongst the dogs and VERY seldom seen it get rough. When it did get rough the owner stepped in and stopped their dog immediately. I have been impressed with 90% of the people at the park when there and was surprised. The only complaint I have is the lack of facilities for people. Please Polk COunty Parks Dept, consider adding more covered seating and some bathrooms. It's Florida, that means about a million degrees in the sun.

CarrieBearie's picture
Great park!!!!

Hi! Just wanted to add my two cents - for my dogs, since they can't type too well! We're all traveling - full-timing it in our RV. We have two dogs and two cats and are from San Diego. There aren't a lot of places for us to let our dogs run loose and get some fun and exercise - things they obviously need! So we are all grateful to have found this park, so they could have such a great time for at least this one morning, before we move on! What a huge, beautiful park (the dog parks in San Diego are TINY in comparison!!!! plus, no grass since we don't have any water to water them with!!!), and the two people and the four dogs already there were all friendly (as is my usual experience in most dog parks - sure, there are a couple of bums of both dog and human type now and then, but it's actually quite rare with dog parks!! But believe me, if I ran into one of them, me and my dogs would run 'em out of town! There's not room for that kind of crappy behavior!). So enjoy! You guys are all super lucky to have dog parks like this here!

Visitor's picture
Dogs are dogs

I have been taking my rotti/ bull dog mix, rhodesian ridgeback, and lab/pit bull mix since the park opened. I have NEVER had any problems with any aggressive dogs. The one time another bull dog showed some aggression towards another dog that owner did leave. I think a lot of people go there and expect the dogs to calmly just run and play, but dogs are dogs and play to them, is often scary to us, not saying there are dogs that should be taken out of the park. I just have noticed in my many ventures to the park it's usually the owners that are nervous, and there for cause their dogs to also be nervous. I do agree that a lot of people put the wrong size dogs on each side sometimes, and that can also cause some conflicts, but I visit the park about three times a week and I love it. Both people and dogs alike have always been friendly. I wish it was a little bigger and maybe had some trails just for dogs on leashes with their owner, my dogs would love it. I do recommend this park to anyone, but as always don't bring your dog if it is not up to date on all shots, or is aggressive towards people or dogs. Hope this helped. CM

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This Park Has Excellent Potential....

however; the nice facilities and location are eclipsed by the aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners that sometimes frequent this park. There should be no reason, however, that one cannot calmly and respectfully ask someone with an aggressive dog to leave. Always Take the high road, and everyone else should remember that most dogs actually come there to interact with others in a playful fashion.

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Just a note

The type of behavior you see at that dog park is exactly why I believe in private dog parks. With a private dog park many more safety measures are in place. Normally including screening, vaccination verification, and someone on the grounds to enforce rules and to make sure no mean dogs or people are allowed to stay.

Look for a PRIVATE park!!!!

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Don't waste your time

This is the worse dog park I've ever been to! There are very mean dogs there and their owners couldn't care less. I have a golden retriever so we played (both times) in the bigger dog area. There was a couple there with a large black rottweiler that tried attacking my dog both times. When I said something, the whole group of people under the one benched area (theres only one area there and everyone sits under it and they all know eachother, so it was easy to feel like an outsider) yelled at me. I'll drive from Lakeland to Davis Islands dog park for my dog, everyone there was super friendly!

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Dont go

I've been there twice, the first time were no problems. I have a tiny dog, and other people seem to think that mid-size dogs are small dogs (they aren't!) They play rough with my little yorkie, she ends up terrified or getting hurt. There are constant dog fights with the big dogs & the owners don't care. I just got back from there. There was a black dog that kept starting fights & attacked a Boxer & caused him to bleed. The owner of the boxer was trying to break it up and got bit by the black dog. People were saying that the black dog needed to go & another one started cursing in front of children that were there. My husband got involved & she called him horrible name (still cursing) I will not be taking my puppy there again. There NEEDS to be a police officer or a park manager there to watch & to ban ignorant people like that. My advice? Don't go unless you want to get in a fight. Some people can turn something that is supposed to be good into something bad. She ruined it for me.

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great place

Great friendly dog park. 2 very big areas. One for small and one for large dogs. Generally no problems here. Have seen the occassional aggressive pit bulls there but a great place.