Barkley Square Dog Park - DeLand

1010 N. Ridgewood Ave
DeLand, FL
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
Volusia County
Days Closed:
None (but $10 for wash area)
Yes, has free dog shower
Park Size:
14 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Spring 2007. This dog park has a separate small dog area, a swimming pond (fully fenced in), trees, drinking water, and benches. BEWARE occasionally alligators visit this pond; so check it before you let your dog play. $10 dog wash area.

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Localresident's picture
Ok Park nice open view but beware of the lake.

I just moved up here and decided to take my 2 dogs here as I was told it was the best dog park around. One of my dogs ended up sick because he decided to drink a little bit of the lake water which ended up costing us a 180.00 dollars at the vet. All the dog parks in volusia county either are too muddy with trees that block your view from the dog or have dirty lakes. Please volusia county create a dog park that have agility aframes, tunnels, and other obstacles for the dogs rather than sand, trees and lakes with bacteria and alligators.

markiemay's picture
quality of water at Barkley Dog Park

I brought my dog there today, Absolutely loved it. But now I'm wondering how can you find out the quality of the water . Is it tested. There are a lot of newsreports about bad water in Volusia. Is any of it in Barkley.

itzmejon's picture

Awesome park

Flmike's picture
Barkley Square Dog Park

Fantastic park. It is little more than 35 minute drive for us but worth it! Park is huge with several smaller areas for "time outs" and to allow dogs to dry after going in the pond. Has restrooms and doggie showers (free doggie showers plus a $10 doggied wash station). Well worth the visit!!

Noble Canine's picture
Alligators in pond

How do you check the pond for alligators?

RobynBeck's picture
I love this park and my doggy

I love this park and my doggy likes it even more) The most wonderful thing about this place is that it has enough space and it's soooo quiet! Just what both of us appreciate most of all;)

Kt_nala's picture
The best dog park!!

I just moved to the area, and I was very worried about my lab. I'm a student, so my lab was raised at my parents house with a pool and huge back yard. These to features did not come with the apt!! When I found out about this park, I was so relieved!!! My lab loves it, and I can barely get her out of the water!! All of the dogs and people I encountered were extremely nice!! I definitely recommended this for any size dog!!

Jenny C's picture
Gator update

There was once an alligator in the park... But the whole park is fenced including the entirety of the small lake.

Avicencio's picture
Best Dog Park in the Area

This dog park is HUGE! My partner and I have been attempting to visit all the parks in the deltona/Orlando/Kissimmee and surrounding areas. This one is the best so far. There is a pond in large dog area. As of march 2011 there is NO gator. Our lab/hound mix swims the entire lake and has yet to find one. Many little dogs walk the parameter and no issues. There is a smaller yet large time out area. We use this to dry our dog off. Picnics here are great.. Unfortunately no picnic tables. Park is open from sun up to sun down and very popular. Definitely enough space to walk away from other dogs if needed. There is a PAY dog washing unit.. $10 to use. Come see this park. It's worth your effort!

mken1967's picture
gator report

i heard that a gator is in the pond. has it been removed or is this just a rumor?

bigdog's picture
is there a gator in the pond?

is there a gator in the pond? i thought there was a fence around this place so how did one get in there?

havebens's picture
Gator in park

Had a report that a gator was pulled from the park last month. Is this true?

Nickdc713's picture
Best dog park we have been to.

This park is amazing!!! both of my dogs loved the wide open areas to run around without having a leash on. there are no gators in the pond, all the people are super friendly, and for the most part the dogs all get along well. they dogs can go for a swim, run around, and just be a dog for a change. the park has wash areas to fully wash your pet or if you just want to rinse them off there is a place for that too.

reynolds6464's picture
Beautiful park

This park is clean and well maintained. I enjoy the setting as much as my dogs.

Visitor's picture

The gator has been removed, u and your dogs are safe

Visitor's picture
This park is the best!!!

I love to bring my dogs here!! The people, and other dogs are very nice. My 5yr old daughter has a blast when we go! Im planning on throwing my dog a birthday party here in the beginning of the month....

Visitor's picture
Fantastic Park

This is one of the greatest dog parks I've visited. We live in Deland so we get to take our dog on a regular basis. My dog loves it. Unfortunately there's been a gator in the pond for a few weeks so I won't bring my dog there now. Not sure why animal control won't remove it but I'll keep stopping by to see if he's been removed.

Visitor's picture
I love this Park!

My Mom lives in Deland, so whenever we visit I take my dogs! Everyone I've encountered there has been friendly. My girls, Boxers, love the pond. I can't keep them out of it! My boy, also a Boxer, loves all the shade trees and the cool mud at the waters edge. Luckily they have a doggy shower to rinse them off before we go home. If you have water loving dogs remember to take towels with you. As with any body of water in FL look for gators before letting your dog in the pond.