Auburndale Dog Park (at Lake Myrtle Park)

815 Lake Myrtle Rd
(near the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex)
Auburndale, FL
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
City of Auburndale
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Oct 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, doggy play equipment, fire hydrants for the dogs, trees (very little shade), benches, and drinking water.

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Fruithauler2013's picture

Loved the peace and quite. We have 2 jack Russell terrier mixes and they are a little out of shape. The walk from your car is a brisk walk. And older dog might have to take a break or 2. The small dog area is quite large and the large dog area is HUGE!! Love it will be coming here once a week!!!

Tatsnake's picture
Good Park

Have been to this park several times,and all the pet owners have been very responsible and wonderful with their dogs.I have been there several times when there were quite a few pit bulls along with many,many other breeds all getting along just fine.The park is great and i have to agree that it does suffer from alck of shade but mornings and evenings are great.

burdfrenzy's picture
very nice dog park but be careful of who comes there

1/11/2014 Although it's a very nice dog park that is hard to find, I will not let inconsiderate people with dangerous pit bulls make me give less than a 5 star rating. A young female couple brought two adult black pit bulls. I was of course concerned with my two Cocker Spaniels. They reassured me their pit bulls are friendly. They released them in the empty small dog area, 30 lbs. and smaller They said they didn't want them to bother my dogs which I had in the large dog area, 30 lbs. or larger. My Cockers average 35 lbs. A very nice older couple brought their Yorkshire Terrier and let it free in the small dog area. Immediately the pit bulls came over. The one pit bull grabbed the Yorkshire by the throat and would not release it. The owner of the pit bull was helpless to stop or prevent this horrible unprovoked assault. After much kicking and punching to the pit bull from the owner of the Yorkshire Terrier the pit bull released it. The Yorkshire suffered damage and was bleeding. I believe it will be OK. I had enough of this and left fearing the safety of my two dogs. Why do people insist on owning violent dogs such as these pit bulls and pretend they will not harm other dogs? Also they have no control what so ever when these pit bulls attack. I will indeed go to this dog park again but I will not sit back and accept these unwanted and inconsiderate people from bringing their nasty dogs. It may be out of my place to voice my opinion to inconsiderate dog owners but too damn bad.

Parridan's picture
very spacious

This is a very nice park. Lots of room for energetic dogs. Not a lot of shades so during the summer it might be unbearable. Park is on the opposite side of the road as the map says and is about a quarter mile down the trail from the parking lot.

felisha45's picture
Oh my Gosh just found out

I plan to see this park with my cousin & doggies

grnclvrs's picture
Great dog park with very

Great dog park with very friendly owners. Well kept and plenty of water to drink and hose down the larger darker dogs.