Southington Dog Park

Mill St
Southington, CT
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Days Closed:
None, but must have a dog license and shots
Park Size:
about a baseball field
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in 2006. This dog park has a separate small dog area and benches in the dugout with shade.  New improvements include lights and running water. This dog park is supported by The Southington Dog Park Association. We have heard you have to be a resident of Southington to use this dog park but have not verified that information (many dog parks require a dog license but do not specify which state/city it is from.)

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doggydad187's picture
I Won't Be Going Back

There are some very nice people and dogs here BUT there are too many irresponsible dog owners with aggressive dogs too.
Last night, in the small dogs area, TWO dogs in two separate incidents mounted my dog as both of their owners just stood and watched. I had to grab their dogs and get them off my dog. One of these dogs was at least twice the weight limit allowed for this park. (When I brought him home and took him for a walk later, he kept sitting down in pain. These dogs hurt him.)
My dog (18 pounds) then begged me to let him out of the small dog area, to escape his tormentors. He went to the big dog gate so I opened it and he ran in to greet some dogs. One dog, not much bigger than him, immediately attacked him viciously while its owner, a youngish woman, just stood there and did nothing. I had to jump in, grab her dog off mine while it continued to viciously attack my dog. There were a dozen or more people there but no one did anything to help me as it took me the better part of a minute to get this woman's vicious dog off mine. (I lost hold of him once and he ran right back to my dog and attacked him again.) After I'd separated her dog from mine (I had to risk getting bitten by this dog), I heard its owner and her friend cackling, as if it had been funny that her dog had attacked mine!
I went to ShopRite immediately afterward, incidentally, and a cashier there, in whom I'd confided (I was shaken up!), told me the same thing happened to her dog at the Southington park! Her dog was picked up in the mouth of a bigger dog and shaken severely. She had to take it to a vet afterward, the attack was so serious. She won't take her dog back to the park and I have to agree with her - this park is too dangerous, for its irresponsible dog owners.
This is a shame. In a different state with more responsible people, I'd gone to a dog park for 12 years, daily, and it had been a wonderful experience. Either it's the times or CT or the people who frequent this park, but this is not the first time I've had a problem at the Southington Park.
The last time I'd been there, there was just one man and a dog. He was on a cell phone, disregarding his dog as his dog continually tormented my dog. I'd run to a distant corner of the park with my dog to get away from the dog and this jerk would get up and run with his dog, following me and my dog, even though he saw his dog was abusing my dog, pushing him around, getting on top, getting in his face, making his life miserable. This guy seemed to delight in causing trouble. Sick sick sick!
That's it for me. I've seen enough and I feel I have to warn people about what's going on here.
A very nice older woman, upon seeing me leaving, was very sympathetic. She gave me this advice, "you have to really look inside the park before you go in, to see who's there to make sure it's OK to go in." The trouble is, that advice, though well-meaning, doesn't work.

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The dog park at Godown Park

The dog park at Godown Park in Worthington, OH opened July 2012 with wheelchair access in both the large and small dog areas as well as handicapped parking. We have several people with mobility issues enjoying the dog park thanks to the paved pathways. Hope your park will enjoy the same!

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Southington Dog Park

I have visited this wonderful park since it was first opened. The Dog Park Association there has made many great improvements like running water (except in winter), lights at night, flea and tick control, and an irrigation system to keep the grass healthy. This park has also just become the first wheelchair accessible dog park in the country (supposedly) with a concrete pad for parking wheelchair vans, and concrete paths through the new gates and out into both the small and large dog sections of the park! An extremely wonderful park!!!

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Southington Dog Park

This is a nice fenced dog park that is safe for your dog.The park has benches and some shade.It should be noted that this park does not allow children under 12 years old (as posted on the entrance gate).

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Dog park

I visit this park quite a lot. There are always bags for cleaning up and I must say that all the people I have met there do there part to keep the park clean. Water is available and there is a separate area for smaller dogs. It is a converted baseball field and it does not have much in the way of flowers and shrubs but the great mix of friendly people and pooches more than makes up for its lack of landscaping.

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Southington Dog Park

This dog park was very clean !  They supply bags and scoopers for easy pick up, and also a spicket for water .  There is a picnic table under a big tree for shade, and a separate area for small dogs.  It was a very enjoyable first visit for us !!