South Windsor Bark Park (near Nevers Road Park)

Chief Ryan Way
aka Abbe Road Extension
South Windsor, CT
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
City of South Windsor
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Nov 2007. This dog park has a separate small dog area, water fountains, agility equipment. This dog park is supported by Friends of South Windsor Bark Park (special thanks for the pictures).

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Free Upcoming Event -

Free Upcoming Event - Sponsored by the Friends of the Library Association of Warehouse Point author donates a portion of his sales to Animal Rescue. Saturday, May 18th at 12:00 pm.

Rick sparks the love of reading and writing in young students through his Sparky’s Adventures series of children’s books.

Rick is an independent author/publisher of a series of books about his real-life dog Sparky. He has presented the Sparky stories to schools and libraries in the Connecticut area, as well as coast to coast.

During the 45-minute presentation, he will talk about the Sparky books; talk about Sparky and other characters in the books (aided by numerous entertaining pictures); show a Sparky video, read a Sparky book (using an oversized version of the book); and conduct a Q&A about Sparky and the books and writing.

Many children, as well as adults, from coast to coast have found the Sparky Adventures to be charming stories, but Sparky herself was a great story. Rescued in the nick of time from a terrible fate Sparky went from Death Row to Canine Celebrity through her starring role in the Sparky stories, as well as countless book readings at schools throughout the United States.

But Sparky did not forget her pals back at the animal rescue agencies. Sparky helped Adopt-A-Dog (the group that rescued her) by donating $1 from the sale of each book to the organization as well as to other animal agencies throughout the country (more than $18,000 donated so far). Currently donations will go to The Animal Center in Newtown, CT, in honor of one of the young Sandy Hook victims.

For more info about the Sparky books and Sparky herself, check out Sparky's Web site,

Free program at the Library Association of Warehouse Point 107 Main St East Windsor, CT 06088 860-623-5482 call to register for the below program-preregistration required

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Our dogs love it and so do we

We love the Bark Park and our 2 dogs also. I can't believe all the negative reviews though. Never have I experienced any "cliques" or end any rude people. And that review about rescue dogs not being "accepted" is just ridiculous. there are ways so many rescues there. Ours are rescues also! So don't let the bad reviews scare you away. Hope to see you there! -Suzanne Chris bubba and zoey

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NorthWest Park

Hey everyone,I just cannot believe what I am reading about this place! I have never taken my dogs (2 resues and 1 Purebreed) to this park and after reading these posts, it is doubtful I will. I am lucky enough to have found the Northwest Park Dog Park located on Lang Road in Windsor. This is a great place that has a large dog and small dog section (although my dogs are small, I have NEVER gone into the small dog side), the people and canine people are all WONDERFUL and in addition, there are many hiking trails, and other wonderful things on the land.
Please save yourselves and pets from the snobby people and come to The Dog Park at Northwest Park! See you there!!! Taz, Tinkerbell and Gabby!

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Any luck with other parks in the area?

First, thank you for your dog's service - truly amazing work!

Second, I'm still looking for a dog park where my lab rescue will be welcome. We never even tried SW since I had read all of the negative comments about the eletist attitudes last fall...and your more recent comments just add more confirmation that this is not a place where we will feel welcome.

We just got back from a vacation to Disney where our pup accompanied us since we were camping with our RV. They have a dog park at the campground there and my boy had a blast, so I'd really like to keep up the good play and socialization. And for the record, about 50% of the dogs there were rescues...warmed my heart! And gee, they all played nice together...including the nice doberman we met :)

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Great park but rude people

I'm trying the dog parks in the area and finally found the South Windsor dog park. After looking on Nevers Rd and couldn't find it I stopped at the Police Station. The park is great, the dogs are awesome, the clique (people stink). They are the most rudest people I ever talked to. The clique don't like rescue dogs. I don't have a problem with someone that don't like rescue dogs. I have a problem with cliques saying there not welcome at this park, and that there scum, and if you have a rescue dog that's a Doberman Pincher I was told I'm a real jerk. Well let me tell you my rescue Doberman Pincher works for Connecticut search .org and when I'm called to have my rescue Dobey by the State Police we'll be there to search for all people including the people that don't like scummie rescue Doberman Pinchers. We have 16 search dogs on the team and 4 of the dogs are rescue dogs, and those rescue dogs pass the same test the non rescue dogs pass. That test is search 1000 acres in 3 hours (day time) and 1000 acres in 5 hours (night time),plus the normal commands, like sit,heel,stay etc, they pass that test once a year. It's the same test FEMA give there dogs. Maybe someone should give this email to the people in that clique.

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Purebreds Only???

Wow, reading some of the comments it seems that only purebred dogs are welcome at this dog park. So, it sounds like my un-purebred self and my un-purebred dog will feel more welcome elsewhere. Pretty sad.

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Great Park

The two sections one for big and one for small dogs is great. If there is a dog in the wrong section, just point it out to the owner. If they don't do anything, the police are right across the street from the park and they can easily handle the situation. Many people there are "quiet type" of people but very nice. There are many knowledgeable people there. If you don't want to learn how to have a well behaved dog, don't go to a dog park!

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Nice envirorment

It's a great place to bring your dog...the only issues that I had was that the fountain in the big dog section was off and people think it's okay to bring a little dog into the big dog section. The only reason I was bringing my dog was because it had the two sections. Unfortunately because people don't seem to understand that the two separate sections are for the safety of the smaller dogs I will have to stay away from the park. Let's just say that I am so thankful that my German Shepherd dropped the dog as soon as I yelled at her or she would have killed the little dog and then my dog would have been the evil killer even though she was just playing.

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The park is a womderful place

The park is a womderful place for dogs and their humans. I am shocked to see that some people think a "clique" exists -- people are friendly and open to comments (positive and negative) about their dogs. Please come, bring your dog and a smile, and be prepared to meet some lovely people and dogs!

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Nice place

The best time to go is during the week when most people are working so it's not so crowded, especially if you want to slowly introduce your dog. After work and weekends, the park is packed, where there is a high chance of digs getting into an altercation or two, so I stay away during those hours. I've been going since it opened up in 2007 and my dogs love it. One of my dogs did get bitten by another dog there. The owner didn't even apologize, which was a little annoying. I think that dog got banned though. But it is good socialization for them as well as a way to get their energy out. Everyone loves a tired dog at the end of the day.

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Great Park

My dog and I visited the park for the first time last weekend and we had a blast. We didn't run into any of the issues mentioned. There were a couple dogs that were playing a little to rough but the owners were good with addressing it and making sure there weren't any further problems. We had a great time and I'm sure we will return!

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all the bad reviews are

all the bad reviews are wrong! The people are always so nice. The dogs are all great! We have a dachshund who goes in the small area and ha has a wonderful time! We have been 5 times this week! I would highly reccomend this park.

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"First Visit"

Well I was going to go today for the first time but after reading all the comments I can see that most of the dog owners should be on leashes themselves. Cliques, "don't ask for advice", all the bs are you kidding me?
Is this what the world has come to where taking your dog to a park so they can enjoy the freedom and interaction of being around other dogs has turned into some uncomfortable, keep to yourself, can't wait to leave and never return type of event?
What a shame!!!

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I think its the family's responsibility to watch the children but when the big dogs are running they can hurt someone of any size. Go to the dog park meetings and let them know how you feel. Telling people at the park wont help, tell the committee

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new dogs

its not easy to talk to a person who has a bad dog. The person dosent realize the difference in being at home and being at an off leash park. Sometimes the dog needs some guidence to educate the dog about sharing space with other dogs, sometimes they need to leave.

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bringing your children. Its a crime!

I found some very nice people at the park on my first visit and also some very "standoffish" bossy ones as well...nice environment just like everyone said for the DOGS...Also be careful that you are not causing any disturbances or "committing any crimes" like bringing your child in with you in the dog area, or your baby stroller. You may get the cops called on you, or exchange some words with some very snoody people. If you have small children, leave them at home.

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Don't ever ever ask for advice about your mean unhapyy bully of a dog. That would be terrible to have someone tell you the truth.

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why so

If you have two large dogs why were you in the small dog area. I have small dog and we dont appreciate large dogs stepping on our dogs or even that our dogs become uncomfortable and cant play for fear of the big dogs chasing them.

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hes out of here

I remember him, he's kicked out because his dogs always got into fights at the gate.

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big dogs

I agree if the big dogs cant go in the big dog area, they shouldn't be in the small dog area. Small dogs need their area for themselves. Remember the two huskies that kept biting other dogs in the big dog area. The guy thought it was okay for him to bring his full grown huskies into the small dog area, but it is not.

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Big dogs in small dog area

You shoudn't be in the area for small dogs with large dogs regardless of the large dog demeanor. That only brings other large dogs into the area for small dogs and the small dogs get hurt when big dogs step on them.

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man who cares

That's Joe and he really does care about the whole park. His dog is one of the friendliest dogs i ever have seen, but thats because he cares.

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I agree

My dog likes the park but sometimes theres a mean dog there and i dont go in because i dont want my dog to get hurt.

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advise about you

If people believe this park has standish people then you're the one who's standoffish. I go to the park every day and I don't see this. I do see those who know nothing about dogs but bring rescue dogs to this place and they are the problem. Ninety percent of the problems are on the big dog side, but only because ignorant people don't care. Some people really don't care that their dog is a bully.

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care and maintenence

There's only one man I ever see cleaning, sweeping and shoveling snow and debris. Who helps him keep this park so clean and tidy,or is it he alone that cares so much. It also seems all the dogs big and small like this man, who is he anyway. It is a wonderfull place to allow our dogs the priveledge to enjoy other dog friends. Please support this park.

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First time...and with two large but mellow, well-socialized dogs. The hostility from the little dog area was a bit of a shock. We didn't stay. I guess I'll try again at a different time of day but neither the human nor the canine vibes were exactly inviting, so we won't be in a rush to go back. Too bad, could be an awesome place.

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My visit, 10/24 & 10/29/09

I liked the fact that there is a big dog park and a little dog park. On both days I did find MOST people a bit stand-offish. Today, my dog - minding his own business was ATTACKED by another owner's dog. Both dogs were leashed and separated. My nearly 3 year old male has never attacked anybody or anything. Awhile later on the opposite side of the park, I unleashed my dog. He stayed near me. The other owner (FEMALE) let her dog off too, and he charged across the park to attack my dog again. Both dogs are male. Mine a thoroughbred, Hers a mutt. I didn't get so much as an apology from this woman and she did not remove her dog from the park. I felt forced to leave. It is people like this woman and her dog that make any place, even a bark park, a nightmare to go.

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If they talk to you, talk to them, if they don't talk to you, don't talk to them. I am planning on visiting the park today. I hope that I don't find the atmosphere you describe because having visited other parks, I have found all people friendly, plesant and welcoming. It's not about the owners, it's about the DOGS.

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Be aware that there are people that go to the park everyday, therefore they know each other. They chat with each other because they are on a first-name basis. There's nothing more to it than that.

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Nice park, but just beware of the clique that resides there. They are a group of people who KNOW EVERYTHING about dogs. What ever you do - DO NOT ASK FOR ADVICE WHILE BEING THERE.