Granby DOGGS Park (at Salmon Brook Park)

N Granby Rd
Salmon Brook Rd
Granby, CT
Operating Hours:
Sun Up to Sun Down
Portable Restroom
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened 2005. This dog park has shade and benches (no separate small dog area). Water will be shut off in the winter (Nov- March), please bring some for your dog. No children under the age of eight.

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it's ok

The area is on the smaller size but it is nice

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The Granby D.O.G.G.S. Park is up and running!

The Granby D.O.G.G.S. Park is the first public dog park to be opened in the Farmington Valley. Established in 2005, it is open all year long (weather permitting) and attracts visitors from surrounding towns as well as Western Massachusetts. It has been used as a benchmark for all other dog parks established in this area in the past 7 years and will continue to lead the way in ensuring your dog's safety and socialization. Many thanks to the very few dedicated volunteers who help keep the level of enjoyment in our park at its highest. Without these loyal volunteers, our park wouldn't look nearly as good as it does. And "thank you" to our park visitors who manage to follow the rules and still have fun. Without rules, your dog's visits would likely be stressful and less enjoyable than they are.

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out of service

This park as of today 9/7/11
Is barricaded off limits, fencing is broken on the side and along the back.

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great park

this park is a great park if you live near it you have to go there. I give a rating of 100 stars if it let me!!!!!!

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Dog Park

This dog park is in the rear of a large municpal sports park with lots of room to walk the dog on leash as well. It backs up to a river where many dogs go swimming. Also, a couple of times a year, the swimming pond is also open to a dog swim. The Dog Park association holds Dogg Daze in August as a fundraiser (no fee to attend) & has lots of fun events as well as dog related vendors.

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We loved this place!

We are from North Central Massachusetts. The closest dog park to us is an hour and a half away so we are exploring dog parks to get ideas hopefully to build our own. This place is awesome!! My dog had so much fun; we will definitely be back (at least until we can get our own built)!!

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don't criticize

contrary to the post by jtbrenn,,,, the lady who he talks about is the one who actually got the dog park for us and who keeps it running smoothly by being by being aggressive with the rules so the park is a safe place for our dogs to visit. She spends many hours planning our dog daze event, that is the only way we raise money to buy mulch and bags and every thing else we need for the park! The town of Granby does not... I repeat....... does not help us with the park at all..............It is strictly run by us volunteers that pick up poop and clean and spread new mulch when we need mr jtbrenn maybe if you volunteered you would see how hard it is to keep things running smoothly and safely!!!The dog park is a wonderful place to visit and meet new people and dogs...

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Pros and Cons

This park is excellent for dogs. Safe, fun, water to drink. The problem with the park is the hotheaded obnoxious adults that take the fun away from the entire experience. One example - there are many picnic tables throughout the park that clearly state are for DOG USE ONLY, however, dog owners sit at the tables and bark (pun intended) at the dogs when they try to use the tables to jump on.

Owners go head to head as if they are facing each other in a boxing match, criticizing one anothers dogs for being 'too aggressive', etc., when the dogs are only playing like normal dogs do.

Another major issue is the lady who acts like an Army Lieutenant and tries to run the joint. As soon as she walks into the park, she clears the place. As kind as she is to volunteer to assist with the park, she yells unnecessarily at dogs for digging (when the rules clearly state digging is allowed so long as the owner fixes it), pooping (when the owner can't get to the poop faster than the speed of sound), drinking any type of beverage (big NO NO, and you're not even allowed to stand OUTSIDE of the fence to finish your drink --- so don't even bother. She takes the entire enjoyment out of the experience.

So, I guess if you want to have some quick fun for your dog, it's great, but make sure you cross your t's and dot your i's, or you might end up coming out of there feeling like you just got beat up.

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wonderful park, wonderful people, wonderful visit

Visited yesterday for the first time. What a great experience for me and my three dogs. Everyone was welcoming, friendly and helpful. The facility is just fantastic. Thank you, local and regulars, for making our visit such a delight. Will return again in the future!

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Great Fun but be cautious!

We have been bringing our boxer mix for about a year now. The only problem besides the occasional dog-aggression we have witnessed is parents bringing children under the age limit into the park. Parents also need to educate their children that dogs in play mode are over-excited and should not be petted. I would really recommend not bringing children. Should they become startled or scared that energy feeds the dogs.

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Your acronymn has too many 'G's - the text in your first paragraph refers to 'DOGGGS' rather than 'DOGGS'.

Great site, BTW!

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Good Times...

Great place to take your dog to get some socialization and excercise.  Busy times are weekends.  There are at times 30 dogs at once and usually there is a dog that does not like another dog and a little tiff breaks out.  Otherwise nothing serious has ever happened here.  Dogs and people normally get along well.  Sure once in a while there is a person/dog that may cause a slight prob but its rare.  Usually there is a "supervisor" at the park keeping the peace which is good and needed. 

Newcomers usually are not sure what to do and are usually welcomed with open arms and set at ease.  Plenty of toys are provided here, water is provided (shut off during winter months) and its fenced in.  I think an important reminder is you should always observe and be aware of your dog when at the park.  Know the signs of aggression vs play.  Don't be afraid to speak up (respectfully of course) to other owners if need be.  And most important relax, have fun, and enjoy your time at the park.  When I see an owner who looks tense, uneasy, nervous, anxious, that energy feeds to all the dogs in the park, so I like to just put them at ease by chatting them up and letting them know "its ok" and to just observe the dogs...and maybe talk dogs whatever, make them feel at home. 

Also there is a nice stream/brook behind the park that is great for swimming and water play.  But caution MUST be excercised.  Most owners have their dogs off leash when going to the brook.  I've seen dogs bolt from their owners.  Some bolt into the woods or downstream while others have bolted to the parking lot and become out of control.  Only you know your dog's level of training and reliability.  Overall great park with great people!

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Great Place

For the most part you will find friendly dogs and people here.  At times you can be faced with 20 dogs at one time while other times only 2 dogs.  I have been coming here for a year and in that time I have had minimal probs with dogs and people.  One time someone brought an aggressive shepard/lab mix and the owner ignored the warning signs.  The dog snapped at a few dogs and at an innocent owner.  The person left quickly and I never saw her again.  There is a brook behind the dog park which many people use.  Its a very nice area.