Rover's Run Dog Park - Greeley

Luka & Luna's Favorite Dog Park
Luna & Luka have lots of room to play
Luna & Luka Following the Rules
5207 F St and 59th
Greeley, CO
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City of Greeley???
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Portable restroom
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This is a small enclosed dog park in Greeley and is a rural park. Be sure to bring water for your dog. Small dogs will be able to slip through the fencing.

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park is fair

We were in Greeley so went to park while there another person stoped and just droped there dog off wont come back

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thank you for your

thank you for your directions... I have been looking for a place to take my lab swimming for a while with no luck. Thanks so much.'s picture
Not where it says on google maps!

I have no qualms with the park itself, however, the directions are wrong on most GPS systems. It's approximately halfway in between 35th ave and 59th Ave on F street. My boyfriend and I go here with my two pups often, and we have really enjoyed it. It's large, and although other people are right in that small dogs could get through (maybe if they were toy pups) for the most part, I think most dogs will be fine. :)

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Editor Request

We would really appreciate if someone would take a picture of this dog park the next time they are out there.

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awesome park

I love this dog park so does my dog!!

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Not for the inexperienced dog park goer

Rover Run has its pros and cons. Mostly it is a great wide open fenced space. Mostly acceptable for large dogs with experienced owners who can handle the rough and tumble play. There is no area for only small dogs and they fit through the inadequate fence, so beware.

On the upside is the trail that goes to the river. Many "water" dogs love it but it is not part of the fenced area and you need to walk a little ways to get to it. The path is paved though. Many labs love to go swimming down in the river. No fence at the river so be sure your dog is reliable. (Any area outside the fenced boundary requires a leash.)

The worse part of this park is that there is no water, no shelter to speak of, and no bathroom facilities (unless you like to feel like you are camping and use the porta-potty across the parking area). The mosquitoes are horrible. When it rains, there is no drainage and the mosquitoes breed even more. The park turns into a mud bath more times than not! The dogs love it but people hate it because the dogs and your car need a bath afterward!

If you need a big fenced area with lots of running room for your large boisterous dog, and don't mind the mosquitoes, then this is the place for you.

If you prefer a nice park atmosphere, separate agility area, area for small and shy dogs, and reliable fencing; then head south on 35th avenue to East on Prairieview and about another couple miles on the North side is the new "Freedom Dog Park" in Evans. Nice atmosphere and people tend to keep their dogs under control more. Not as much running room though.

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My dog is 4 months now and

My dog is 4 months now and this was his very first time on a dog Park, and I believe this was a good experience for him. We went in the morning and there were no too many dogs which was good. It was clean and with enough space for him to run and play.
When he gets older I'll take him to other parks close to Greeley.

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Homestead Open Space

There is a really nice Open Space area behind Borders, Petsmart, Home Depot, etc. off 35th Ave. There is a nice trail and 3 large ponds for the dogs to swim in. I am not sure what the leash rules actually are, but most of the people that my dog and I encounter allow their dogs to run off leash. It is pretty much assumed owners will be responsible for their unruly dogs by leashing them. Otherwise it is kind of treated like a dog park with dogs running near their owners off leash playing and swimming with each other.

EDITORS COMMENT: We cannot confirm this suggested location as a legal off leash area. You could possibly be issued for a ticket for letting your dog play off leash or in the water at this location.

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Rover Run Park IS off of

Rover Run Park IS off of 35th and F St. The trail along the river is the Poudre Trail that goes from Greeley to Windsor. It is a nice trail, but you need to have your dog on a leash.

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RE: Not Real Impressed

You might want to try the other dog park in town. I'm not sure what the name of it is but it's off of 35th Ave and F St. It has a trail along the river that you can also walk your dog along.

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I thought it was a pretty

I thought it was a pretty good park ... my dog loved running around!! Its a little plain but had plenty of room for my Aussie to run around. However, I agree with one of the reviews above that Greeley is not very dog friendly since you can't take any dogs into the parks.

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Not Real Impressed!

I just moved to Greeley from Colorado Springs and I have to admit I am very disappointed in their Rover Run dog park here.  My other dog park down in Springs had a great winding trail and lots of room to run, and Greeley's is just about an acre of fenced land.  It also abuts a cattle operation so if your dogs like to chase cattle, watch out.   Anyway, I'm on the lookout for another park.  Greeley is not a dog friendly town.  You can't even take your dog on leash to any of the parks here.

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Rover Run Dog Park, Greeley, CO

This is a nice, grassy park with a picnic table, a sheltered bench seat, and another bench seat in a corner. There are several containers for bags; I'm not sure how they are filled; I think it would be nice to bring used grocery bags to put in them. It is a nice size, about 1 acre, I think. Big enough that the average person could not throw a ball all the way across it.

The entrance is secure. You enter in one gate into a small enclosure then through another gate into the park. This is a good idea!

The people and dogs I met there were nice, though one squabble broke out between two intact males. The park got quite crowded about when you'd expect, after people got off work.

Rules are posted. They are about what you'd expect: clean up after your dog; dogs must be under the handler's control; handler must have a leash; bring your own water; and some others. (All are things that responsible handlers would do anyway.) Puppies under 4 months are not allowed.

My only disappointment with the park is the fence. It is a 3-rail pole fence with sheep fence attached. The squares of the sheep fence are big enough for small dogs to get through, and larger dogs could get their heads through. It's not very high. I think it's about 3 or 4 feet - low enough for larger dogs to jump with ease.