Fairgrounds Dog Park - Loveland

700 S. Railroad Avenue
Loveland, CO
Operating Hours:
6am - 10:30pm
Managed By:
City of Loveland
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened September 2008. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, picnic tables, a shade structure, mulch ground cover, and drinking fountains. Previously, this was the site of Old Larimer County Fairgrounds and has been turned into a lovely park by the city.

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Park Closed

The park was damaged in the flood we had in Sept 2013 may reopen in the late summer of 2014 or fall check the city of loveland web site for up to date info

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First visit.

I have no other parks to compare to. It was our first visit with our 5 month old puppy. She's kind of small so it was great to be with other little dogs. She was timid at first but then had a great time. All the dog owners were carefully watching their dogs. It was a dry day (no mud). :-). Glad we went!

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I have the same problem with mine slobbering and other dogs mounting. Come on people it IS a dog park and keep your dogs off mine. It is amazing how many people just sit there when their dog is trying to mount mine. Call them off!

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Nice place

I really like the atmosphere at Loveland Dog Park. The humans are friendly and responsible and the dogs are fun. My dog sometimes growls and snaps a bit at first (which is very embarassing to me) but the humans are tolerant and understanding which I really appreciate! Overall it's a good experience for me and my dog!

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All of Colorado's trashy people unite. I took my dog there, a large mutt approached me, started barking and approaching me, I advised to the crowd someone should get there dog under control because if it bites me, I would kill it. Knife in hand I walked way around, as the dog hunted me down. Finally someone yelled, he won't bite he's just protective... So I flashed him my 12" fixed blade and yelled back, so am I... Needless to say everyone in there was rude. The park isn't clean, it's all woodchips, and is over crowded. I wouldn't waste my energy or time. My dog liked it, but it's not worth her safety.

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I've had good experiences &

I've had good experiences & bad.. I think the park is pretty small for the most part & can be very very muddy at times. Other than that its a place I can take my dog to run around after being cooped up in my apartment all day. I don't blame dogs for their actions but seriously people if your dog is mounting another dog pull him off & let him know he needs to stop or if the dog is aggressive don't bring him around other dogs.. That's my main complaint. I have a St. Bernard & he is such a sweetheart gets along with all dogs isn't fixed & still doesn't try to mount dogs but I can't even tell you how many dogs have tried to fight and or dominate him. It just irritates me that he cant just go and have fun & I'm the one pulling the other dog off him instead of the problem dogs owners. Oh and also if you're gonna take your dog to a park to play with other dogs be prepared for all different kinds of dogs, like I said I have a St. Bernard & he slobbers like crazy when he's running around and gets hot. So many people have snubbed me and him because of it, all I can do is laugh, I'm sorry he's a dog.. And you are at a dog park.. Get over it! But I'm sure this is how most dog parks are I cant imagine any place being perfect..

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Why would you put the park in right next to a creek and not give the dogs access to some water? My dogs just sat at the fence staring at the nice cool water flowing by wondering why some human would design a giant tease like that. Perhaps I'm spoiled by our old dog park that was 6 acres with a creek and grass. Needless to say I will be I don't think my dogs will want to spend much time here.

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The only problem with this dog park is that it is on the north side of a stand of trees, making it a giant mud pit all winter. Nice park, bad placement.

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Nice park, but some dog owners not so nice

I've taken my large dog to the park a couple of time now. For the most part all dogs are friendly, as well as the owners. This past weekend I had a bad experience with two dog owners. One man decided he didn't like my dog by him, so I caught him jsut as he used his foot to shove my dog away from him. Another lady brought her two dogs to the park, and they drooled all over my little dog, no problem their dogs thats what they do. That lady however didn't like my dog going over to her with his drool. She kept saying" I don't like you, get away from me, you are drooling". HELLO LADY YOU ARE AT THE DOG PARK!!!!! So I chose to leave and have not returned since. I think that some people need to realize they are at a park for dogs and not treat other people's dogs as you would treat your own but treat them better for they are not your dogs!!!!!

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Nice park...great crowd

Everytime I've visited the park, the dogs have been well behaved, the owners kind, tolerant but not too permissive. Lots of bigger dogs but they also have a small dog area. The dog parents talk to one another and relax in the shade quite a bit. It's really just a very laid back, nice park. The stickers (goat's heads) are pretty much gone now.

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Nice park, but can be muddy

Our dog had a blast and the people were nice. It was really muddy the day we went, but the dogs didn't seem to mind

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They Finally fixed it!


They fixed it so if you got this you can go back it's very nice we go there a lot!

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Needs some work

Finally - A Dog Park in Loveland! Some work is needed, though. There are a lot of stickers in the grass, and on almost every visit at least one dog ends up with one in their paw. I'm hoping that in the spring they'll eradicate the stickers and plant some better grass. The gate latches were horrible, but they've been fixed. Now, we just need the owners to pick up after their pooches.