West Arvada Dog Park

17975 W 64th Pkwy
Arvada, CO
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Arvada
Days Closed:
Portable restroom
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This park has a separate small and shy dog area and benches. Make sure to bring water and any extra baggies to share. There are plans to expand this park 20 acres and the city is taking donations.
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This site is associated with radioactive contamination that has made all surrounding land extremely toxic. There is an increased rate of physical problems reported from people and animals in the area. The toxicity is in the land and it takes as little as one particle to harm you. STAY AWAY!

Here is a link to the petition of the area: https://www.facebook.com/events/1458890824426076/

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I see all the good reviews and agree, this is overall the best experience I have had at a dog park. Thanks for all the hard work by everyone involved. I do have only one concern. There was an incident with one volunteer that was quite honestly disturbing. Common courtesy and being able to control your dogs behavior applies to everyone. What one considers "normal" dog behavior may in fact not be seen in the same light as another.I understand we cannot 100% control our dogs behavior, that is not my expectation. However, when you are doing your much appreciated duty of cleaning the park (something that you should not have to do if all would clean up for themselves) I would like to request you supervise your dog at least to the extent of recognizing when your dogs behavior is affecting the good experience of others. Yes, even if you dont think the behavior is not appropriate, others do. Pure and simple respect of others in a public environment. Regardless of this incident, we will continue to frequent this very good and needed facility. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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Beware of angry dog owners!

We have been to this dog park a few times and have enjoyed the wonderful open space for our dog to run around and socialize. However, today when I walked into the parking lot to leave, there was a man waiting for me by my car. He proceeded to tell me that I had parked wrong (it's a big dirt lot so I don't see how that's possible) and he had to move his car to deploy his dog ramp to get his dogs in the car. He screamed at me to never do such a thing again in front of my two young kids. We all broke down crying because we had just parked in the row next to everyone else. Ruined our entire day...it was such an unprovoked verbal attack. I am a very nice person and can't believe someone would behave in such a way. Be careful of the "regulars". They will not hesitate to "correct" you. Seems like they don't like anyone new.

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Great park! Thanks everyone

First visit to the park was great. My 7 month old pup ran and ran and ran. And now she is napping! Dogs were great. Humans were helpful and kind. We will be back for certain.

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Information people may not be aware of!

This is a SPECIAL USE park on City of Arvada land. Which means the City does NOT fund this park. This park is operated by volunteers and any upgrades can only be done through donations. Animal Management is in close partnership with the park's operations. Posted rules by the entrance. This is a GREAT community park with a wonderful view of the mountains. There are various events held throughout the year and a donation box is on site...please put a few dollars in when visiting! Clean up days in the summer months to remove rocks...help is always needed and free yard landscaping rocks for you! Trees and be donated, planted and cared for by the person buying the tree. Please contact us before planting them...certain trees do better than others. Contact Debbie for more information about this wonderful park and/or join our email list. [email protected]

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Imperfect Pup

We just started coming to the park. Our dogs and our family love it. Friendly people and pooches. What type of doggie behavior is considered imperfect? I am sure our doggies are not perfect. They are not aggressive at all, just REALLY happy and friendly. Anyone know what kind of behavior we should be concerned about? Don't know doggie park etiquette, but don't want a call from authorities.

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Most of the people who

Most of the people who frequent this park are friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable about dogs. But not all. If certain individuals here deem your dog†s behavior imperfect, they will not mention it to you, but instead will take down your license plate number and complain to the authorities. There is, of course, no due process for you or your dog. Just thought you ought to know.

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Nice dogs; nice people

We've been daily visitors to this park for the past couple years. Most dogs and owners are well behaved.

Still wondering what happened to the large picnic table that suddenly appeared at the park about six months ago. It disappeared the afternoon of July 26, but that's all we know.

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Good location

Steep walk for good exercise and location with sun and wind reduces the mud. The dogs enjoy running through the un-mowed areas.

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Very Very rocky and steep in

Very Very rocky and steep in some areas. Wish there were more grass and trees. Great three pen closure to keep like dogs together. Nice benches.