Stapleton Greenway Dog Park (near Fred Thomas Park)

Spruce and Montview
Denver, CO
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
City of Denver
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Fenced - water spigot, all one large enclosure for dogs of all sizes (no separate small dog area), sand, benches, and a few trees. (no children allowed) No pitbulls.

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Sue Mehring Moreau's picture
love it

Super friendly dogs and always plenty of them. Been to bigger and prettier parks but this one really is great

Zeck's picture
Friendly Dogs/People

I am not sure why there are a handful of negative reviews about the dogs and the people at this park. My wife & I live a little over a half mile from the park. The people are friendly, and the dogs are friendly....some play a little rough sometimes, but owners are attentive and usually ask if it is ok that they play rough together.

I wouldn't suggest bringing a small dog, though there are plenty there, they can easily get caught up when a pack forms.

For those people who complain about the park being sand, dog parks this size cannot handle grass, it quickly turns to mud!

Only reason this park doesn't get a 5 is because there isn't much shade and it isn't that big. But for a "city" dog park it works well!

AushleySashas's picture
Not Impressed

Dogs are way too aggressive & owners don't seem to pay attention or care, I wouldn't recommend this park - the one on Colfax & Josephine is much better!

Jenny C's picture
no fun

The park is made of sand, which is just unsanitary and not very clean. Just standing around watching your dogs roll around in sand isn't very fun!

HeidiMamaGrrL's picture
No Kids Allowed?!

I was on a road trip with my puppy and had arranged to meet some family members (who have a toddler) at this park. When I was about a block away from the park, they called on my cell and said they'd arrived first and there was a sign at the dog park saying no children allowed. What a disappointment! I wish that had been mentioned in the write up about the park so I would not have chosen it as a place to meet someone there who has a child.

isis2010's picture
Real dog gone fun

1st visit today. Isis had a great time with dogs tall and small. I like the sand it makes the dogs work harder, like the beach. Everyone shared and played well with each other (dogs & people)!

Beaglemania's picture
one more thing...

Because this park does not have areas to separate small and large dogs, I would highly advise you not bring your tinies. Big dogs are naturally curious about these tiny dogs and while most will not intentionally hurt your small baby, one wrong step can break a leg, a rib, do internal damage etc.

Beaglemania's picture
Very nice park so far

I have been to this park several times over the past couple of weeks. Have not had any problems. Grass would be nice, but sand is a great alternative as grass eventually gets worn down and then turns into mud....much worse than sand. And you get a better calf workout in the sand. LOL

I've seen a couple of intact male dogs which IMO is an absolute NO NO, but the owners seemed responsible and attentive.

Everyone seems to pick up after their dogs. I've picked up a few piles that I know weren't from my beagles, but I figured what comes around goes around. All in all the park is well kept.

I have seen a couple of small children which I believe is against the rules. There are a lot of big dogs out there that will unintentionally run them over during play. Please...people, don't bring your small children.

I've read some comments that this place gets very crowded over the summer. We'll just have to see how bad it is to determine if we'll continue to go. Perhaps I should have left a scathing review to keep people away. LOL

Visitor's picture
So many people, odds are some will be stupid.

I liked this park the first few time I visited. But it is so popular, I always come across some least one of these idiots; too busy on the cell phone to stop dog from biting other dogs, brings a dog in wearing a full outfit and jewelry that other dogs try to tug on, 'protecting' his hitting mine and yelling at me because my dog acts like a dog and his will never be properly socialized because it never learns to communicate with other dogs. This dog park is too over populated to be enjoyable any more.

Visitor's picture
Good Park

I used to live in Denver and took my two dogs (Jack Russell and Welsh Terrier) there at LEAST twice a week. Always tons of dogs all of sizes. I'd study at one of the benches and they'd play worry free. They loved it! I didn't mind the sand (much better than mud) and found some really good regulars there to talk to as well.

Visitor's picture
I went for the first time a

I went for the first time a few weeks ago. I certainly enjoy the park and my dog goes nuts. Everyone was very pleasant. The sand is a problem especially with a white dog! It also gets windy over there so it's very cold in the winter. All in all, it's a great place for my dog, so I will continue to go.

pnknlvr96's picture
First time visitor

We took our Weimaraner and Great Dane there for the first time this past Sunday. Everyone we met, including two other Danes, was very nice. There were no major dog scuffles, but the owners all paid attention and were quick to break up minor quarrels. We did not see the water spicket. The only downside to this park is that it is entirely sand, which made everything very messy and the dogs needed baths when we got home. But they needed baths anyways so it was fine. And anyone who has dogs knows you can't expect to stay clean at a dog park because there will be other dogs who slobber or jump on you. Every dog park will have its share of horrible dog owners, but overall this park was great. We will go back.

Visitor's picture
the good old days

yes, it was nice when it was all grass

Visitor's picture

does anyone know miles/distance the running path is. thanks

Visitor's picture
Horrible people!

My family was almost literally chased out of the park by two horrible people who threatened to call the police after I asked them to turn off a water fountain. No further conversation was possible. What loveless ruinations you are and that our community needs! My daughter is frantic with fear. You are guilty of emotional assault. You are walking poison, destroying a beautiful day for other users of the Stapleton dog park.

Visitor's picture
My dog loves this park!!!!!!

This is a pretty good off leash dog park. If you go during the day there is only a handful of dogs which is good for the newer or shyer dogs but I like going at nights when it is cooler and more dogs. There is nice benches with covers for shade and lots of trees and a good path for you to walk around and stay out of the sand. Most of the owners are pretty nice but there are some stupid owners who bring there aggressive old dogs to the park that start fights.

Visitor's picture
I used to go to this park

I used to go to this park frequently in the cooler months. However, it gets very crowded in the summer, and it's packed with a lot of white trash. It's not a fun crowd when trashy people bring old cranky anti-social dogs to a place where there are a LOT of dogs. Geez

Visitor's picture
Love it

We have a 5 month old german shepard who needs to get out some energy and this park is a great way to do it. Everyone is really friendly and used to dogs and their behavior. Fights happen, but owners are quick to break them up and the dogs move one. Loving it and so is Bama (our dog)!

Visitor's picture
I remember when.....

I remember when this park first opened 5 years ago, green grass, not over used terrain at all. It is sad that it is nothing more than a huge sand box now due to extreme over use by dog owners. I wish Denver had more dog parks established of this size so that the really big ones like this one could sustain proper grass surface. I almost wish they would have chosen small pee gravel instead of the sand. it is just a guarantee that you will be giving your dog a bath on a weekly basis if you visit often.

Visitor's picture
I have a 4 month old pup....

I have a 4 month old pup.... After Bhodi's vacc's I was and am excited to to the park (2 mins walking). We were there today and were attacked.... $450 later we have our pup back! how exciting! The park is normally VERY good. We caught a dog that didn't like his "ball" licked. Pleased tell me when your dog is posessive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visitor's picture
good park but sandy

My two dogs loved this park and the other dogs. Other owners were really nice and shared water. Kids aren't allowed but we saw some in the park. Wear shoes that can keep the sand out because my mesh tennis shoes were full of sand when I left. Often it is windy so bring a jacket. I brought my own tote chair. No real shade so hot in the blazing sun.

Visitor's picture

we went for the first time today. i have a 10 yr old shepherd mix that doesnt run, play fetch or anything so we just walked around the perimeter and saw plenty of dogs running and playing. the owners were very attentive and immediately seperated any dogs that got a little too rough.. there are bags and garbages near all three gates that i saw and people bring in big bowls and jugs of water that they share. it looks like theres a ton of tennis balls that just get left in the park as well. no need to bring your own. we loved it and intend to go back.

Visitor's picture
Great place

Staple Dog Park is great. I have a 7 mth blak lad and she loves it. We spend about an hour there each time we go and she is worn out when it's time to go. Most dogs and thier owners are really nice.  Monday thru Friday from 5:00 to 8:00 is a good time to go. Lots of dogs to play with.