Lowry Dog Park

Large Dog Area
Main Entry Sign
Main Entry Sign
Sports Blvd
near S Yosemite Way
Denver, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Denver
Days Closed:
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Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened winter 2011. No pitbulls. Separate small dog area and shaded space with benches.

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gravel surface negates popularity

This park has a gravel surface, not P gravel that is smooth, but the sharp kind that hurts the paws of dogs. This Park would've been much more effective if they would've just put a fence around all the native grass area that surrounds it, which apparently is supposed to be a park (that nobody uses at all). Why not just put signs around the perimeter of the bigger park area warning non dog people that the whole park is off- leash?

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Ghost town

Gravel ground which is a nice change from sand, in general a nice dog park. However, on a Saturday afternoon there was only one other dog here and he was playing frisbee with his owner the whole time. Not a great spot to socialize your dog. Crickets.

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Lowery Dog Park

Parking is basically on street,(Sports Blvd.) Closest Cross street is Yosemite/Sports Blvd.- 5th Place,Very noticable from intersection and all the way to the roundabout at Dayton Street.
Short walk to fenced off leash area, a couple covered benches, Fire hydrants a plenty - 95% Pea Gravel / 5% Gravel for path and a bunch of boulders to sit on.
-Would be a good park on wet or snowy days,no mud like Quincey or Cherry Creek.
*Not much Shade available.
-Flowing Stream outside off leash area
-Path connects to trail around dam for longer walk option.

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Park Behind Big Bear Ice Arena

The park is located behind Big Bear ice Arena. To find parking, go to Lowry Blvd and turn south on Yosemite Way, then turn west on Sports Blvd. Park near the bridge and take the path south directly to the dog park. It is easy to see on Google Maps now.

There is a large dog/high energy play area as well as a separate small dog/low energy play area. A third area is still under construction.

There is a shaded space with two benches and as the trees grow up, this will turn into a very nice place! It is all gravel so we have no problem taking Pooch there after it rains. The gravel also makes it very easy to clean up poop and does not allow puddles of pee to accumulate. There is a gray, more compact path that is easy to walk on, and the rest of the play area is looser brown/red gravel.

I haven't seen it too busy but we also don't go there at peak hours. Check it out now that you know where to find it!

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Lowry Dog Park

It was listed as newly opened in the Washington Park Profile newspaper I got in a Lowry bagel shop. I drove down the route it said to take which goes along all the soccer fields etc - never really found a spot stating a dog park and I did get all the way to Yosemite.

EDITOR COMMENT: This dog park is on the city website. Our guess at this point is that it is not actually on Yosemite St. We have moved our map marker to a nearby park. Let us know if anyone finds this dog park.

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there is NO dog park here!

There is certainly an apartment complex, but I drove all the way there to find it is no longer a park!

EDITOR COMMENT: We think the map pin was in the wrong spot, we have fixed this. The City of Denver says this park is to open winter 2011.