Louisville Dog Park (at Community Park)

955 Bella Vista and County Rd
Louisville, CO
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
City of Louisville
Days Closed:
Yes, in the park
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has a pond with reclaimed water ; as an owner you must decided whether you will allow your dog to drink or swim here. This park can be accessed from Bella Vista or County Rd. There are benches and shade.

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Great Dog Park

Good size park with separate pond area for dogs to swim. Shaded seating area, large flat rocks for humans and their pooches to sit on and lots of nice folks. The play area is is graveled and not muddy. Some owners like to frisbee their competitive pooches, so beware...some slam into your dog. My only complaint would be the amount of feces along the perimeter that lazy owners do not clean up.

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dog park

My dog and I love this dog park! I love that its fenced in and that the water area is large. My bernise mountain dog is working to get in all the way and its a great place for him to learn!

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Nice park

Nice park, but I don't think there is any sort of filtration system in the pond. I have seen dogs go to the bathroom in the pond and have also heard stories of some dogs getting sick after going in the pond. My dog went in and did not get sick, though I would be cautious. Nice big park, definitely one of the best in the area

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Good Dog Park!

Very nice and well maintained park. There is a small pond that is fenced inside the park, that way you can prevent your dog from going in the water. The dogs (as well as owners) are always kind and friendly. My only issue is that it can be VERY muddy after snowfall and the spring rains. Otherwise, a great place to wear out your dog!

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Great Park - 4 star

This is a great dog park.  Not only does it provide for swimming, but it is not a dusty, uncared for place like so many others.  The grass is maintained and the area around the pond is graveled to reduce the mud. I don't recall whether there is drinking water in the dog area itself but since it is part of a people park there are other places to get it.  You could also plan a picnic there ; it  has play places for veryone!  I and my dogs have never personally had any problems with people or other dogs there; in fact, my little boy JRT learned to swim and fetch balls from the water by watching the other dogs there.  They come home tired and happy, so I'm a happy mom!

Parking can be a little challenging on nice days and the park is smaller than some but it is a joy to drive up to Louisville for my canine kids to enjoy a day at the park.