Hound Hill Dog Park (at Heritage Regional Park)

9651 S. Quebec
Highland Ranch, CO
Operating Hours:
7am - Sunset
Managed By:
Highland Ranch Metro District
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches and shade. Don't forget to bring water for your dog in most months.

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smeighan's picture
Houd Hill is nicer now

In the last month some of the dog owners have started to clean the park. All weeds and dog poo are cleaned on a weekly basis. Douglas County has just built a new restroom right next to the dog park. I have found most all the dog owners i meet very friendly. I have only seen an aggressive dog twice in the last month. I go to the park twice a day and stay one hour each time. There continue to be some owners who don't pick up after their dog. Hound Hill used to be known as "Poop Hill" to residents in the area. Thanks to owners taking ownership of this park it is now Hound Hill again.

ajewell's picture
Nice Park

I am very surprised at the previous comments however my dogs and I just moved here. I find the park to be fairly spacious, clean, and fairly empty. I think I must be going at the wrong times because there aren't too many people and dogs when we go. The canopies make it nice when you are there during the day and the sun is beating down. I wish it were a bit bigger and more grass...but we are coming from Michigan so I don't think we are used to the low amount of grass here in general : )

Jenny C's picture
watch your step and don't expect an apology

Highlands Ranch prides itself on having great clean parks. This park is not only Not Great...it's filthy. It is often called the Poop Park at other area dog parks. It is also known as having the worst owners around. The owners that take their dogs there are more interested in chatting with each other than keeping an eye on their dogs. And heaven forbid your dog be attacked....they'll blame your dog. I do not recommend this place at all!

Jenny C's picture
Too snooty for doody duty?

I used to frequent this park quite regularly until a few months ago when I began to notice "stuff" really beginning to pile up beyond tolerance (it really can get quite ripe after a rain or snow shower). Seems like many of the regular visitors from the neighborhood (higher-end suburbs) must think it's somehow beneath them to pick up after their pets, or they are too busy socializing to bother. Perhaps they think some kind of maintenance service connected to adjacent Heritage Park is designated to scoop up after their pooches or some community-minded patrons will eventually organize periodic poop scoop days to tackle the weekly accumulations, I don't know. All I know is that the last time I was there, I almost got angry seeing so many left-behind piles, as well as noting several dog owners not attending to their pets the whole time I was there. No, I'll keep returning to the David A. Lorenz Bark Park a couple of miles down the road, for though it's smaller and less vegetated, the regulars there are more responsible and mostly take care of their own.

nrthstarr's picture
Irresponsible Owner resulted in dog's death

This week my friend's dog was attacked at Hound Hill by another dog. He had to be put down because of his injuries. Her husband was also bitten by the vicious dog. The dog's owner did not offer so much as an apology. All it takes is 1 irresponsible dog owner to ruin it for everyone. After this I will not take my dogs ANY dog park, ESPECIALLY not Hound Hill.

Visitor's picture
Great Park for Puppies

This park is nice! It has plenty of space for your dog to run around. There is poop bags, water, and trash cans. There is no shade. But, it is fenced in! If you have a puppy that has never been to a dog park I think this one is great. It is perfect dog park for a dog who loves to run and chase!

Visitor's picture
A nice park for dogs

Hound Hill is very popular park in Highlands Ranch.
The park attracts dogs(and people)of all types. The dogs seems to get along for the most part, although, I usually notice at least one doggy scuffle during each visit, but the owners are usually very involved and quick to separate the dogs as necessary. Most of the dogs seem to congregate in the center of the park, where the majority of the picnic benches are located. The park does have some irresponsible owners who don't pick up after their dogs, but I've seen a lot worse at other dog parks.
If you're dog has a tendency to be sneaky or sly, he or she may "slip" out of the dog park when other dogs enter or exit. Most people don't secure the gate doors to the gate post under most conditions. I have a beagle, she is not only curious, but she also enjoys being the greeter of the incoming dogs, therefore I have to keep a keen eye out for her at all times.

Side Note: Watch out for dog owners who attempt to give your dog treats without asking first. It is really annoying and inappropriate, especially if your dog has severe allergies to certain foods.

Parking is wonderful. The only setback to the parking entrance is exiting during rush hour. There is so much traffic on Quebec Street during peak times, it is extremely difficult to turn left onto Quebec. The longest but safest option is to drive around the park's access road into the Post office and drive through post office eparking lot and exit at the traffic light.

nome's picture
The park

A nice place, few doggie perks though. There is water and poopie bags and trash cans are provided. No shade, lots of dirt but it is fenced in, I believe my dogs are always eyeing that green, huge soccer/baseball area and the dry creek, treed in area, just outside of the "park".